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Chapter 108 He Is Nothing Less Than A Flying Man!

Hearing Gao Fei’s words.

Fang Qiu shook his head in disdain.

“It’s more disgraceful if you can’t afford to lose than losing!”

“No hurry. There’s another race next.”

Mr. Ma appeased Gao Fei and then hurriedly announced, “The next will ba a 200-meter dash.”

He wanted to see how capable Fang Qiu was!

Without waiting for Fang Qiu’s reply, he looked straight to Gao Fei.

“I will give you a break. How long do you need to take a break?”

Asked Mr. Ma.

“Give me five minutes.”

Gao Fei glared at Fang Qiu coldly and said, “In five minutes, I can do that definitely!”

He averred but he had already considered Fang Qiu as a vigorous opponent in his heart!

“I didn’t expect that this boy is really something!”

However, he did not leave Fang Qiu far behind him in the beginning as he expected. Instead, Fang Qiu overtook him, which interrupted his mind and running rhythm.

“The result is not as good as I expected.

When I throw myself into running, I’m sure that I won’t lose to Fang Qiu!

In the next race, I will concentrate on running!”


Mr. Ma nodded.

He also did not want to see the student that was trained by him overtaken by an average student.

That would mean his training was a great failure!

Very soon.

Five minutes pa.s.sed.

Fang Qiu and Gao Fei stood abreast on the starting line again.

“I won’t give ground to you this time!”

Gao Fei turned his head and said to Fang Qiu who was three tracks away from him.

Such a long distance was Gao Fei’s request.


Said Fang Qiu.

Gao Fei snorted coldly and looked ahead.

His expression was serious and cold.

“I can’t lose in this race!”

“200-meter dash starts!”

As the whistle sounded, the two of them rushed out again.

It seemed to be the reason for five minutes’ rest, Gao Fei did run faster than before.


Just when he sprinted like crazy, thinking he was going to win Fang Qiu!

Fang Qiu’s figure, however, appeared again in front of him and left him behind in a very short time.

“I can’t lose. I can’t lose!”

Gao Fei desperately gritted his teeth and quickly adjusted himself, afraid of being disturbed again.

He didn’t think about anything else.

He ran forward like crazy.


Before he caught up.

Fang Qiu had already stopped.

The race had been over.

Two timekeepers ran over, looked in shock at the stopwatches in their hands, and announced the results.

“Gao Fei, 20.57 seconds.”

“Fang Qiu, 19.59 seconds.”

The results shocked all the people present.

Because it was a 200-meter race, all of them were not sure who finished first and they were waiting for the results announced.

The results instantly caused the discussion of all the people present.

“How is it possible for him to spend less than 20 seconds and almost break through 19 seconds?”

“Too awesome!”

“This explosive power is absolutely perfect.”

“Sprints rely on explosive power. Fang Qiu’s explosive power is very strong.”

The sports special students all looked at Fang Qiu in shock and everyone couldn’t help marveling at him.

Without any doubt.

“Gao Fei’s result of 20.57 seconds for 200-meter is already very scary.

Because the record of 200-meter race in the National College Athletics Games is 20.47 seconds!

But Fang Qiu actually ran less than 20 seconds???


“This is just too terrifying!

“That’s impossible!”

The moment Gao Fei heard the result, his face clouded a lot!

“How could it be possible?

“How could Fang Qiu run so fast?

“Couldn’t they make a mistake while keeping account of time?

“20.57 seconds is already my best result of 200-meter, but now, Fang Qiu is actually faster than me!

“That’s impossible!

“I couldn’t accept the fact!

“No way!

“We have to compete once again!

“I can win definitely!”

But Mr. Ma at the side was more excited.

“Not only the 100-meter race, but this fellow could also insist during the 200-meter race and his speed was faster and faster.”

In general.

Sprinters were all about explosive power. The result of 100-meter couldn’t be used to measure the one of 200-meter because people’s explosive power had a certain duration.

And the duration of explosive power was directly proportional to the result.

“One more race!”

When everyone was still in shock, Gao Fei said with a gloomy face as he gritted his teeth, “This time, 400-meter!”


Everyone took a deep breath.

They took a deep look at Gao Fei.

Then they had a deep look at Fang Qiu.

“Although four hundred meters doesn’t look like long and it is just a lap.

“Before this, Fang Qiu and Gao Fei have already run 100 meters and 200 meters once.

“The so-called explosive power is the maximum strength that a person can explode in a short period of time.

“And this kind of power can’t be exploded for several consecutive times.

“Although in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash, Fang Qiu’s results are better than everyone’s imagination, but can Fang Qiu hold out for another 400-meter race?

“As is known to all.

“Those who have not been specially trained can’t stand this kind of ha.s.sle.

“As a track special student, there will definitely be no problem for Gao Fei to last four hundred meters.

“But what about Fang Qiu?

“He is just an ordinary student of the School of Chinese Medicine. Although he does exercises every day and he can win Gao Fei in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash, can he still do it in the next 400-meter race?”

At once.

Everyone did not dare to judge.

Everyone knew that the most important thing about these three races was the last 400-meter race.

Having known the difficulty of the last race very well, everyone couldn’t help looking forward to it.

“This time.

“It will be Fang Qiu who will continue to win and become the biggest dark horse?

