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Chapter 104 I Offer 1,500,000!

“Yin! Don’t you add trouble! You are bidding against me, aren’t you?”

Elder Yi glared at the middle-aged man with anger and shouted at once, “850,000!”

“I don’t want to bid against you but I really want this earth treasure. This is to be found only by chance!”

The middle-aged man chuckled and raised his hand, “900,000!”

Soon after his call.

“One million!”

A powerful voice came.

Shocked onlookers turned around and saw two young men stepped out of the crowd. They were none other than those two rich second generations.


The two rich second generations’ bid was quickly followed by another voice from the crowd.

Tracing the voice.

The bidder was a man in suit in his 30s, wearing a pair of with a gold frame. A rich man for certain.


The two rich second generations shouted through their clenched teeth.


The man in suit raised the price with a smile.

Elder Yi and the middle-aged man were dumbfounded. Where did these two come from?

Hearing this offer, the two rich second generations exchanged a glance, shaking their head with a bitter smile.

No more raise!

It was not like they didn’t have more money. They certainly wanted to get this precious earth treasure. However, they were surrounded by many experts and quite some of them who had their eyes on it were their seniors. Their hands were tied.

First, with so many people coveting it, they might not be able to bring it back after the purchase.

Second, they didn’t want to offend any senior on this small trade fair or their future in martial arts would become tough.

They had raised the price to feel out the crowd. Now someone was determined to take it.

After some pondering, they didn’t think it was a good idea to buy it. So they gave up.

And at this time.

The price had risen to 1,150,000. The majority of the crowd was scared away.

Not many of them had this money.

Elder Yi was not one of them.

He had sworn in front of them all that he would take this earth treasure.


As expected, Elder Yi shouted his bid.

Money was no big deal for him, but this earth treasure was different.

As long as the final price wouldn’t be too much higher than his expectation, he felt it was worthy.

“Elder Yi.”

The man in suit turned to Elder Yi and asked respectfully, “I really need this earth treasure. Could you please let me have it?”

“No way!”

Elder Yi shook his head immediately and answered, “Today I’m taking this earth treasure. I need it as well.”

“Then we’ll have to continue bidding!”

The man in suit put on a wry smile and shouted, “1,400,000!”


This price startled onlookers terribly.

At first, the raise was between 10 grand and 50 grand. Then, the price went up by 50,000 each time until then. All of a sudden, this man insuit added 200,000 in one bid.

How could onlookers stay cool?

The middle-aged man ceased bidding.

It was a bit too much for him to pay over a million for an earth treasure.


Elder Yi called through his clenched teech.

The crowd was shocked.

The base price was 500,000. Then the price for this earth treasure went all the way up to 1,500,000, three times of the base price.

“Only Elder Yi has such strength!”

“Sigh… I wish I had made more money!”

“That’s right. But people at this trade fair mainly exchange one item for another. Who could have guessed the appearance of an earth treasure here for sale?”

The crowd remarked with emotion.

“Elder Yi, it’s all yours!”

The man in suit laughed bitterly before continuing, “1,400,000 is the best I can offer.”

He certainly had more but it wasn’t worth more.

Hearing that.

Elder Yi burst into a smile.

He then glanced across the crowd and asked, “Anyone wants to raise the price?”

The crowd shook their head in unison.

“Hand over the earth treasure then.”

Elder Yi turned to face Fang Qiu with a smile.

No one offered a higher price.


Fang Qiu nodded with a smile and replied, “The highest bidder wins. This earth treasure is yours. However, I have a request to make before closing the deal.”

“What request?”

Asked Elder Yi.

“I want it in cash.”

Answered Fang Qiu.


Elder Yi was taken by surprise. He then said, “Wait here. I’ll call someone to send it over.”


Fang Qiu nodded with a smile. He didn’t hand over the red miraculous jujube to Elder Yi yet.


After a phone call, the crowd began to congratulate Elder Yi.

“This precious treasure is in your pocket in the end.”

“Elder Yi is very generous indeed.”

“Elder Yi, what is a fair price in your opinion?”

A question stood out among congratulations.


Elder Yi laughed loud and answered, “I’ve already got it. I guess it is okay to talk about it. This earth treasure is exactly 1,500,000 in my mind. Of course I would continue to raise the price if there was someone bidding. However, I won’t pay over three million.”

The crowd nodded.

For martial arts pract.i.tioners, money was just a worldly possession. However, this large amount of money was not easy to make.

Fang Qiu agreed.

The price for this red miraculous jujube should be around this number.

After all, the red miraculous jujube was an earth treasure ranked rather behind. This kind of junior earth treasures was in great demand on those grand trade fairs but the final price never went beyond two million.

