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Chapter 5997: s.p.a.ce-Time Shadow

Standing above the s.p.a.ce-Time River, Mo held Yang Kai’s head as though holding a chicken in his grasp and snorted, “Useless waste! You don’t have the right to continue living!”

Then, he abruptly exerted great strength in his hand.

How could Yang Kai, who had lost his ability to fight, withstand such an attack? His head instantly exploded from the impact; however, Mo did not stop there. It punched out and smashed the crippled body to pieces.

The scene was imprinted in the eyes of the Ninth-Order Masters who were watching the battle from afar. They stood frozen in shock and stared in disbelief.

Yang Kai died? The man who was the best at creating miracles and turning the tides of war countless times? The man who had saved the Human Race from various catastrophes? Did he die just like that?

They instinctively refused to believe the scene before them and subconsciously wondered whether they were looking at an illusion; however, the dissipation of his aura that followed the destruction of his body could not be faked. Everything indicated that he was really dead! Yang Kai had died at the hands of Mo!

Only a short moment had pa.s.sed from the time Yang Kai was dragged out of the s.p.a.ce-Time River by Mo; moreover, Mo had not hesitated in the slightest when he killed Yang Kai. Everything happened so quickly that the Ninth-Order Masters had no time to even think about rescuing Yang Kai.

A shrill but mournful Phoenix Cry rang out, accompanied by a furious Dragon Roar. Su Yan and Yang Xiao transformed into their Divine Spirit Forms and charged towards Mo. The rest of the Ninth-Order Masters also followed suit and sprang into action. Despite knowing that they were no match for Mo, n.o.body hesitated in the slightest.

Now that Yang Kai was dead, there was n.o.body in this World who could compete with Mo. Black Ink Strength would soon gain complete control over the Universe. When that happened, the Human Race would no longer have a place to live. This was the final struggle!

Su Yan was the fastest; after all, the Dao of s.p.a.ce was the Bloodline Talent of the Phoenix Clan.

She had lost her mind after being consumed by her feelings of rage and sorrow. At this moment, there was only one thought left in her heart. She wanted revenge, and if she could not have it, she would accompany Yang Kai to the afterlife!

A gorgeous trail of light lingered behind the enormous blue figure. With a few flickers, she arrived on the battlefield. However, a bizarre phenomenon occurred before she could unleash her strength. Ripples suddenly emerged in the originally calm s.p.a.ce-Time River. Following the splas.h.i.+ng waves, a figure leapt out.

Upon seeing the appearance of the figure, Su Yan froze in shock. Even the Ninth-Order Masters behind her were dumbfounded by the sight. The figure who stepped out from the s.p.a.ce-Time River was none other than Yang Kai, who should have been killed by Mo earlier!

[He’s alive!?] Everybody stared at the scene in front of them in disbelief. Their reactions were similar to when they watched Yang Kai being killed just now.

He had clearly died right before their very eyes, and his death had not been an illusion. Nevertheless, he just walked out of the s.p.a.ce-Time River alive! The bizarre phenomenon was beyond their comprehension. This kind of resurrection after death was simply impossible.

After stepping out from the surging waves, Yang Kai immediately noticed Su Yan and the others. He seemed to have antic.i.p.ated the current situation and breathed out deeply, “I’m glad I made it back in time. Step back.”

Su Yan, who had transformed into an Ice Phoenix, only hesitated for a brief moment before she turned around and retreated backwards. She also manipulated s.p.a.ce Principles and quickly transported the people behind her away from the battlefield.

The Ninth-Order Masters were forcefully returned to their previous positions. This location could barely be considered safe from the aftermath of the battle.

Xiang Shan frowned deeply, “What just happened?”

Yang Kai had clearly been killed, so how did he come back alive from the s.p.a.ce-Time River? Although Xiang Shan had lived for many years, he had never encountered such a bizarre sight before.

A light flashed through Mi Jing Lun’s eyes, “Creation Realm… Could it be the mysteries of the Creation Realm?”

“What do you mean?” Ou Yang Lie raised an eyebrow at those words, “Are you saying that Yang Kai has stepped into the Creation Realm?”

