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Chapter 1995, Altar

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

If a different cultivator had been teleported to this place, they would very likely encounter misfortune; after all, not every Origin King could ignore the discomfort of long-distance teleportation like Yang Kai.

Ordinary cultivators would feel some sense of disorientation and dizziness.

At this point, Yang Kai immediately leapt up and decided to withdraw.

But something he did not expect happened.

As soon as he reached a height of ten metres, a huge pressure suddenly crashed down on him, like a mountain was suddenly weighing on his back, pressing him down towards the ground.

Everything happened so quickly he was unable to even resist.

“A Flight Inhibiting Array?” Yang Kai’s face turned black as he quickly reacted.

When Kang Si Ran introduced the internal situation of the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da to him before, he had said that there were many Natural Arrays, restrictions, and traps scattered about. These Spirit Arrays had various functions but Flight Inhibiting Arrays were amongst the most common.

Inside such Flight Inhibiting Arrays, cultivators would not be able to fly very high, and once they exceeded a certain height, they would experience a heavy pressure that forced them back down.

What Yang Kai had just encountered was the effect of a powerful Flight Inhibiting Array.

The only thing he didn’t know was whether this Flight Inhibiting Array was artificially arranged or generated naturally.

But Yang Kai didn’t have time to think about it right now since the countless lurking crocodile beasts leapt at him from all directions the moment he fell, their mouths wide open as their sharp teeth flashed.

Yang Kai’s strength erupted in response as he threw out his fists, leading to a loud series of bangs.

In the blink of an eye, he knocked back several dozen crocodiles, but the vitality of these Monster Beasts was extremely tenacious. So, even after taking a punch from Yang Kai, not only did they not die, they were almost completely unharmed and swiftly dove down into the marsh.

More crocodiles pounced out, taking the places of their comrades.

Soon, Yang Kai was covered with crocodiles, his hands, arms, legs, all being bitten into.

These crocodiles all had amazing jaw strength, far more so than ordinary Monster Beasts, and with the peak Ninth-Order strength, how could they not be dangerous?

Ordinary Origin Kings, even if they pushed their strength to the maximum extent, would find it difficult to resist these crocodile Monster Beasts.

Fortunately for Yang Kai, his physique was far more powerful than normal thanks to his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art. As the fierce Five Elements Sword Qi burst from his body, many of the crocodiles who tried to bite him wound up with bleeding mouths instead, forcing them to release Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai was still dragged into the mud by this swarm of crocodiles.

The marsh was cold and dark, but the biggest hindrance was that it was so muddy and murky that Yang Kai was unable to see much even with his eyes opened. Even after throwing his fists out indiscriminately, Yang Kai soon realized his situation was not getting any better and instead he was simply sinking faster into the depths as more and more crocodiles besieged him.

“Secret Technique, Moon Blade!”

Sending out ten pitch-black Moon Blades in all directions, accompanied by the sound of flesh being sliced through, Yang Kai felt the pressure he was under diminish greatly.

Inside the muddy waters, red blood and dead crocodile carca.s.ses abounded.

“Demon Eye!” when Yang Kai opened his eyes again, his left eye had gone completely golden and his vision was finally restored.

Scanning the area with his Divine Sense next, not only did Yang Kai realize that his recent slaughter had failed to repel these crocodiles, the fresh blood drawing more of them over instead.

“Courting death!” Yang Kai was furious. With his current strength, he could even face an ordinary Dao Source Realm cultivator without losing, but because of a moment of carelessness, this pack of weak Monster Beasts had actually put him in such an awkward situation.

This made him become a bit angry out of shame.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Kai directly released the Monster Insect Queen, which had still been repairing itself inside the Sealed World Bead, and issued an order with his Divine Sense.

The Monster Insect Queen was now Yang Kai’s Blood Beast, and despite having its own faint sentience, it would strictly obey any of his orders.

Wielding the dual swords accompanied by the flash of white light, a ma.s.sive sword wave swept out.


An icy domain filled the surrounding area, not only causing Yang Kai to s.h.i.+ver but also greatly slowing down the crocodile Monster Beasts.

With a brilliant flash, Sword Qi surged and all the surrounding crocodile Monster Beasts were cut in half, dying instantly. Even the crocodiles in the distance were not spared.

With the purple and blue dual swords at its disposal, the Monster Insect Queen’s strength seemed to have greatly increased, and even if it did not use its Clear Sky Snowfall Secret Technique, simply swinging its swords could have such an effect.

Yang Kai coldly snorted and was just about to escape from these muddy waters when suddenly a flicker of light caught his eye.

In the depths down below, a clear and misty light was flickering.

Using his Divine Sense to probe it, Yang Kai noticed a subtle but potent energy fluctuation.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he pushed his energy to protect his body and dove down. The Monster Insect Queen, like a loyal guard, followed beside Yang Kai and dealt with any threats that tried to disturb him.

Soon after, Yang Kai arrived at the bottom of the swamp where the misty light was being emitted.

