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Chapter 105 Plan to Find the Mysterious Man!

Hearing that,

Asked Fang Qiu,

“The person has a hatred for you and is very powerful?”

If there was no hatred and he was not powerful, why would they pay such a high price to hire someone?

“Martial warrior level.”

The rich youth answered, “Stronger than us. But this would only be a friendly sparring, without real harm. Master, you are accept this, all you need to do is to defeat him.”

Fang Qiu shook his head slightly.

He wasn’t interested in such a petty fight.

More importantly,

He had enough money. Since the person wasn’t extremely wicked, he had no reason to get involved. After all, he had no intention to partic.i.p.ate in matters in the martial arts field yet.

He didn’t answer.

After shaking his head, he turned around to leave.


Seeing this, the rich youth became anxious but he dared not block the way. He shouted hastily, “My number is 138 x.x.xX x.x.xX. Master, call me if you need money.”

Fang Qiu vanished before his voice faded.

However, he remembered the number. He might need it one day.

In the dark,

Fang Qiu ran quickly across the empty streets.

He was thinking while walking.

Then he pulled out his mobile to search for an address.

He confirmed the direction and carried on rapidly.

Soon after, he was outside an orphanage. It was the address he had searched.

He sneaked into the orphanage.

And went to the president’s office

He opened the suitcase and took out 550,000. Putting it on the present’s desk, he grabbed a paper and a pen from the desk and left a note.

Among this 550,000, 50,000 Yuan was taken from the village. Now he donated double the amount. It was all good.

The other 450,000 was from Fang Qiu himself.

After leaving the money and note, Fang Qiu left the orphanage.

He hoped these children without parents could have a better life.

In the meantime,

News about the earth treasure spread out like a storm.

Without a doubt,

This news made a stir at once.

Everyone in the martial arts circle in Jiangjing was shocked.

“An earth treasure appeared on this trade fair?”

“Wasn’t this just a very small trade fair? Why would an earth treasure appear there?”

“Did I hear it wrong? Why would anyone sell an earth treasure for money?”

“This was too strange.”

“No way… This trade fair was so small that I didn’t even attend. Why would an earth treasure appear when I was not there?”

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it! I regret so much! Holy cow! Why didn’t I go?”

Hearing this news, martial artists in Jiangjing felt stunned with deep regret.

Because earth treasures were too rare.

It would be a great treat if they could have a look at it. Let along buying it.

Some well-off ones were much annoyed. They didn’t attend this small trade fair or this earth treasure would be in their pocket no matter how much it would cost.

As the news about the earth treasure spread in the martial arts circle in Jiangjing,

A post about the earth treasure and a mysterious master in Jiangjing was published on a forum exclusively for martial arts pract.i.tioners.

An earth treasure appeared. A mysterious master performed a shocking rescue!

The t.i.tle of the post was very appealing.

“The Jiangjing Martial Arts Trade Fair took place as planned. On this small trade fair, a mysterious man came out of blue. He sold an earth treasure in public and demanded the payment to be cash only.

“At last, the earth treasure was sold at 1,500,000 to Elder Yi from Jiangjing.

“What’s more,

“After the trade fair, a group of martial artists who had attended the trade fair pursued the mysterious man in hopes of finding out the origin of the earth treasure. They encountered a road accident.

“At that time, a girl was standing in the middle of the street, about to be hit by a car running at 60 km

“This was true as I was there in person. If you have any doubt, feel free to verify it with martial arts pract.i.tioners in Jiangjing.”

The entire event was summarized into a short paragraph in the post.

Very soon, numerous martial artists were drawn.

“Holy c.r.a.p! For real? Why would anyone sell an earth treasure?”

“Was there really an earth treasure?”

“It sounds like a fairy tale.”

“Post opener, wake up!”

“Post opener, are you working on a novel? Fine, someone was selling an earth treasure. But how could he push a fast car away with one palm? Impossible. Done.”

“Who would believe this?”

“The post opener is dreaming again.”

This incident was probably too strange. All the readers of this post couldn’t believe it. They found it impossible to be true.

Of coures.

The theory of relativity was meaningful in practice. Wherever there were disbelievers, there would be believers.

Although questioned by many,

This post became a hit and soon the appearance of the earth treasure spread across the entire martial arts circle.

Many people with connections in the Jiangjing martial arts circle phoned to verify the authenticity of this story. And the reply they got was mostly positive.

This time,

The entire martial arts world was shocked.

After all, earth treasures richly endowed by nature were rare.

If someone was lucky enough to chance upon an earth treasure, he would hide it securely. There was no way he would reveal it in front of others. Let alone auctioning it off.

Without a doubt,

It was the very first time in the martial arts circle that an earth treasure was sold in public. Only Fang Qiu could do such an odd thing.