Earth treasures were precious but they were also divided into

If it was an earth treasure ranked in the middle or in the front, it would be a totally different story.

An earth treasure ranked in the middle would cost a few times more than one ranked low.

An earth treasure that ranked very high, let’s say top ten, wouldn’t be in the market at all no matter how high an offer was made.

The earth treasures were called earth treasures.

Because it was extremely precious.

15 minutes later.

A man with a pa.s.sword protected suitcase approached quickly and handed the suitcase to Elder Yi.

“1,500,000. Check carefully!”

Elder Yi pa.s.sed the pa.s.sword protected suitcase to Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu was not at all hesitant.

He opened the suitcase and felt with his hand with Absolute Touch. He was sure the money in the suitcase was real and the amount was correct.

“Nice doing business with you!”

After setting a new pa.s.sword for the suitcase and locking it up, Fang Qiu handed the red miraculous jujube to Elder Yi.

Elder Yi laughed with great excitement.

And over here.

Holding the suitcase full of money, Fang Qiu couldn’t help sighing with emotion.

Finally I’ve got the money!

The days worrying about money and looking for money are finally over!

Everything comes to him who waits!

At this moment.

“Brother, can we have a word?”

A man suddenly moved close to Fang Qiu and asked quietly, “Where did you get the earth treasure?”

His voice was very low but people’s attention was drawn.

“Yeah! Where did you find it?”

“The earth treasure is so tiny. How did you notice it?”

“Is there anything special about the origin of this earth treasure?”

“Share with us! Give us an opportunity!”

“That’s right. Tell us! Where did you find it? And how did you find this earth treasure?”

The crowd closed in, throwing questions at him.

In the face of so many questions.

“No comment.”

Said Fang Qiu before walking out of the cave with the suitcase of money and jumped down.

No comment?

The crowd was unwilling to give up yet.

Once he left, the people at the trade fair followed out in pursuit.

Very soon.

A group of people was exerting great effort chasing Fang Qiu out of this quiet park.

Fang Qiu felt helpless.

This group of men kept on chasing him.

When he was about to reveal his true ability to fly away…

“Rumble… Rumble…”

A loud engine noise came abruptly.

He saw.

A car charging rapidly on the road in front of him.

The car’s front light was very bright, blinding them all.

Thanks to the bright front light, they saw clearly there was a girl in the middle of the street.


Seeing how fast the car was coming, the girl knew she could not get away. She closed her eyes and screamed in fear.

This side.

“Ah! Watch out!”

“Get away quickly!”

“Be careful…”

Those martial arts pract.i.tioners shouted loud.

However, it was too late.

The car running at full speed was already very close to the girl.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

Without thinking, he dashed out immediately.


He was ten meters away from the girl while the car was under two meters away.

He couldn’t save her.

In a flash, Fang Qiu widened his eyes.

He reached his palm out subconsciously.

“Great Hand of Destruction!”

He let out a shout in his heart.

The energy in the air waved rapidly, gathering around his right hand.

When the car was only one meter away from the girl, Fang Qiu running quickly reached out his right hand and padded the air with great force.


A loud sound came.

Fang Qiu’s right hand padded and the vehicle was pushed away by some horribly force after a loud bang, missing the girl by an inch. It rocked a little on the road before coming to a sudden halt.

In the middle of the road.

The girl was still screaming with her eyes closed.

“You are okay.”

Fang Qiu exhaled slowly next to the girl and spoke to her before leaving quickly.

The girl opened her eyes.

The car was gone and she froze there. One second later, she dashed across the road and left in a panic.

But on the other side.

Seeing this.

The martial arts pract.i.tioners following behind Fang Qiu were all dumbfounded.

They froze there with their mouth open wide, unable to believe what they had just saw.

Holy c.r.a.p!

What just happened?

He pushed the car away with one palm?


Could this be a movie set?

Although they were martial arts pract.i.tioners in Wulin, they found it hard to accept.

As the group was stunned.

Fang Qiu left quickly.

Fang Qiu suddenly came to a stop after travelling through a street in the dark and heaved a sigh of helplessness. He turned around to face the dark corner and said, “Come out.”

After that.

Two figures flashed out of the corner.

Taking a close look, these were none other than the two rich second generations.


At once one of them bowed respectfully, “We have no ill intention. We’d like to make a deal with you.”


Said Fang Qiu.

“Master, you just sold an earth treasure. I guess you are in urgent need of money.”

The rich second generation looked at Fang Qiu from head to toe and continued, “I wonder if you are willing to help us defeat a person. The payment will be 200,000.”

He saw the palm earlier. It was very powerful.

An expert!

An absolute expert!

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