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Martial Peak

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Kai Yang smiled at that moment. It seemed odd, after all both his physical and mental strength were exhausted and he could no longer see clearly. His ears were ringing and his head was throbbing very badly, yet he still laughed.

‘I won! The sense of achievement that I feel right now is vastly greater than when I won against another person!‘

Just when Kai Yang felt that he was going to faint, a warm feeling burst out from within his body. This warm feeling came from within his bones, like a spring rain that replenishes the fields after a drought, it blew through every part of his body. Through every inch of flesh, bringing with it a burst of vitality.

His exhausted strength was quickly replenished; even his mental energy was revitalized to a certain extent. Although his energy didn’t recover fully, it was enough to keep him from losing consciousness.

Kai Yang didn’t pause to revel in this feeling any further, but hurriedly sat down and a.n.a.lysed his current condition. This lead him to discover that the original numbing feeling from within his body had already disappeared without a trace. It left him with a comfortable feeling, it was so comfortable that it nearly made him cry out.

His body pulsed rhythmically, and along with this, it was clear that it had become more robust and contained more explosive power than before. The atmospheric energy within his meridian pulsated incessantly; his bones also seemed to have become a lot st.u.r.dier.

Just through this alone, his body had been strengthened by a large margin.

This made him contemplative.

Finally the last bit of warmth from his bones had seeped out; this was most likely from that golden body he had absorbed. After experiencing this several times already, Kai Yang had grasped the key information. Only when he had pushed his body to its limits, could he trigger the golden body’s hidden powers.

Though if he surrendered when he was in a predicament, that golden body would not give him any help.

This really was the golden body’s personality! Kai Yang chuckled lightly. Right now, he had finally understood how this incense burner could aid him in his training.

The herbs that were put into the burner, their effects were multiplied hundreds of folds in strength. Then when he inhaled this incense, it made his strength rapidly decrease and also made him mentally tired. So much so that he could only take three steps before nearly fainting.

Although these amplified herbal effects were tyrannical, they shouldn’t have any long term negative side effects thought Kai Yang. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to the incense burner to a.s.sist in his training.

But only when he overcomes his limits, and arouses the golden’s skeleton’s regenerative ability, will he be able to really benefit. Only then will he be able to constantly surpa.s.s his limit and grow stronger.

The perfume that wafted out from the incense burner, served him well; just like that golden skeleton.

Though these were all just a.s.sumptions on Kai Yang’s part. But given the previous events, he felt this should be the truth. Next up, Kai Yang needed to closely a.n.a.lyse the incense burner.

The perfume never ceased pouring out of the burner. Even when there was a gust of wind, the perfume would always float in Kai Yang’s direction.

He also discovered that if he stayed in the same spot and didn’t move, then the perfume didn’t have any effect.

After another half an hour or so, Kai Yang felt that most of his strength had recovered. Staggering he stood up, once again he began to take steps forward.

Since he had already been burned once, Kai Yang advanced slowly and cautiously monitored his body for the effects of the incense burner.

As soon as he put one foot down, Kai Yang discovered that his strength gushed out of him like a broken dam. His physical strength disappeared, and with it so did his mental energy; with no sign or reason.

As he took another step, what little strength he had remaining disappeared, causing him to nearly fall down.

Clenching his jaw tightly, Kai Yang’s stubborn att.i.tude emerged again. Putting his life on the line, he advanced forward.

This time, he managed to take four steps. And although he was mentally unwilling to give up, his body could no longer take it. His strength wasn’t too bad.

The warm feeling once again poured out from within him, but it was not strong enough so he fainted again.

After repeating this process numerous times, all of his a.s.sumptions were confirmed.

Although the perfume that came from the incense burner caused people to become more worn out, it didn’t leave any negative side effects. While the golden skeleton on the other hand needed his will to fight, in order to be used. The stronger he felt about not yielding, the stronger the warmth it gave was and the more his body benefited.

This type of training method was truly monstrous so much so that it was unthinkable. Putting it simply, you were risking your life to increase your strength. If you were a little bit careless, then there would be drastic consequences. Luckily Kai Yang’s self-preservation sense was quite high. Everytime he broke through his limits, he would concede and rest before continuing. So after repeating the cycle many times, the results he reaped were bountiful.

A person’s potential, was truly unlimited. But in order to become stronger, you must do things step by step.

After an entire day of training, his improvement was very clear. He could already walk a full ten steps, a large improvement from his first attempt of just three.

But Kai Yang was still unsatisfied; even under the effects of the perfume, he was still only walking. Until the day he practised with his fists, this could not be considered training.

Quickly, Kai Yang found another disastrous problem.

This type of training used his herbs up far too quickly!

The Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Gra.s.s could only be burned for about an hour. After an hour, he must once again put in more herbs for the incense burner to continue to produce the perfume.

Using his hand to calculate the herb consumption, Kai Yang’s face immediately became ugly.

There were twelve hours in a day, he trained for about seven to eight hours a day. So that meant that he needed at least fourteen of these herbs, in order to practise under the effects of the incense burner for the a whole day. With his current store, he would use up all his Dead Jedi Tree Gra.s.s in two days, while also using about fifty percent of his stockpile of Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower.

What would he do after he used up all his current herb stock? He only had thirty eight contribution points. How many days would that last him?

Originally he had thought he was quite rich, but reality struck him hard and showed him how poor he really was.

That night, he carried his worries to bed, his head full of contribution points and herbs. Even in his dreams, he dreamt of mining large amounts of Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and Dead Jedi Tree Gra.s.s.

That night, Kai Yang didn’t sleep very well at all.

That night, Su Mu didn’t sleep very well either.

Thinking about how, overbearingly he had brought people over to cause trouble for Kai Yang, but had instead lost against him. This made Su Mu toss and turn restlessly in his bed. If it wasn’t for Kai Yang, then he would be happily engaged with Boss He’s daughter. If it wasn’t for Kai Yang, then he wouldn’t be here with a stomach full of resentment.

As he recalled the He family’s daughter’s vivid appearance, Su Mu’s heart fell into depression. In the future, he will no longer have the face to go and interact with her. As the saying went: ‘You would rather destroy ten temples, than destroy one marriage.’ Kai Yang, you dared to destroy a happy couple, you are too daring.

As another saying went: ‘For a n.o.bleman to take revenge, ten years is not long at all.’ An insignificant person however, can go for revenge all day long.

Su Mu would definitely be cla.s.sified as the latter, for after a few more days, he could once again challenge Kai Yang. But how could Su Mu wait until then? Su Mu wanted to go to Kai Yang immediately and beat him to a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp. Only then would it sate his inner hatred and resentment.

Tossing and turning, he couldn’t fall asleep such was his fury, so Su Mu got up. Not only did he get up in the middle of the night, he also made his underlings wake up too.