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Martial Peak

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Although Kai Yang is only fifteen this year, due to his experiences these past three years, he is far more mature than his peers. It is also because of this, that he forged this unyielding character.

So when he calmed down, sitting on his bed he carefully started to read the first page.

After confirming there were no extra things popping out of the first page, he started to read the second page.

With his previous experiences, his actions seemed more natural and knowledgeable. And then Kai Yang’s eyes slowly widened as golden words emerged on the dark pages

“Proud Golden Body: Tempered Body Record!”

Previously his mood had dropped but now it soared. Sure enough, as he suspected, every page had something hidden

Almost without thinking, Kai Yang’s entire mind was focused on the second page of the book.

Abruptly, the golden characters flew off the pages like a fish and swiftly drilled themselves in Kai Yang’s brain. The glow enveloped the darkness around him and then disappeared. After it was gone, he felt as if his brain had gained new information. This had all come from the golden characters.

Calming his heart, Kai Yang closed his eyes and began to digest the information.

In fact, he didn’t need to digest and absorb the information. For when the characters imprinted themselves into his brain, he was already able to comprehend their meaning with ease. A full mastery in another sense.

“This is the tempered body record.” Yang Kai muttered, for he found that it was a fist technique.

Though it may seem simple, in reality it was not. In order to perform it, there were strict requirements. For it is extremely profound. In order to cultivate it, you must be facing the rising sun, in the east, to learn it.

So at most, you could only practise for half an hour a day.

Currently it was night, so he had to wait at least five-six hours to start. This frustrated Kai Yang, for he had exerted himself all day and only ate one measly sweet potato. Nonetheless, he had obtained a priceless treasure, and was jubilant.

Aftering trying to sleep for half an hour, he decided to a.n.a.lyse the third page of the black book.

But it just let him down, no matter how much he checked and flipped, there were no changes to the page. While doing this, he fell asleep.

When Yang Kai then woke up, it was nearly sunrise. The pre-dawn darkness was clouded and stillness covered the whole area, with the occasional insect and bird noises.

With his heart looking forward to what was going to happen, Kai Yang quickly leapt out of bed, and went to the front of the cabin. Standing there, he took a few deep breaths and let his body slowly relax.

Oriental? A touch of gray dawn appeared, then he opened his eyes. The set of instructions on the fist technique was practised countless, hundreds of times.

His hands shaped into a palm. With a gentle, slow movement, pus.h.i.+ng to the left, to the right, pus.h.i.+ng forward. Embracing the world in his mind, everything in between the palm, the vast land, even the air covering the moon and stars.

Left foot forward, right next to the horizon, the right foot stepped powerfully like the king of the underworld. Between breaths, the world full was full of vitality, like spring flowers blooming.

The autumn wind blew, like a golden message. Then the cold wind whistled by, signalling the coming of snow, ice, cold snow.

Yang Kai’s look gradually deepened, slowly his fists pressed on the hefty rocks. In any case, the rock didn’t hint at opening any time soon.

With a burst of sound, Kai Yang with a pale face, suddenly staggered, nearly fell to his knees.

While exercising countless times in his mind, he discovered that this art was an absolute fist. Kai Yang never expected this record actually contained such mysterious quenching body technique.

For just that short while, Kai Yang felt that the entire world was weighing on his shoulders. But he also felt that he could sense all things in the world, under this pressure.

This quenching body record, was not the practise of fist techniques. It was the practise of worldly transformation and the fate of the world. This practice was full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. A slow punch and kick in, could affect the power of heaven and earth, but also was full of secret rules.

When he launched a six palms, it took three steps. This result wasn’t even one percent of the result recorded in the book. Just that, had been difficult to sustain. Then a crack emitted from his spine, making him believe that he broke his spine.

He Quickly inspected it, but only found that his back was in some pain. It wasn’t anything big.

Steeling his mind, Kai Yang once again started to practise according to the tempered body record.

Because he wasn’t psychologically prepared, Kai Yang‘s mind was in a trance. Feeling unclear, he held his breath to regain a clear mind. Accompanied by a slow dance of his fists, Kai Yang once again felt his mind had become clear and regained the atmosphere required to continue.

Then his body emitted several indistinct feelings, Kai Yang was uncertain as to what they were. Not only that, with the routine deployment, his fist was actually heavier, like being at the bottom of the ocean. With more hards.h.i.+ps, there were more improvements.

Kaka sounds could be heard. Kai Yang’s every action, made his bones explode like firecrackers. Excruciating pain permeated throughout his body, but he was unmoved. His tenacity at this moment vividly appeared.

In the blink of an eye, Kai Yang felt his hands and feet tremble like they were beaten to pulp. It was like heaven and earth both imposed themselves on his body.

Persisting, he didn’t falter.

Suddenly a warmth surged, alleviating the pain within his body in this moment. Spirits lifted, he restarted practise. He knew that this must have been due to the integration of the golden skeleton. After all, both of these things came from the same place.

In front the sun rising, near a cabin in a remote place of the school stood a sweating young man. Diligently practising, slow fists and discovering his future.

Half an hour pa.s.sed when Kai Yang suddenly felt light. He no longer felt the heavy pressure on his body. Right at this moment, he could no longer continuing cultivating this skill.

The record was very clear, you could only cultivate for half an hour everyday at sunrise.

His effort seemed to have drained him. Thus Kai Yang fell to the ground in a heap and took a deep breath. A surge of purple gas accompanied his breath and disappeared. In an instant, he felt refreshed and energised.

Looking distracted, he couldn’t help but but be shocked.

Atmosphere sense! He had already developed a sense to the atmosphere. That is to say, he had broken through the tempered body third stage and was entering the fourth stage?

This news made him elated. Since entering Sky Tower, it took three years of practicing to reach the third stage. But after thirty minutes of practising, the mysterious quenching body technique had let him break through and enter the fourth stage.

The tempered body had nine stages. Until the third stage, it really just enhanced one’s physical capabilities. But after the fourth stage, it would generate a presence within the meridians.

Only with the birth of atmosphere sense, are you considered a true cultivator.

Although at this time you will have the atmosphere sense, the body will still have no real strength. You could only wait for the seventh stage, where the body will develop its own strength, all the way until the ninth stage. That is when the body breaks through and opens / creates a door to strength to the Kai Yuan Boundary. Only then will you truly have strength.

Kai Yuan Boundary, is a true warrior’s start.

Everything in the tempered body territory, was laying the foundations for the future of the Kai Yuan Boundary . This foundation was not finalized, like with a man’s strength. For your bones, skin would grow continuously, until you reach the peak.

Kai Yang had just having entered the fourth stage, and obtained atmosphere sense. To outsiders, this may not seem like much, but to him it was great news and progress.