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Chapter 1992 , Princess Lan Xun

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The next day, word of Star Soul Palace opening the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da spread across Maplewood City.

Countless cultivators cheered and praised Star Soul Palace for its generosity while the few Dao Source Realm masters present felt indignant; after all, the opening of the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da this time had nothing to do with them.

For a time, Maplewood City’s pill and artifact shops were flooded with customers.

Two days later, the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da was going to be opened, so naturally all the cultivators eligible to enter wanted to prepare themselves and did not hesitate to spend a large sum of money to buy restorative and life-saving Spirit Pills. Many also choked down their reluctance to purchase the artifacts they had been eyeing before but never dared to buy.

If one wanted to chop wood efficiently, they first needed to sharpen their axe. Every cultivator understood this simple truth.

If they wanted to gain something in the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da and still emerge with their life, they needed to do the utmost to prepare themselves.

Mo Xiao Qi apparently got the news and was extremely interested in it, so she specifically sent a notification to Yang Kai through the Communication Bead she had given him, asking him to enter the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da with her in two days.

Yang Kai readily agreed while feeling a little guilty in his heart.

Mo Xiao Qi had notified him as soon as he got the news, but he actually knew in advance and forgot to notify her.

If she wanted to enter the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t stop her.

Although she was innocent and naïve to an extreme degree, ignorant of the dangers of the world and the treacherous nature of people, with all the precious artifacts on her, no one in the Origin King Realm would even be able to touch her.

Yang Kai continued to focus on his Alchemy.

At the same time, in the City Lord’s Mansion.

In a certain secluded room, a man and a woman sat some ten metres apart, opposite each other.

The man appeared middle-aged and had a deep and profound aura. He had a majestic aura about him, and his black robes were embroidered with a number of small silver stars over his heart. These stars were extremely lifelike and even s.h.i.+mmered mysteriously.

A Silver Star Envoy!

Only Silver Star Envoys of Star Soul Palace would dare wear such robes as these silver star emblems were the identifying mark of Silver Star Envoys.

In Star Soul Palace, Star Envoys were divided into three From top to bottom, Gold Star Envoys, Silver Star Envoys and Bronze Star Envoys. Even the lowest-level Bronze Star Envoy required one to be a First-Order Emperor.

This middle-aged man, who looked like he was in his early forties, was a Silver Star Envoy, which showed he was a Second-Order Emperor.

As for the legendary Gold Star Envoys, they were all Third-Order Emperor Realm masters!

Over the years, Star Soul Palace had sent out Gold Star Envoys only a few times, and even ordinary Emperors from other Sects would not have an opportunity to meet a Gold Star Envoy. In Star Soul Palace, there were only three Gold Star Envoys, and no one knew where they were or what they were doing at any particular time.

Opposite this Silver Star Envoy was a young woman who appeared to be about twenty years of age. This young woman had picturesque features and long silky black hair, her beautiful eyes were like a pool of clear water, without the slightest impurity. The woman wore a long blue dress with luxurious gemstones dotting it. These gems obviously were not mere decorations though as each one exuded a subtle yet profound energy fluctuation.

Sitting there cross-legged, her brow was slightly furrowed as the aura around her body fluctuated, seemingly resonating with the surrounding World Principles.

She was clearly on the verge of a breakthrough!

The cultivation of this young woman was at the peak of the Third-Order Origin King Realm, so if she were to break through again, she would naturally reach the Source Realm.

“Princess, are you alright?” Although the forty-year-old man was a Second-Order Emperor, he still used an extremely respectful tone when speaking to this woman who was merely at the peak of the Origin King Realm, clearly indicating that her status was anything but low.

The young woman heard this question and nodded gently, “There is nothing wrong for the time being.”

“Haa… Princess, you were too willful this time,” The Silver Star Envoy said with some annoyed resignation. “You deceived me with a False Face Bead in order to sneak out of Star Soul Palace with me. After going back this time, the Great Emperor will certainly punish me.”

The young woman heard this, spat out her tongue cutely, and said, “Uncle Xiao, don’t worry. Xun’er will plead for you when the time comes. You are my Father’s youngest Junior Brother, he will certainly not punish you harshly.”

“You?” Xiao Yu Yang squinted at Lan Xun, taking pleasure in her misfortune as he said, “You can’t even protect yourself now, so how are you planning to ask for mercy for me? The Great Emperor said that when you return, he will punish you with ten years of seclusion in the palace!”

“Ten years?” Lan Xun exclaimed in alarm as she sobbed, “Just kill me and get it over with. It’s so boring just staying at the palace all day long. It’s the whole reason I snuck out to play…”

“You chose the wrong time to do that then,” Xiao Yu Yang said with a sigh and smiled bitterly. “You knew you were on the verge of a breakthrough, so why did you take the risk of going out instead of staying in the palace to prepare properly?”

When Lan Xun heard this, she could not help lowering her head and muttering, “I heard that a Divine Spirit appeared. I’ve never seen a Divine Spirit before, so I wanted to come out and see it.”

