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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 20: One’s Birth Determines One’s Destiny

Her expression was cold and stern, and behind her were five burly men, setting the tone. The Liang family’s eldest and second were not young and relatively stable, but the ninth was a cheeky master. He had the thickest face and the thinnest mouth.

“I say, Uncle-In-Law, although we all know that you made a concubine after my aunt’s death, we’re talking about aunt’s dowry now. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for you to keep talking about this Zhang-something here in place of the Grand Chancellor?”

Hearing this, Liu s.h.i.+mei almost laughed out loud!

This Ninth Brother had won her heart!

Liu Fuyun had no choice but to speak up after being mocked for asking a woman to endorse him. “So, all of you nephews are here to ask for my late wife’s dowry?”

As expected of the head of the civil officials, he turned the situation around with one sentence!

… His daughter was married, and the dowry was given. After she was gone, the maiden’s family was now here to ask for the dowry? The dowry now belonged to the Liu family, so how could they allow the maiden family to interfere?

The scholar’s aloofness and pride emerged, and he started to look down on the generals.

As the eldest son of the Liang family, Liang Xun said with dignity, “The Grand Chancellor is too serious. We are not here to ask for Aunt’s dowry. However, we heard that our cousin, Emperor Mu Ze, has bestowed a marriage upon her. Now that Aunt has pa.s.sed away, my mother is worried about cousin s.h.i.+mei, so she sent us here. If we find anything wrong, my mother will personally come over and support cousin s.h.i.+mei.”

“It’s not like the Grand Chancellor’s Residence doesn’t have a Head Lady!” Liu Yan’er was indeed the one who could not keep her cool.

She had become the target of the cannon fire!

Liang Xun decided to ignore the young lady to avoid lowering his status.

Liang Yi, who was around the same age as Liang Xun, said, “You’re Second Young Miss Liu, right? Before the Grand Chancellor’s wife died, your mother was only a concubine! Don’t tell me, you want my Eldest Aunt — the first wife of the Liang family clan to come and talk to a concubine?”

Madam Ruyi’s maiden family was equal to Madam Ruyi herself. At that time, Madam Zhang was only a concubine. In front of the Liang family, she would always be a concubine!

If the Head Lady of the Liang family came over to the Grand Chancellor’s Residence, Madam Zhang would not even have the qualifications to serve her! Even if she managed to serve the Liang family’s Head Lady, she would still be a lower cla.s.s!

Madam Zhang had been a second wife for 11 or 12 years, and this point made her extremely angry. However, she could not refute this logic!

One’s birth determined one’s fate!

“You…” Liu Yan’er looked at the group of good-looking men, but they were all tall and strong, and each of them had a murderous look on their faces. She did not dare to argue with them, and could only point the arrow at Liu s.h.i.+mei. “Big Sister is so impressive. You’ve found so many helpers from your maternal grandfather’s house to come home and make things difficult for Father!”

“That’s interesting.” Liu s.h.i.+mei thought that it would be a waste of her brothers’ time to talk to someone like Liu Liu Yan’er, so she naturally continued, “Liu Yan’er, do you remember how you drugged me that night? How you sent me to that alley, how you found a man to ruin my innocence… Shall we talk about all of it, so we can verify it?!”

That jade pendant was still in her hands!

The five brothers’ faces instantly turned cold as soon as she said this.

These people had grown up in military camps and had dealt with knives, guns, and sticks for a long time. Their bodies were more or less contaminated with a murderous aura. For their faces to all turn gloomy, it was especially terrifying!

“Sister, are you serious?” Liang Yi stepped forward.

Liang Yi was a greasy-looking young man, and he usually liked to smile and goof around all day. However, when he was not smiling, that baleful aura was not any less intimidating than his big brother Liang Xun’s!

Liu s.h.i.+mei did not say anything. Liu Yan’er was so scared that her face turned pale. She quietly took a step back and argued, “I already said that I didn’t do it!”

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