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Martial Peak

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Throwing out a punch, Kai Yang’s fist whistled through the air and smashed into the eyes on the left hand side of the flower patterned spider’s head. The moment his fist hit, it pulverised two eyes.

The flower patterned spider was horrified. Even with its limited intellectual capacity, it knew to fear that human with blood dripping from their arm. When it went to retract its two legs that were lodged in Kai Yang’s arms, the spider found that the arm muscles had tightened around its forelimbs so the spider couldn’t pull them out.

Kai Yang’s second punch followed shortly after his first, pulverising another two eyes.

The flower patterned spider screeched out in pain, incessantly trying to retreat, but it’s hind legs could only scratch at the ground. In desperation, it lashed out at Kai Yang, leaving many shallow wounds on his arms. Although they weren’t deep, they still drew blood.

But, the pain only served to increase Kai Yang’s excitement, his whole body bubbled with overflowing strength. The corners of his mouth curved into a cold and merciless smile, his fists flew endlessly towards the spider’s forehead. Under the unceasing barrage of attacks, the flower patterned spider’s forehead cracked open, and its bodily fluids oozed out.

A dismal whimper escaped from its mouth, the flower patterned did not wish to sit and wait for its death. From its mouth, it spat out streams of its web, and at such close proximity, the web wrapped Kai Yang up.

However at that moment, the flower patterned spider was in a horrible state; its head was disfigured so much that it had nearly burst. If it hadn’t become a demonic beast, and gained the tenacious vitality that is a.s.sociated with it, it would have already died many times over.

Since this was the case, even though it had trapped him with its web, under Kai Yang’s relentless fists, it soon ceased all signs of struggling.

Kai Yang would have never imagined he could win a fight with a demonic beast. Furthermore, not only had he survived, he had also killed it.

Even though it was a first realm demonic beast, it was still not something a cultivator at the tempered body fifth stage should be able to defeat. Although Kai Yang’s wounds weren’t considered light, he didn’t feel much pain from them; as if they nothing at all.

After certifying that the flower patterned spider was truly dead, Kai Yang went to extract the leg that had pierced into his arm. When he pulled it out, a gush of warm blood followed.

(TL: O.O, you just casually pulled something that was stabbed into your arm? Oh it’s stuck, let’s pull it out.)

Without even pausing to inspect his injuries, Kai Yang tore apart the spider web that was binding him and rushed to the little boy’s side; gently cradling his body he brought him out of the cave.

The little boy’s father had managed to finally escape from his web coc.o.o.n. And just as he was preparing to run further into the cave, he saw a blood-drenched Kai Yang carry out his son. He quickly inquired: “What happened to him?”

“He has lost too much blood and has also been poisoned.” Kai Yang replied.

After reaching the cave’s entrance, Kai Yang placed the little boy onto the ground and raced towards his fallen bag. Taking out some of the herbs inside, he began chewing on them. Without hesitation he called over the hunter: “Chew on these herbs to soften them, then feed them to him.”

The hunter was already scared out of his wits, so when he heard Kai Yang’s orders, he didn’t hesitate. Swiftly, he placed the herbs into his mouth and began to chew them diligently.

In that moment, Kai Yang’s mind was all too clear; his understanding of each herb’s medicinal properties began to appear in his mind within his mind. Which herbs could detoxify, which herbs could help with healing, which herbs could help staunch blood flow, the knowledge flowing through his mind was comparable to that of a veteran pharmacist.

After a short period of time, Kai Yang took out the herbs he had been chewing on and smeared them over the little boy’s arm. The hunter followed his actions and began to feed the chewed up herbs to his son.

Under the nervous gazes of the two people, colour gradually returned to the boy’s pale face and his breathing steadied.

The hunter could finally release the tension in his heart and fell on his b.u.t.tocks. Crying out loudly he said: ”Fortunately nothing happened, fortunately nothing happened……..”

