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Chapter 738: Sweetheart!

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Her fingertips paused.

After stopping for half a minute, it suddenly moved stiffly.

The original owner opened their chat history.

There was not much content in the chat. There were only one or two messages every half a month. Most of them were about jobs or songs.

However, she saw one of the messages.

She clenched her fists and saw Xiao Ken sending a message to Consort Su Ji at 23:00 p.m.

[ Ken: “WIII you consider me? Really, I’m not much worse than your boyfriend.”

[ “Get lost.” ]

She ignored the string of names that had a similar style to her original name, but it felt completely different.

His gaze was onlv focused on the three words at the back.

Xiao Ken actually confessed to Su Ji…

And she rejected him…

After that, she snuggled into bed and kept scrolling through her phone.

The lights in the ward were turned off, and only the blue light from the phone screen shone on her pale face.

After reading all the messages between Xiao Ken and Su Ji, she opened Weibo and the browser.

She searched for “Xiao Ken”.

The minute hand on the clock on the wall turned round and round, but she did not feel sleepy.

Her father was going to visit her tomorrow morning.

Su Cunyi could reach Z-Sea tonight, but he was afraid that it would disturb her rest, so he called to say that he would come tomorrow morning. Moreover, he had also brought her grandmother along.

This made her very anxious.

If she got into a car accident, they would be worried. Her father would definitely scold her, and her grandmother used to dislike her the most. She might even scold her.

She wouldn’t hit her, right?

After all, she was still injured, and in front of the nurse…

She bit her finger uneasily.

At the same time, in the study on the second floor, Pei Huai was waiting for a psychiatrist.

The main light in the room was not turned on, only a small light beside the desk.

It was a retro European-style small lamp. The lampshade was a wave-shaped echelon cylinder that enveloped the light into a circular shape with waves. It was projected on the table, illuminating a small square s.p.a.ce.

Half of Pei Huai’s face was under the light, and the other half was in the dark. His handsome features became sharper. His elbows were on the desk, and his slender fingers were crossed, resting on the tip of his nose. His deep eyes were nowhere to be seen, but the green color in his eyes became more obvious.

Everything in the house was exactly the same as before Su Ji left. The clothes in the master bedroom, the half-read medical book, the progress saved in the game console, and the unfinished movie on the projector. He did not let anyone move them. He wanted to wait for Su Ji to return and everything would be the same as before.

She left just like that, leaving him with nothing.

There were two Imocks on the door, and the man’s dark eyes s.h.i.+fted over.

The old butler said respectfully, “sir, Doctor Lin is here.”

Pei Huai closed his eyes slightly in response. The old butler nodded and left. Ten seconds later, Lin Shen, who was wearing a white coat, walked into the study.

He had just gotten off the plane.

He came immediately after receiving Special a.s.sistant Shen’s call.

When he saw the man sitting in the study and his state, his heart sank.

He had been worried on the plane, but Pei Huai’s current situation was clearly worse than he had expected.

Ms. Su was his obsession and his inner demon. She could make him successful and destroy him at any moment.

Lin Shen clenched his fists and walked into the room as if nothing had happened. “Mr. Pei, long time no see.”

Pei Huai got up and walked towards the sofa area.

The butler had already placed the recliner there and a chair beside it. Lin Shen paused for a moment. That was the usual arrangement when he


Pei Huai said, “please, Doctor Lin.”

Lin Shen was not afraid of hard work, cold sweat broke out on his back.

The hypnosis treatment the last time seemed to have awakened a certain beast in Mr. Pei’s heart. He had strangled his neck and his eyes were bloodshot. He was so terrifying that he was like a demon. He had immense strength. Lin Shen had used all his strength, but he did not move at all. The feeling of being on the verge of death still left Lin Shen with a lingering fear.

He couldn’t help but touch his neck and swallow.

CEO Pei looked much scarier now than before. He felt like he could strangle him to death without hypnosis…

He stood where he was, his face gradually turning pale. Pei Huai was silent for a few seconds before he spoke in a deep voice.

“If Doctor Lin is worried about what happened last time, you can tie my hands before hypnotizing me.”

Lin Shen:

Tie up CEO Pei?

Even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare!

“Also,” Pei Huai said, “the purpose of hypnosis this time is different from before.”

Lin Shen blinked. “We did this because you had the same dream. Is it not because of this reason this time?”

Pei Huai shook his head. “I haven’t had that dream for a long time.”

Lin Shen was even more puzzled. “Isn’t that a good thing? Why do you still need hypnosis?”

Pei Huai said, “this hypnosis is in the hope that Doctor Lin will let me continue to have that dream.”

Lin Shen’s expression changed. ‘I??”

He had never received such a request before.

However, Pei Huai did not explain the reason and said directly, “I will pay you ten times the price.”

‘ Lin Shen quickly gestured to the recliner. “Please lie down!”

Pei Huai nodded in satisfaction and lay down on the recliner.

Lin Shen sat at the side and sat upright. He crossed his legs and cleared his throat. He immediately entered professional mode and asked about his respected patient’s recent physical condition to formulate the best hypnosis plan.

Pei Huai understood his own physical condition and summarized a few key points.

“You haven’t slept for three days.” Lin Shen’s expression was grave. “No wonder Boss Pei doesn’tyou don’t look as good as before.”

He thought for a moment and took out the medicine box he brought with him. He took out a bottle of sedative that could be used before hypnosis and handed it to Pei Huai.

He should have opened it for him and taken out two pieces. However, he knew that he was a germaphobe, so he did not do anything unnecessary. Lin Shen looked to the side. “Wait a moment. I’ll get you some water.”

He got up and went to the water dispenser to get some water, but when he came back, Pei Huai had already swallowed two pills.

He swallowed it raw without water.

This medicine was very bitter, but Pei Huai only wanted to be hypnotized as soon as possible.

Lin Shen put down the gla.s.s of water and sat back down. The drug would take effect immediately after taking it. He looked at Pei Huai. “The lighting in this room is just right. It’s very suitable for hypnosis. Relax. Leave everything to me.”

Pei Huai nodded slightly.

Lin Shen took a deep breath and took out a pocket watch from his coat pocket. His lips curled into a gentle smile. “Then… let’s begin..”

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