Mi Jing Lun shook his head, “It doesn’t seem like it.”

The Yang Kai who stepped out of the s.p.a.ce-Time River only had the aura of a Ninth-Order Master. It did not seem as though he had ascended to a new Realm.

Be that as it may, Mi Jing Lun had no other explanation for the bizarre phenomenon that they just witnessed. What’s more, could reaching the Creation Realm really allow one to revive from the dead? It was simply outrageous and inconceivable.

On the battlefield, Mo watched Yang Kai reappear from the s.p.a.ce-Time River and turned to look at the scattered pieces of the dismembered body. After confirming that he had indeed slaughtered Yang Kai earlier, he immediately understood the situation, “A Shadow?”

Yang Kai smiled at Mo, “I can’t fool your eyes after all.”

Mu and Mo had lived together for such a long time. It was only natural for Mo to know about Mu’s methods. Besides, two identical individuals could not exist together unless they originated from different s.p.a.ce-Times.

Mu’s Shadow Technique had transcended the limits of the mundane. In order to suppress and seal Mo’s Source, she had divided her entire life into 3,000 shadows to protect the 3,000 Universe Worlds inside her s.p.a.ce-Time River. Each shadow represented a part of her past, an illusion of sorts that was also real and tangible. 

Yang Kai had obtained Mu’s final gift. Devouring and refining her s.p.a.ce-Time River had allowed him to ma.s.sively increase the volume of his own s.p.a.ce-Time River. At the same time, he also enhanced and improved his attainments and comprehension of the 10,000 Grand Daos. The benefits he received were enormous.

Nevertheless, those were not his greatest gains. The greatest benefit he obtained was Mu’s Shadow Technique. That Secret Technique was definitely the pinnacle of the mysteries of the Grand Daos.

After fighting Mo, Yang Kai had deeply understood that he was no match for his opponent. That was because he could not overcome his limits and advance to a higher Realm within a short time. As long as he could not advance to a higher Realm, then his battle with Mo would only end with his defeat and death. Be that as it may, he could not afford to die. The Human Race would be doomed if he fell here.

Since he had no means to advance to the next Realm within a short time, his only chance of victory was to master Mu’s Shadow Technique!

Just one or two of him could not compete with Mo, but what about three of him? Or, five? Or, 10?

Mastering the mysterious Shadow Technique was Yang Kai’s only chance at defeating Mo; therefore, he had mainly been buying time during his previous fight with Mo so that he could integrate the many Dao Strengths into his body completely.

Mu had not been able to teach Yang Kai about the mystery behind the Shadow Technique. It was not that she had no intention to teach him the Secret Technique; on the contrary, it was a Secret Technique that resulted from reaching the pinnacle of the Grand Daos, so it was not something he could learn even if she tried to teach him. The Secret Technique was something he had to comprehend with his own abilities. Fortunately, Yang Kai had embarked on the same path as Mu. It was for that reason she believed that he would eventually comprehend the mysterious Secret Technique and understand her intentions for giving him her s.p.a.ce-Time River.

Having come into contact with more than 2,000 of Mu’s shadows, Yang Kai already had some vague ideas about the Shadow Technique before he devoured and refined Mu’s s.p.a.ce-Time River. Furthermore, Mu’s final gift had laid down a solid foundation for him. It was thanks to the foundation that he finally understood the secrets of the Shadow Technique and was able to perform it through his s.p.a.ce-Time River.

There was no denying that Mo had killed him, but the one who died was a copy of himself who had existed at a certain time in the past. Nonetheless, the demise of a shadow was not without cost. Although it was Yang Kai’s first time performing the Shadow Technique, he quickly noticed that something was wrong. He raised a hand to his head in confusion, “It feels like I’ve forgotten something…”

He had completely lost his memories of the time during which the deceased shadow of him had existed.

“Never mind. It probably wasn’t anything important.” He gave a carefree laugh and looked up at Mo, “Shall we go for round two?”