Kai Yang poured cold water on his new found hope: “Not yet, my herbs are only low levelled ones and can only alleviate his symptoms.You have to leave the mountain and find a doctor, otherwise I’m afraid that the poison will become incurable. ”

The hunter could only listen to Kai Yang’s advice. Immediately he said: “Then I shall go take him to find a doctor now.”

“There’s no hurry.” said Kai Yang as he held out his hand to stop him. “Allow your son to stabilise first then move him.”

“Oh, what the saviour says is correct.” With such a great catastrophe befalling on the hunter, he had long since lost his nerve. So whatever Kai Yang said, he would follow.

After replying, he remembered that his saviour was also injured. His injuries were not light, so he worriedly asked: “Saviour, do you not want to also treat your own wounds.”

Kai Yang replied: “Not need.”

“But you have shed such a large amount of blood, how is that alright?” The Hunter looked at him in shock.

“I don’t know.” Standing up, Kai Yang jumped up and down vivaciously. “Even I don’t know, but I feel great.”

He not only felt great, but also excited. Kai Yang suspected all this was somehow related to his golden skeleton, but how could he explain it to a simple hunter? As he thought back to the recent fight, Kai Yang’s blood began to boil once again.

That was the very first time he had ever been in a life or death situation. But he had not experienced even the slightest amount of fear, instead he had only felt enjoyment at the feeling of blood splattering all around him. Like it was the most common occurrence.

(TL: The birth of an asura/bloodthirsty demon/demon king???)

“That’s right, please wait a bit. I will return soon.” As he picked up his bag, Kai Yang once again rushed into the cave.

The hunter thought he had gone to sort out the demonic beast’s corpse, but that was not it.

Although the flower patterned spider was a demonic beast, it’s corpse didn’t hold any value; it was too low levelled.

Kai Yang’s goal was to pick herbs growing inside the cave!

Before he had begun his battle with the flower patterned spider, he had discovered a large amount of purple coloured flowers. Previously he didn’t have the time to examine them, but now that he thought back to them, his spirits couldn’t help but rise.

If he didn’t see incorrectly, those purple coloured flowers were actually the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flowers that he desperately needed.

(TL: here comes his xianxia luck!!!!)

Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flowers grew in dark and damp places with a lot of corpses. Making this cave an ideal environment for them to grow in.

With his heart full of antic.i.p.ation as he entered the cave, Kai Yang nearly laughed, such was his joy.

Helping others will really reward you well. It seemed that this saying was true! If he had not come to rescue the father and son pair, then he would never have found the herbs that he was looking for.

The vast expanse of purple flowers in front of him truly were the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flowers. Plus, there appeared to be a vast quant.i.ty of them; a quick count showed there were at least thirty to forty of these flowers. These small purple flowers, all bunched together would make anyone who saw them feel delighted.

Without further ado, Kai Yang hurriedly took out his shovel and started to harvest these herbs.

While he busied himself, Kai Yang’s heart was more than content. Just as he was preparing to leave the cave, Kai Yang discovered a red, mushroom like plant in the corner of the cave.

His curiosity piqued, Kai Yang walked towards it to carefully examine it. This thing was about the size of a bowl, dark red and was like a mushroom or fungus. Kai Yang didn’t recognise this thing, for it was not mentioned in the little book that Treasurer Meng had given him.

Could it be a priceless treasure? Rolling up his sleeves, Kai Yang went to pick the mushroom like plant. As for the matter of its ident.i.ty, he could work it later; it wouldn’t take much s.p.a.ce up anyway.

By the time Kai Yang exited the cave, his bag was filled to the brim.

“Let’s go, I will descend the mountain with you.” Kai Yang told the the hunter, treating him like an equal.

“Many thanks to the saviour.” The hunter was moved to tears, for he knew that Kai Yang was worried they would encounter more danger on the journey out. That’s why he was following them.

“We just happen to be travelling the same path, no need for thanks.” Kai Yang replied humbly, and the three of them quickly descended the mountain.

By evening they had arrived back at town, and in the dark, they searched for the doctor’s home.