“Or it will be Gao Fei who will prove the real strength of sports special students by vigorous counter-blow?”

Hearing Gao Fei’s word, Mr. Ma at the side couldn’t wait to kiss him.

“How does he know that I want to learn more about Fang Qiu’s strength.”

So again, before Fang Qiu spoke, he immediately said, “Rest for ten minutes and after that, we will start again!”

Fang Qiu had no choice but to agree.

They went to get some rest.

Ten minutes later.

“Are you ready?”

Mr. Ma glanced at Fang Qiu.


Fang Qiu nodded his head.

Over there.

Gao Fei could hardly wait.

After the previous two dashes, he finally understood that Fang Qiu’s explosive power was stronger than him.

“However, Fang Qiu was just taking advantage of his good physical strength. Before the races, I have been trained for a long time, so my explosive power was not enough.

“Now, Fang Qiu has run twice, so his explosive power should almost be run out.

“Now, we are really at the same level!”

But no one expected that Fang Qiu was still as calm as before.


Under the expectant gaze of everyone, Mr. Ma walked to the sideline and raised his right hand high.


The whistle blew.

Mr. Ma’s right hand swung suddenly.

At the starting line, Fang Qiu and Gao Fei rushed out in the standard posture at the same time.

This time.

Gao Fei was still very fast, but not as crazy as before. Instead, he peeked at Fang Qiu next to him.

But he found.

Fang Qiu’s speed was still not slow, even faster than before.

Fang Qiu overtook him in a trice.

Gao Fei suddenly felt anxious inwardly.

But he couldn’t care that much.

“Dash forward!”

Gao Fei suddenly exerted all his strength and used all the running skills at the same time, quickly chasing up.


No matter how hard he chased, the distance between Fang Qiu and him was getting farther and farther.

This made Gao Fei completely desperate.


Not far away from here.

All the sports special students and Mr. Ma were all stunned.

Because they saw two totally different speeds.

Gao Fei was very fast.

He was so fast that they couldn’t help raving.

But Fang Qiu was faster. He was so fast that he left Gao Fei behind instantly!

“It, it is too fast, isn’t it?”

“Is he still a human? He is nothing less than a flying man!”

“My G.o.d, he is just faster than a rabbit!”

“c.r.a.p. Gao Fei will lose this time and he will lose to a student of the School of Chinese Medicine! The name of our sports special students will also be done for!”

“Isn’t Fang Qiu a freshman? Isn’t his speed too incredible? Didn’t this fellow go to the sports high school?”

Everyone is shocked and stunned, their words full of horror!

For the first time in their lives, they saw someone who could run so fast.

At one side.

Mr. Ma also stared and flushed bright red with excitement.

“Genius. He is just an athletic genius!”

“His body, his pace, and his physical coordination are just perfect!”

As a college PE teacher.

Mr. Ma was very clear about human mechanics. He knew which muscles were needed to exert strength and knew what kind of physical cooperation was needed to achieve perfect coordination and thus enter the real running state.

“In that state.

“Every strength of the runner won’t be wasted and the exercise effect will be the best. Besides, the burden that the runner feels while running will be reduced.

“Everyone can achieve that state.

“But the premise is that a lot of exercises are needed.

“For example, when a person who loves running runs five kilometers, he will feel relaxed. When he runs five to ten kilometers, he will start to get tired. When he runs twenty kilometers, he will be exhausted. But if he continues and runs thirty kilometers, the runner will find that his body seems to be running mechanically, even it can’t be controlled by himself. If he continues running, he will find that the physical exhaustion will gradually decrease and then he will be energetic again.

“But in fact, it is because when a person is doing long running, every muscle of his body is gradually adapting to the running process.

“When he repeats the same movement for a certain number of times, his body will automatically divide the force according to this movement, thereby entering a perfect state of exercise.

“This is the limit breakthrough that people often say.

“When a person breaks through his limit, his speed of running will be faster.

“And Fang Qiu is just in this state.

“He doesn’t need to let his body adapt to the running process. His body can immediately enter this state as soon as he moves.

“Such a person, in the sports field, especially in the track field, is called a genius.

“Because other people need to spend a few years, even decades to barely control the state. But he is born with this ability.

“Isn’t this a genius?”

Mr. Ma was very excited and happy.

Because he found the person he was looking for!

A person who could bring him countless glory by speed and results!

But that time.

The race had become white-hot.

Fang Qiu had already arrived at the place that was only ten meters away from the finish line.


Instead of rus.h.i.+ng to complete the race, he stopped in place and turned his head to look at Gao Fei who was still 50 meters away, waiting with a smile.

At this moment, Gao Fei had already been furious.

His face went purple.

When he was twenty meters away from the finish line, Fang Qiu who was waiting for him suddenly smiled at him.

Fang Qiu made a movement, quickly pa.s.sing the finish line.

The race was over.

Until Fang Qiu and Gao Fei had turned back, everyone was still in shock.

“It’s so terrifying. I thought he couldn’t hold out.”

“He was waiting for Gao Fei just now?”

“Oh, my G.o.d. This is a burning shame. Gao Fei is actually reduced to being waited for?”

“Just now, he waited for at least a few seconds?”

“Where does this monster come from? His speed is so terrifying.”

The sports special students all looked at Fang Qiu as if looking at a monster.

“Announce the time.”

Mr. Ma’s voice sounded.

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