Some of them sent Elder Yi a visit request as soon as the news about the earth treasure came out, falling over each other in their eagerness to see Elder Yi.

Upon returning home,

Elder Yi’s face lit up with pleasure seeing all the visit requests.

He thought to himself that this 1,500,000 was totally worth it.

At the same time,

Officer Li Ji in civilian clothes was sitting on the pa.s.senger seat of a cross-country vehicle.

The driver was a young man in his early 20s.

He as well was an military officer and a master of Grade One Hero stage.

“Li, the man you’ve mentioned to me before can’t be in the Guru Realm. I bet you’ve mistaken.”

The officer said confidently with a grin.

“Luo Shu, I saw it with my own eyes. It was not hearsay.”

Li Ji pursed his lips and continued, “You’ve reached the first-cla.s.s martial superior stage at such a young age. I admit that you are an extremely rare talent in martial arts. However, you can’t just refuse to believe it because of your pride.

“I watched him leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls. If he was not a guru, how could you explain this?”

Officer Luo Shu shook his head with a smile.

“I just can’t believe it. It was too convenient for you to so casually run into a super expert in the Guru Realm.”

Luo Shu chuckled, looking at Li Ji.

“Impossible to talk with you!”

Li Ji rolled his eyes at Luo Shu helplessly.

Then, he took out his mobile to kill some boring travel time by browsing the internet.

He logged on the martial arts forum.

He opened the Jiangjing section and checked the latest news.

Li Ji was stunned at once.

“Look! What did I tell you?”

Li Ji moved his mobile to Luo Shu’s face and asked him to slow down. He said, “Tonight an odd incident took place in the martial arts circle in Jiangjing. A man openly sold an earth treasure on a very small trade fair.”


Asked Luo Shu, in shock. “Sold an earth treasure?”

“That’s right!”

Replied Li Ji while browsing down on his phone. “It has been verified by many martial arts pract.i.tioners in Jiangjing. It sounds legit.”

“My goodness. Someone sold an earth treasure.”

Luo Shu muttered, completely astonished. He then added, “Bad luck. If we could have got there earlier, this earth treasure might be in my pocket now.”

Over here,

Li Ji didn’t respond to Luo Shu. He continued to reveal his discovery, “According to a leak on the martial arts forum, this man sounded very young and appeared in a gym suit.”

At this point,

Li Ji suddenly became very excited. He remarked, “This might be that mysterious man I’ve been telling you!”


Luo Shu burst into a laugh. “Still thinking about your mysterious man? You just won’t give up until all hope is gone.”


Li Ji snorted with some att.i.tude and said, “You’ll see when it comes.”


Luo Shu laughed loud and sneered, “When it comes, I’ll dig your mysterious man out and show you what I’ve got.”

Li Ji curled his lips.

Thinking about that mysterious man, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

He believed that he could break through the warrior level to reach the hero level if he could figure out that mysterious man’s move at the Central Lake.

As he thought of this.

Li Ji was desperate to find that mysterious man.

“What method do you have?”

Asked Li Ji, looking at Luo Shu.

If the mysterious man refused to come out, who could make him?

“Isn’t this simple? I’ve got a plan!”

Luo Shu returned a mysterious sneer.

“What plan? Tell me!”

Li Ji urged.

Luo Shu refused to share.

“Tell me or not?”

Li Ji grabbed a prayer wheel in front of the seat.

Luo Shu raised his brows.

He smiled appeasingly and answered, “I’ll tell you.”

“That’s good.”

Li Ji put down the prayer wheel.

This prayer wheel was acquired from a Buddha incarnate in Tibet. His friend cherished it dearly.

Threatening him with this prayer wheel never failed.

“What plan?”

Asked Li Ji.

Luo Shu chuckled and replied two words,

“Police dogs!”

Hearing this,

Li Ji’s body shook with excitement.

“Yeah! How could I not get this?”

Li Ji continued excitedly, “Police dogs have so great sense of smell. They can find the mysterious man for sure. That night I used my night vision so I know exactly where the mysterious man was standing. It has been a few days but that place is rarely visited. There might still be some scent left.”

“Impressive! You’ve come up with such a brilliant idea.”

Li Ji complimented.

“Of course!”

Luo Shu said proudly.

However, he still couldn’t believe the mysterious Li Ji had been talking about was at the master stage.

“Hey! Why are you driving so slowly?”

Having got a plan, Li Ji urged, “Hurry up! Get us to Jiangjing as soon as possible. This time I’ll find that mysterious man!”

“Didn’t you ask me to slow down?”

Luo Shu rolled his eyes at Li Ji and stepped on the gas, speeding up towards Jiangjing.

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