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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 5: Letting the Cannon Fodder Take the Blame

Liu Yan’er’s eyes widened even more, and she touched her empty left ear in disbelief!

“No… Big Sister, listen to me…” Liu Yan’er still wanted to deny it.


Another slap landed on her face. This time, it was on the other side of her face, and the two sides quickly swelled to the same size!

“Ah!” Liu Yan’er screamed in pain.

Liu s.h.i.+mei shook her numb wrist and turned to look at the Grand Chancellor. “Father, I’d rather serve a foolish Prince from now on than protect the face of the Grand Chancellor’s Residence. Who would have thought that it was my good sister, your second daughter, who had schemed against me!”

The people present were all stunned.

If Liu s.h.i.+mei was lying, how could she explain the earring?

So, this whole thing was really Liu Yan’er’s plan?

Just as the Grand Chancellor was frowning in thought, Liu Yan’er knelt down in front of him, “Father, I’ve been framed! Eldest Sister’s reputation represents the Grand Chancellor’s Residence. If her face is damaged, my face will naturally not look good. How can I do such a thing that the loss outweighs the gain?”

“Oh, I framed you? Liu Yan’er, no matter what, the Grand Chancellor’s Residence will send out a virgin daughter to partic.i.p.ate in the Crown Prince’s Consort Selection Banquet. May I ask, after my reputation is ruined, or even after I die, will that spot fall on your head?”

Although Liu s.h.i.+mei’s words were directed at Liu Yan’er, she was actually staring at the Grand Chancellor!

It was impossible for the head of the civil officials to not be smart and shrewd. He knew what she was talking about.

“Shumei, what’s with your att.i.tude towards me?” The Grand Chancellor had also noticed that his daughter had changed!

Liu s.h.i.+mei’s eyes were as cold as ice, and the corners of her lips curled up into a mocking smile. “Father! Given the current situation, as King Dun Yu’s Consort-to-be, I won’t be able to stay in the Grand Chancellor’s Residence for long. After I’m married into the royal family, even my father, the Grand Chancellor, has to be polite to me. Don’t you agree?”

The moment Liu s.h.i.+mei emphasized her new ident.i.ty, not only did the Grand Chancellor’s expression change, everyone in the hall had a subtle change in mood!

Everyone, except for Liu Yan’er.

As long as she was chosen as the Crown Prince’s Consort, what did the consort of King Dun Yu count for?

She was still kneeling on the ground, and with her red and swollen face, she looked at the Grand Chancellor. “Father, I really didn’t do this! Please judge the situation and seek justice for your daughter!”

She was crying so pitifully that her mother, Madam Zhang, knelt down as well. “Grand Chancellor, Yan’er has always been kind to others. How could she scheme against her sister, whom she has always respected? Could it be that someone had taken this opportunity to deliberately frame her? Not only had they harmed the Young Miss, but they had also tried to drive a wedge between the two sisters. Who knows, it might be someone else who wants to partic.i.p.ate in the Crown Prince’s Consort’s selection, framing the Grand Chancellor’s Residence so we can’t send anyone to attend the banquet!”

“Frame us?” The Grand Chancellor pulled himself out of the embarra.s.sment that Liu s.h.i.+mei had brought to him and looked at Liu Yan’er thoughtfully.

The mention of ‘running for the Crown Prince’s Consort’ reminded the Grand Chancellor of his own interests!

Liu s.h.i.+mei sneered in her heart.

The Liu family only had two daughters from the main wife. Now that the eldest daughter’s reputation had been ruined, it was obvious who the Grand Chancellor would side with!

The cause and effect were not important. Whether Liu Yan’er was cruel or not was also not important. What was important was the family’s interests!

As expected, the Grand Chancellor looked at Liu Yan’er and said, “If you’ve been framed, someone must have bribed the people around you to get your emerald earrings! Yan’er, who do you suspect?”

Liu Yan’er cried even harder. “I… I don’t know anything!”

As if she suddenly thought of something, she suddenly reacted and said, “I remember now! Tonight, when I was admiring the lights on the street, I saw a pair of earrings. When I was trying them on, I took them off and let Chun Xiang hold them for me. After that, I forgot to put them back on!”

She glanced at her maidservant, Chun Xiang, who was standing in the crowd.

Chun Xiang hurriedly knelt down and stammered, “This servant… This servant…”

Madam Zhang also glanced at Chun Xiang, her eyes cold and sharp.

Chun Xiang’s body trembled, and her face was filled with tears. “It’s this servant! Last time, the Young Miss… Young Miss scolded this servant for no reason. This servant holds a grudge in her heart, so she deliberately set up this trap on the eve of the Crown Prince’s Consort selection! However, she was afraid that the matter would be exposed, so she deliberately wore Second Young Miss’s earrings and attacked the Eldest Young Miss! This servant is guilty, please spare my life, Grand Chancellor!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei saw this change and felt that it was ridiculous!

She definitely would not be able to get rid of Liu Yan’er tonight!

No matter, she would find another opportunity in the future!

The Grand Chancellor did not have the intention to deal with Liu Yan’er, so he took advantage of the situation. “Alright, now the truth is out! You lowly servant, you actually dared to plot to kill Eldest Young Miss. Drag her out and beat her 50 times before kicking her out of the Grand Chancellor’s Residence. It is no longer our responsibility whether she lives or dies!”

His eyes turned to Liu s.h.i.+mei, the thorn stick still in his hand.

Liu s.h.i.+mei raised his eyebrows and looked at the Grand Chancellor provocatively. “Father, are we still going to carry out the Family Law?”

The Grand Chancellor’s eyes flickered as he glared at her. He placed the thorn stick back on the tray and said, “Even if you’re King Dun Yu’s Consort-to-be now, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve disgraced the Liu family! You’ve been bestowed a marriage, so it’s not good for me to enforce the Family Law on you, but…”

He changed the topic and got to the main point. “Tomorrow, Yan’er will attend the banquet in your place. From tomorrow onwards, you will move from the Lotus Courtyard to the Leihua Courtyard. Before you marry, you will live in seclusion and will not show your face in public!”

It was a foregone conclusion.

Liu s.h.i.+mei pursed her lips and her eyes swept over to Liu Yan’er, who was being helped up by Madam Zhang. She could hear Chun Xiang’s screams after she was dragged out and beaten.

“The human heart is terrifying!” she muttered.

Liu Yan’er’s plan had successfully ruined Liu s.h.i.+mei’s reputation and even took Liu s.h.i.+mei’s life!

Now, she had dragged her maidservant into becoming cannon fodder. Not only was she not being held accountable, but she had also become the most respected daughter of the Liu family!

Forget it, let Liu Yan’er slowly climb up. The higher she climbed, the more painful it would be to fall!

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