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Martial Peak

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News of this battle was soon a hot topic between fellow disciples, with others seeking out those present to hear the details. If not for Su Mu’s status, then the news would have long since been spread to the ends of the earth. However since Su Mu was involved, the disciples could only hide it within their stomachs, discreetly talking about it.

In Kai Yang’s small hut, it had finally calmed down.

Looking at the sky, Kai Yang became depressed. Because Su Mu had come to cause trouble, he had lost precious time to practise the tempered body record. It was truly regrettable.

Taking out his spare pair of clothes, Kai Yang then went to the small pond beside his hut. Taking off his tattered clothes, he prepared to take a bath. These past few days he had been wondering the mountain and then he had fought the flower patterned spider, these two things combined had really made him smell funny.

Stealthily, Xia Ning Chang tip toed to the side of the hut, for she wanted to learn the true level of this fellow disciple. Yet when she turned the corner, all that met her eyes were a pair of white b.u.t.tocks. Kai Yang had already become stark naked, not a st.i.tch of clothing remained and he was in the position to dive into the water.

Xia Ning Chang’s small face immediately flushed a bright red. Although her cultivation was very high, she was still an innocent female. Not even mentioning b.u.t.tocks, she hadn’t even seen a male’s thigh. How could she possibly endure this scene?

Too provoking! Xia Ning Chang’s heart had begun to thump erratically and she quickly hid herself.

How…. she today………why did they have this fate? Tears streamed down that pitiful girl’s face, there was no time to find out his secret. Stamping her foot, she disappeared in a flash.

That stinking disciple. Those entrance examinations conducted by the teachers were too lax. Disciples stripping stark naked in broad daylight is too shameless. Far too shameless!

In the pond, Kai Yang was was.h.i.+ng his body and inspecting it.

He had discovered that ever since he started to practise the tempered body record, his muscles had become st.u.r.dier and more robust. Although he was still thin, he was thin in the right places.

Additionally, the wounds from yesterday’s battle with the flower patterned spider had already become scars. Only the arm wound from the flower patterned spider’s leg had yet to fully heal; it was still a bit painful.

After all, it had penetrated through his arm, so it couldn’t possibly heal that quickly. But it wasn’t as severe as he had imagined, give it a few days and should be completely healed.

Thinking over that life and death battle with the spider, caused Kai Yang to be excited. Not knowing why, the more dangerous the situation he was in, the more enthusiastic and excited he became. He unexpectedly had this type of character, was he unconsciously a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t and after living a bit more than ten years, he had suddenly awakened?

When he thought of that, he promptly inhaled a large breath and submerged himself in the pond; not resurfacing for awhile.

Although there were many things for him to complete, Kai Yang still went to take a shower. After dressing himself, he began his sweeping.

Afterall, this was his a.s.signed work in Sky Tower. And since he was a.s.signed this job, he must complete it to the best of his ability.

While sweeping, Kai Yang clearly felt that the gazes from his fellow disciples were strange. They were full of doubt, for they were the ones who had witnessed his battler earlier in the morning. They didn’t understand why Kai Yang had been able to knock Zhou Hu unconscious.

Kai Yang calmly and honestly continued with his work.

Completing his sweeping, Kai Yang returned to his wooden hut and opened his bag. From within, he took out the herbs he had collected, keeping the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Gra.s.s out and placing the other extra herbs back into the bag.

These extra herbs were completely useless to Kai Yang, but he can sell them to the Contribution Hall for some contribution points.

Wrapping up the herbs he started to leave before stopping. Thinking again, he went back and changed his clothes, wearing his tattered, bloodstained ones he also dirtied his face bit before leaving again.

In the Contribution Hall, Treasurer Meng was sitting behind the counter while holding a teapot. Crossing his legs while sipping the tea he merrily hummed a tuned.

Suddenly a human figure could be seen at the hall entrance. Old man Meng boredly lifted up his head to see, and just as he was about to scold that brat which dared to come here his eyes widened. So early in the morning and someone dared to disturb his peace and quiet. Yet when he saw Kai Yang battered and exhausted walking in. His tattered clothes which could no longer be considered clothes, his two legs were clearly seen, and so were his leg hairs.

(TL: Yea, I’m confused as you are, leg hairs……O.o)

The two female disciples at the entrance saw this and shrieked out in shock at this vagabond, quickly retreating.

How was Treasurer Meng’s self control? After entering the mountain, then descending into the seas, he would remain impa.s.sive. Even if there was a ma.s.sacre of ten cities. Yet at that moment, he sprayed out his mouthful of tea; you could imagine the scene.

“Little Kai Yang, what is with your appearance?” Old man Meng nearly went into a frenzy, quickly standing up. Dumbstruck, he looked at Kai Yang.

Rus.h.i.+ng to the counter, Kai Yang then inhaled a large gulp of air before replying: “I have returned!”

“Experienced many hards.h.i.+ps right?” Treasurer Meng felt pity for Kai Yang. Just a few days ago when he had come to his place, he was still healthy, yet from a single trip to Black Wind Mountains, he had become like this. He was not like a human or even a ghost, this was too tragic.

“En, I was in danger.” Nodding his head, Kai Yang didn’t waste anymore words. Hurriedly he opened up his bag and pointed to the herbs inside: “But my harvest was not bad, Treasurer Meng, will the Contribution Hall accept these herbs?”

Looking at the herbs, Treasurer Meng’s eyebrows rose.

They were only ordinary grade lower level herbs, and practically had no worth. These herbs were too plentiful in the Contribution hall, even if he accepted, there would be no place to put them.

Just as he was about to reject the herbs, Treasurer Meng saw the expectation in Kai Yang’s eyes and then looked again at his attire. Seeing this his hearten softened: “Oh, we will accept. For every two herbs I will give you one contribution point.”

“Okay, then please count them.” Without bargaining, Kai Yang pushed the bag forward.

Treasurer Meng went to count the number of herbs. There were thirty-two herbs, a total of sixteen contribution points. Immediately he went to record this into his account book.

“You were in Black Wind Mountains for an entire three days, yet you only found this much?” Treasurer Meng causally asked.

“Being able to obtain this is considered good.” Kai Yang said while carefully looking around.

“Keke, it’s not bad.” Treasurer Meng couldn’t bear to pour cold water on Kai Yang, after all he knew of the difficulties he faced. Although this child’s natural apt.i.tude was not good, he was willing to work hard. Nowadays, these types of hardworking youngsters are a rare sight. It’s such a shame, his apt.i.tude was so poor that it was a fatal downside, for it destined him to have no major achievements.

As he was thinking about this, he saw how Kai Yang’s eyes were darting around and couldn’t help but ask he curiously: “What are you looking at?”

Mysteriously, Ki Yang leaned forward and said in a low voice: “Treasurer Meng, in this trip to the mountain I seem to have found some incredible thing.”

Seeing Kai Yang’s cautiousness, Treasurer Meng also felt that this thing was something uncommon. He also became more serious and said in a low voice: “What thing?”

“I don’t know. I have brought it back to let you see it. You are experienced and knowledgeable, so you should definitely be able to recognise it.” As he said this, he went to touch his b.u.t.t and took out a another bag. Carefully he placed it on the counter.