“You are the daughter of a Great Emperor! You have a bright and limitless path ahead of you, so how could you not meet some Divine Spirits in the future? At worst, you could simply ask the Great Emperor to take you to Dragon Island to stay as a guest. There are Divine Spirits everywhere there.”

“What’s so good about a few big snakes?” Lan Xun pouted with dissatisfaction.

“A few big snakes…” Xiao Yu Yang’s mouth twitched. Even as a dignified Second-Order Emperor, he was struck was speechless for a while, eventually just sighing and saying, “In any case, you cannot suppress your breakthrough much longer, and there is not enough time to return to Star Soul Palace now, so the Great Emperor agreed to allow me to open the entrance to the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da here. Great Emperor will activate the real paG.o.da at the same time, allowing you to enter to break through. In order to conceal this fact, we even announced that this was an opportunity given by my Star Soul Palace to the cultivators of this city. We also managed to deceive those few from Heavenly Martial Holy Land, Orthodoxy Temple, and Azure Sun Temple into helping, otherwise, I alone would not have been able to accomplish this. However, you must be careful when the time comes. I will use a Secret Technique to send you directly to the third layer where you need to find a good place to feel the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao and absorb as many of the shattered Principles as possible. Those broken World Principles and Star Sources will be of great benefit to your future growth.”

“I know.”

“Do you understand how to draw in those Shattered World Principles and Star Source Fragments?”

“En, my father taught me before and I’ve properly studied the set of Secret Techniques.”

“Very good, it’s just a pity that… Princess is not a Star Master. If you had managed to successfully refine a complete Star Source prior to now, you would be able to reap even more benefits this time.”

Lan Xun smiled, “Uncle Xiao is not a Star Master but he has still reached the Second-Order Emperor Realm. Although Star Masters have many conveniences on the path of cultivation, Xun’er is confident that she will reach the same height as her father one day, even without such advantages.”

Xiao Yu Yang heard this, looked shocked, but soon laughed, “Good, it’s good Princess has such ambitions, it’s just a pity you’re not a man…”

Lan Xun suddenly snorted, “So what if I’m not a man? Am I any worse than those men?”

“Uh… Uncle Xiao meant that if you were a man, Uncle Xiao would definitely be happy to share a drink with you!” Xiao Yu Yang was an experienced man and knew how to quickly change the topic without a sense of abruptness.

“I’d rather not, I don’t know how anyone could drink something so bitter and smelly.”

“Haha,” Xiao Yu Yang didn’t say much on this matter and instead solemnly exhorted. “The most important thing for Princess this time is her breakthrough. Of course, you can also go explore the third layer if there is enough time, as there are many good things inside. Even if we old folks enter, we may not be able to obtain anything good. Inside the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, the most important thing is opportunity and luck, but strength comes a close second.”

“Xun’er will remember.”


Two days pa.s.sed by in a flash.

On this day, Maplewood City was extremely lively as everyone invariably gathered towards the huge square in front of the City Lord’s Mansion. Origin Returning Realm masters and Origin Kings all beamed brightly, while all other cultivators wore gloomy, disgruntled expressions.

This could not be helped, as Dao Source Realm masters would not be able to enter the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da this time while cultivators below the Origin Returning Realm did not possess the necessary strength. Even most Origin Returning Realm cultivators didn’t dare to enter this time.

Those who had the guts would be putting their lives on the line in order to seek opportunities.

Before the City Lord’s Mansion, a high platform had been set up at some point.

On the high platform, several cultivators of varying ages sat.

Everyone down below looked up at these cultivators with respect and admiration.

After all, those people were all Emperor Realm masters. If they weren’t Emperors, they would not have been qualified to be seated at all. Even City Lord Duan Yuan Shan of Maplewood City could only stand to the side with a smile on his face.

Duan Yuan Shan was a master at the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, so he was normally a peak-level existence in Maplewood City, but in front of these Emperors, he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

Time pa.s.sed quietly.

More and more cultivators gathered.

Everyone was looking around, looking for the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da, Star Soul Palace’s legendary treasure, hoping to catch a glimpse of its true appearance.

Unfortunately, no matter how they searched, no one was able to see the slightest clue.

Some insiders knew that the real Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da was not here, nor was it carried by Sir Star Envoy. Although this was the Southern Territory, where no one dared show disrespect to Star Soul Palace, this was a foundational treasure in the end, so how could it be carried around casually?

This time, an entrance to the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da was being opened remotely by Sir Star Envoy and the other Emperors present, while the masters in Star Soul Palace’s headquarters coordinated with them.

So even if the paG.o.da was not physically here, it was still accessible.

Yang Kai stood in the crowd, listening to the conversations of the surrounding cultivator, and soon understood the situation.

This eliminated many of the doubts he had. Originally, he thought that the Star Envoy of Star Soul Palace was carrying the Five Coloured Treasure PaG.o.da with him, but he could not understand why this was. Now he understood.

While he was waiting, someone patted him on the shoulder and Mo Xiao Qi’s voice rang out, “Big Brother Yang!”

Yang Kai turned his head and saw Mo Xiao Qi standing beside him with a smile while countless cultivators around her had backed off with grimaces on their faces as they stared at this little girl fearfully.