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Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

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Chapter 732: The Devil Concubine’s Awesome Manipulation! (1)

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“Yes, sir! Consort Dowager!”

Ai Meng immediately agreed.

She didn’t know anything else, but in the past six months, she was the best at using all kinds of strange reasons to reject the ministers’ requests for an audience.

Su Ji raised an eyebrow.

As expected of her a.s.sistant from two lifetimes. She was quite smart.

Ai Meng was only transferred to her palace half a year after the original G.o.d transmigrated. In Su Ji’s previous life, there was a personal palace maid who had followed her for an even longer period of time called Wu Zhu’er.

Wu Zhu’er had been by her side since she entered the palace. Back then, Xu Mingzhi and Su Cunyi had separated and brought little Su Ji out of the Su residence. Wu Zhu’er was with them too.

She grew up with Su Ji and was smart and capable. She was slightly plump and had a pair of beautiful almond eyes. She had been through life and death with Su Ji for so many years and had experienced many things. She was Su Ji’s most trusted person and also her most trusted aide.

When Su Ji woke up that day, she was by her bedside. When she saw Su Ji open her eyes, she cried tears of joy.

She was the highest-ranking palace maid.

Su Ji just could not figure out why a new palace maid had been transferred in to serve ner (tne original owner) nail a year ago.

“Zhu’er hasn’t returned yet?” Su Ji put on the crown and casually glanced at the bronze mirror.

Wu Zhu’er had been sent outside the palace by Su Ji to find out what Ning Bianyi and Si Zhengliang had been busy with these past few days.

After returning to the Great Shang, her days were not as easy as in the modern world. The court was filled with schemes, and there were more than a dozen ministers.

Su Ji was not alone now. Not only did she have to protect herself, but she also had to protect the little one in her stomach. Therefore, she had to control every move of her “enemy”. The best strategy was to let the enemy be in the light while she was in the dark.

“Before Zhu’er left, she went to the kitchen to arrange Your Highness’ meals. It took her some time. She’ll probably be back in another two hours,” Ai Meng reported sweetly.

Su Ji nodded slightly. “Then let’s not wait for her.”

As soon as she stepped out of the bedroom, Ai Meng thought of something and chased after her.

“Consort Dowager! The carriage isn’t ready yet!”

“There’s no need,” Su Ji replied loudly, her back tall and straight. “I’m not taking a carriage today.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she went to the Imperial Stable.

She had a smile on her face and seemed to be in a good mood.

Previously, when she was filming, every time she saw Mia, she would think of her baby “Moon”. She thought that she would never see it again. Who knew that returning to the Great Shang this time would give her a chance to see her baby “Moon” again.

It just so happened that she had learned a lot of scientific methods to take care of pets during her time in the modern world. She would explain them later.

The furnis.h.i.+ngs in the Imperial Stable were the same as before, but Su Ji did not see Moon.

The official in charge here was called the Imperial Horse Supervisor. His surname was Zhong, and he had been in office since the time of the former emperor.

At this moment, accompanied by several young eunuchs, he was carrying out a routine inspection of the stables.

Hearing footsteps, they turned around at the same time.

The young eunuchs were stunned when they saw Su Ji, who was wearing an embroidered satin gown. “Since when did the palace have such a handsome prince?”

“That’s true. Why are you here? Are you lost?”

However, as Su Ji approached, they recognized who it was, and their expressions changed quickly.

The two young eunuchs controlled their expressions, but the disdain on the Imperial Horse Supervisor’s face was obvious.

He didn’t show any respect to the Consort Dowager and saw her as the devil consort who was bringing disaster to the country.

Most of the old people who had been working in the palace since the late emperor’s time did not like Su Ji, especially when she began to listen to politics from behind the curtain not long after the late emperor’s death. These people had the biggest objections and had made up a lot of stories about her. The ministers of the previous dynasty were like this, and so were those in charge of the palace.

Each and every one of them thought highly of themselves and looked down on a woman like her.

However, who knew how much risk and pressure she had to endure when she was in danger?

“Where’s Moon?” Su Ji looked around.

The Imperial Horse Supervisor snorted and spoke in a strange tone, “so Your Highness still remembers Moon. However, Your Highness have not been visiting the Moon for nearly a year. It might not remember Your Highness.”

“I’m only asking you where it is.” Su Ji glanced at him. “Don’t you understand human language?


The young eunuch tugged at his sleeve. Only then did he suppress his temper and raise his chin to the side. Another young eunuch stepped forward. “Replying to the Consort Dowager, Moon is an extremely rare breed and cannot live with ordinary horses. Please follow me..”

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