With the help of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai was finally able to see exactly what this thing was.

It turned out to be a palm-sized Spirit Mushroom of some sort.

“What is this…” Yang Kai pondered.

Although he knew most of the herbs which grew in his native Star Field, he had not had a chance to expand his knowledge about the Star Boundary’s various spirit herbs and medicines.

He had never seen nor heard of this mushroom before.

As he observed it, the mushroom’s hue went from a misty white to a faint green.

After a while, it turned red…

Even after checking through his memories again, Yang Kai was unable to recognize what this mushroom was, but judging from the aura it gave off, he could tell it was some kind of Dao Source Grade herb.

Deciding to worry about identifying it later, Yang Kai decided to first pick this mushroom and transplant it into his Sealed World Bead’s medicine garden.

And so, Yang Kai immediately went to work.

Soon, the Spirit Mushroom had been planted inside the medicine garden of his Sealed World Bead.

After finis.h.i.+ng this though, Yang Kai did not rush to leave and instead continued to search around.

Sure enough, he found a few identical herbs in the vicinity.

It was half a day before Yang Kai rushed up from the swamp, the Monster Insect Queen following closely behind while, down below, countless crocodile Monster Beast corpses floated on the surface of the water. For hundreds of kilometres around, the marsh had been dyed red with blood.

Either because they were deterred by the strength of the Monster Insect Queen, or possibly because they had almost all been killed, no more crocodile Monster Beasts came to attack Yang Kai and he was able to leave the area freely.

Not acting rashly this time, Yang Kai only hovered a metre above the surface of the water as he flew out of the swamp.

There were many types of Flight Inhibiting Arrays, some of which completely prohibited flying while others simply restricted how high one could fly. From his previous experience, Yang Kai knew that this Flight Inhibiting Array was undoubtedly the latter type, so as long as he didn’t exceed a certain height, his ability to fly would not be suppressed.

The area of ​​the swamp seemed quite wide, and Yang Kai needed to fly for half a day before finally reaching its edge.

The Monster Insect Queen was also taken back by him long ago.

The Monster Insect Queen was still restoring itself, so it wasn’t a good idea for it to fight too much at the moment. Yang Kai also didn’t want others to see he had such a helper with him. The Monster Insect Queen could be regarded as his biggest trump card at the moment, so concealing it until absolutely necessary was naturally for the best.

The s.p.a.ce inside the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da seemed to be extraordinarily vast, as even after tens of thousands of cultivators from Maplewood City had entered this place, Yang Kai had yet to encounter even a single person.

As Yang Kai looked around, he was unable to find the landmark he was looking for, so he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

This should be the first layer of the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, and Kang Si Ran had told him that after entering the paG.o.da, he should try to make his way to the second layer as quickly as possible. Although the first and second layers were both meant as experience grounds for Origin Kings, as a peak Third-Order Origin King, it was naturally better for Yang Kai to go to the second layer.

The way to enter the second layer was through a Five Coloured Light Pillar.

Yang Kai had been looking for this so-called Five Coloured Light Pillar, but he hadn’t seen any signs of it so far. He also had no clues about how to go about searching for this pa.s.sageway to the second layer.

Just as he was looking around though, the ground beneath his feet trembled violently and a thunderous rumbling rang out.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed and he hurriedly circulated his Qi while scanning his surroundings vigilantly, lest some kind of danger appeared.

Nothing appeared in his immediate area though, but when he looked up, in the distance Yang Kai saw a true Dragon phantom suddenly appear.

This Dragon phantom was ma.s.sive and radiated a fiery red glow. As its tail swept through the air, it soared up into the clouds and circled around before it once again came cras.h.i.+ng down the ground, landing somewhere out of sight and disappearing.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

He never expected that in this first layer of the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, an authentic Dragon phantom would appear.

This was definitely not caused by some Secret Technique or Secret Art but was a genuine Dragon phantom, possibly even related to a Dragon artifact. Yang Kai was certain of this because when this phantom appeared, he could clearly feel a surge of heat from his chest.

This heat came from the Dragon Scale he had fused with.

This Dragon Scale seemed to be resonating with something in the distance.

Yang Kai immediately realized that this might be a great opportunity.

No wonder the rumours said that there were many opportunities inside the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, and those who entered it and who had good luck would obtain many benefits while at the same time, if one’s strength was high, but luck was bad, they could not hope for anything.

No longer hesitating, Yang Kai immediately rushed towards the place where the vision appeared from at top speed.

The position where the True Dragon phantom had manifested was quite far from his current position, so even using his full strength, it took Yang Kai three hours to arrive.

Looking around, Yang Kai couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

There were already many cultivators gathered here, a rough count putting the number at several hundred, and more were arriving all the time, obviously attracted by the previous vision.

This place was a mountain valley, and at its centre was some kind of small altar. This altar seemed to have just emerged from the ground, as it still had soil and dirt on it, and was radiating an ancient and desolate aura, clearly indicating it was very, very old.