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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 17: The One and Only Red in the Midst of All the Greenery

Liu s.h.i.+mei was slightly surprised when he heard the words ‘s.h.i.+fty-eyed’.

Liu Fuyun was really good-looking, but in his father-in-law’s eyes, he was actually ‘s.h.i.+fty-eyed’?

Liang Wei continued, “By the way, something happened on your side, and I heard that you were beaten up? When your older brothers heard about it, they were all very anxious and said that they wanted to go to the Grand Chancellor’s Residence to support you. It was your aunt and the others who persuaded them to be patient. They said that if s.h.i.+mei was unwilling to come to our house, it would be awkward for us to go over. Therefore, we all stayed in the manor and did not go out, waiting for you to come!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei finally understood why the gatekeeper was so excited when he saw her. It turned out that the whole family was waiting for her.

It was just that they were afraid that she would be too arrogant to look down on them, so they could only wait at home for her help and did not dare to take the initiative to help her. They were afraid that she would dislike them!

At this moment, Liu s.h.i.+mei felt her eyes turn a little hot!

“Father, don’t say anymore. I think s.h.i.+mei is a little confused trying to recognize so many people at once. Let’s let her take a break and talk to her more, then she’ll recognize us as time goes by.”

The one who spoke was her First Aunt, Madam w.a.n.g.

As the family’s first wife, she was very capable. She was beautiful on the outside but intelligent on the inside, and between her brows, she had the heroic spirit of a general’s wife.

Of course, none of her other aunts looked weak.

Madam w.a.n.g looked at Liu s.h.i.+mei’s cloth dress and hairpin and asked a very important question, “Oh s.h.i.+mei, what grievances have you suffered at home? Tell your uncles one by one. You, a weak woman, can’t handle that family of wolves, tigers, and leopards, but our Liang family has plenty of men!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei looked at the group of brothers, who were all looking at her. It was not an exaggeration to say that they were like tigers, reading to hunt their prey!

It was a family of talented generals, and they did not have a daughter. She felt like she was a red spot among a thousand green bushes, a unique treasure that this family cherished.

This was something she had never experienced in both of her lifetimes!

She controlled the surging excitement in her chest and smiled. “I came here today without knowing that there were so many elders in the family. I only brought a small gift, please forgive me!”

At this moment, she actually felt that she had deliberately worn patched clothes and was a little petty!

She had thought that it was really shameless of her to not visit the Liang family for so many years, but to come to ask for help when she was down and out. Therefore, she deliberately dressed a little worse and plainly, using a pitiful look to gain sympathy to achieve her goal.

But when she was facing this group of hot-blooded relatives, she was simply too ashamed to show her face!

“What’s the point of bringing a gift back to your own grandfather’s house?” Liang Wei waved his hand and said, “Listen up, everyone. Today is our girl’s first time coming home. Everyone will give her a gift. Do you hear me?”

“I heard it, I heard it!” Everyone laughed.

“It’s all ready!” someone said.

There was a smile on Madam w.a.n.g’s face, and she said, “It’s a good thing to go home, but we’re guessing that you have something to tell your grandfather?”

She made it sound so honorable to ask for help, giving Liu s.h.i.+mei a lot of face.

Speaking up to this point, Liu s.h.i.+mei felt that if she were to continue to be frivolous, she would really be letting down this group of pa.s.sionate people. She lowered her eyes and said with a guilty expression, “I haven’t paid my respects to the elders for many years, but I’m deeply ashamed to have you remember me. Since one does not visit the temple without a reason, I will get straight to the point.”

“Just speak freely, you don’t have to feel guilty here!” Liang Wei was just waiting for her to speak!

Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled at him and said, “I’m useless. In the past, all I knew was literature and meaningless things. I never paid attention to the daily necessities of the family residence. Now that I’ve been granted marriage and want to prepare a dowry, I remember about Mother’s dowry.”

Madam w.a.n.g saw that Liu s.h.i.+mei started to pause and looked quite embarra.s.sed. She said, “Don’t tell me that your mother’s dowry was swallowed up by the wolves of the Liu family?”

She sighed and said to Liang Wei, “Father, it was smooth sailing for s.h.i.+mei for the position of Crown Prince’s Consort, but suddenly this kind of thing happened… She was probably being schemed against, right? How could our Liang family’s granddaughter be bullied like this? How can a girl worry about her own dowry for her marriage? What in the world are the Liu family doing?”

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