Mo’s lips curled upwards. His expression had been sullen throughout the battle with Yang Kai, as though he owed him a ma.s.sive debt. He also repeatedly made rude and disparaging remarks, but he broke into a smile at this moment, “Interesting!”

“The interesting part has yet to come!” As soon as the words left Yang Kai’s mouth, the Dao Strengths lingering around his body began to fluctuate. He arrived in front of Mo in the blink of an eye. The s.p.a.ce-Time River surged behind him. Raising his arm, Yang Kai summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it at Mo.

The Azure Dragon Spear should have been destroyed, but the Azure Dragon Spear in the s.p.a.ce-Time that Yang Kai’s shadow originated in remained intact. That was why the shattered spear could display its great strength once more!

As before, the violent fallout produced by their exchange of blows continuously spread to the surroundings. The spectating Ninth-Order Masters couldn’t help widening their eyes at the sight. They secretly rejoiced that Yang Kai had resurrected in time. With their strength, Mo would have effortlessly killed them if they had rushed forward at the time.

It was initially a.s.sumed that Yang Kai would be able to persist for a long time even though the battle was not evenly matched in strength; after all, he had displayed his immense strength previously. Unexpectedly, the battle only lasted for four hours before Mo found an opening and slammed his fist into Yang Kai’s chest.

A gaping hole appeared in Yang Kai’s chest, then his body exploded into pieces. His aura also swiftly dwindled away into nothing. Despite knowing that he would not experience a true death, the Ninth-Order Masters could not help being overwhelmed by sorrow at the sight.

After eradicating Yang Kai’s second shadow, Mo raised his eyes to look in the direction of the s.p.a.ce-Time River. He had lived with Mu for such a long time, so he was well aware of the Shadow Technique’s strength. The true strength of the Secret Technique was not power, but the prominent ability to survive that was granted to the users of the Secret Technique. 

The Shadow Technique was created based on the s.p.a.ce-Time River, so the foundation of the Secret Technique was the s.p.a.ce-Time River itself. In order to completely eradicate a user of the Shadow Technique, the s.p.a.ce-Time River must first be destroyed; otherwise, the user of the Shadow Technique would never perish.

For that reason, Mo immediately aimed for the s.p.a.ce-Time River as soon as he slaughtered Yang Kai’s second shadow. Black Ink Strength around his body surged to cover the entire river. He planned to corrupt the entire s.p.a.ce-Time River with Black Ink Strength in order to destroy Yang Kai’s Shadow Technique.

But before Mo could make a move, another of Yang Kai’s shadow jumped out of the s.p.a.ce-Time River. Yang Kai instantly summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and launched himself at Mo, he even made a mocking remark, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

The two figures resumed their vicious battle once more. During that time, Yang Kai fought Mo while gathering various information on the Shadow Technique. It was his first time performing the Secret Technique, so his understanding of it was quite lacking. He had to perfectly master the Secret Technique as soon as possible because that was the only way he could turn the situation around and obtain victory!

If he only relied on a never-ending series of battles via his shadows, he would never be able to defeat Mo. However, Yang Kai would need to make countless attempts and gain experience from actual practice to perfectly master the Secret Technique as soon as possible.

“I’ve forgotten more things, but the memories I deliberately preserved have not been forgotten. That’s good news…” Yang Kai quietly muttered to himself and resumed battle against Mo. Although he was no match for Mo still, he no longer needed to worry about death. That was why he could afford to act more recklessly than before. Shortly afterwards, Yang Kai gained another important piece of information, “The shorter the span of s.p.a.ce-Time allocated, the weaker the shadow’s fighting ability. That is certainly worth noting!”

When that thought pa.s.sed through his mind, the strength of his shadow faltered. Yang Kai showed weaknesses in his defences, so Mo instantly found an opening and slaughtered him!

Blood rained all over the void. Despite witnessing similar scenes on several occasions already, the Ninth-Order Masters watching the battle from afar still widened their eyes at the sight. What rea.s.sured them was that the next Yang Kai had already leapt out of the s.p.a.ce-Time River almost as soon as the previous Yang Kai died.