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Martial Peak

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When this was revealed, something clicked inside the heads of the onlookers. Many people could not help but turn to look at Su Mu with disbelief in their eyes.

So that was it! Kai Yang was satisfied that he had guessed correctly, Su Mu really had an ulterior motive. Though he had thought it was something related to profit or reputation. He hadn’t thought it was actually for his own s.e.xual desires.

He had also met the Boss’ daughter, even though she wasn’t outrageously beautiful, she was still a work of art. Alluring body, delicate features, slim figure and the most beautiful girl in the entire village at only fourteen.

Such a young girl, unfortunately had caught Su Mu’s eye, provoking such trouble.

“What utter rubbis.h.!.+” Su Mu’s face was as red as a tomato, trying to deny the truth.

Sneering the man continued to say: “I have said no lies. Even though us two brothers have our faults, and do some criminal acts,slandering Boss He and poisoning his rice this we would never do. Fellow people, you should know that sabotaging others’ livelihoods, is equal to sabotaging my own. So how can I survive? Everything was instigated by this little brat.”

This statement was very sincere, causing everybody to start laughing.

In a timely manner Kai Yang asked: “After this was over how much did he promise to give?”

“Fifty two silvers!” The man replied.

“Fifty two, that’s a lot.” Kai Yang softly said while nodding.

During this banter, Boss He was listening carefully. This made him understand the situation thoroughly, turning towards Su Mu he angrily said: “You despicable person. You actually dared to to use such dirty methods to get my daughter. Thankfully she has eyes and saw your true face. Ah, how could Sky Tower have such a degenerate disciple. You are ruining your school’s good name. You are vain and selfish, with a character completely opposite to brother Yang. I feel ashamed for your mother and father.”

Surrounding merchants also started to feel more contempt towards Su Mu’s outrageous acts.

Su Mu’s face was bright red, for he knew that he could no longer come back to Black Plum Village. For his mask had been taken away and his true face revealed.

And the source of all his misfortunes was in front of him…………this disciple! If not for him, he would have been able to win the boss’ favour and further his reputation. That would have made it easier to curry the daughter’s love for him.

But all that planning had gone to waste. Not only had he failed to gain any reputation, he had also lost reputation he had previously for being a disciple of Sky Tower.

Under that situation, Su Mu put on a calm face and turned towards Kai Yang and asked: “Brother, how may I call you?”

“You guess!” Kai Yang replied with a wink.

Taking a deep breath Su Mu said: “Though you may chose to withhold your ident.i.ty, I will able able to find out. For you have already entered the school for three years, yet you are not a official disciple. That means you are a Trial Disciple and within the entire school, there are only a few of you. Finding you will be simple.”

When he finished he immediately turned around and left. In the end, he did have some strength. For those who blocked his path, he pushed them to the side. Waltzing away unhindered

When he had left, the people had only just remembered the two Han men. But where were they? There was no trace, for when Kai Yang and Su Mu were arguing, they had sneakily ran away.

The debacle had finally been resolved. Kai Yang was satisfied, for he had exposed the deceit, gained approval from the merchants and Boss He was especially grateful to him.

That waiter also looked at Kai Yang in wors.h.i.+p.

After the crowd dispersed, the Boss’ wife also came out. Taking Kai Yang’s hand, the more she looked, the more she came to like him.

On the contrary, Boss He’s he was full of worry: “Virtuous nephew Yang, today you have offended Su Mu. I’m afraid that in the future, this will cause you ceaseless trouble.”

After this incident, Boss He’s started to refer to Kai Yang more intimately.

“Afraid?.” Kai Yang just smiled. “The Main Gate has its own rules, so even if he hates me to death he can’t do anything.”

“Even so, you must be careful nephew. If because of your involvement in this matter you were to suffer misfortune then I as your Uncle would worry greatly.

“I will be careful.” He consoled.

Kai Yang was immensely grateful to the He couple for extending a helping hand. They even insisted he stay for dinner, originally Kai Yang wanted to, but was scared away by the boss’ wife.

“Little Yang, where are you parents? Where do you live? Have you married already?”

Looking at this, clearly the boss’ wife wanted to become his mother-in-law. Knowing this, Kai Yang hurriedly left.

When he left, he was carrying a bag of white rice, but it far surpa.s.sed the amount 20 silvers could get you. So for an entire month, Kai Yang didn’t have to worry amount his meals.

Originally, Kai Yang was worried that Su Mu would ambush him on his way back. For as innocent as Su Mu looked, he was a sinister and treacherous snake on the inside, this was not impossible. Though, even when Kai Yang returned, Su Mu hadn’t appeared.

He thought about it carefully, not attacking was the correct choice. Even though duels between disciples often resulted in death, the Main Gate didn’t allow the needless killing of others. In short, if Su Mu had attacked on his way back to the school, then when things leaked out, it would have resulted in his own doom too.

If he wanted to deal with Kai Yang, then he would definitely come to challenge him, while making a fuss too. As for the matter of Kai Yang’s ident.i.ty, there is no doubt that he would be able to find it. In the Sky Tower, as long as Su Mu inquired a bit, then naturally he would find his ident.i.ty.

Su Mu’s true strength, Kai Yang didn’t fully see, but he most definitely was at the peak of the tempered body. The only thing was he didn’t know what stage exactly.

Seems like he must focus more on his practises. Otherwise, Kai Yang truly couldn’t continue staying at Sky Tower.

Knowing this, Kai Yang swiftly returned back to his hut to practise.

At this hour, he was unable to practise the Tempered Body Record, but he could practise the basic skills that the school gave. These basic skills were to establish the foundations for the tempered body, to achieve spiritual consumption beyond his own body. This was the aim.

(TLN: It’s talking about things like qi/ki/spiritual energy)

Kai Yang’s previous usage of the Shaolin arts and the leg whip were all based around his foundation work. If not for this, then the skills couldn’t be considered true martial arts. They would only be considered as the basic of basic skills, essential for all schools and families.

To the left of Kai Yang’s hut, there a wooden figure. This was made, from a century old tree, by Kai Yang to practise on. Small dents were littered over it, there were even traces of blood. These were all made through Kai Yang’s many days of diligent training.

a.s.suming his position, Kai Yang started to hit the wooden man. He infused all his might into each strike, beating the wooden man relentlessly. Peng, peng rang out as he struck the wooden man. However, after a few strikes, he felt that something was amiss.

It was his own fists and leg so he clearly felt that they were stronger than before. From the strike and the sound it made, all of them were stronger and more stable, incomparable to before. And over time, his hand and the bones started to feel numb and warm. This clearly indicated that he was stimulating his meridians, increasing his atmospheric affinity.

Reaching the tempered body fourth stage, gives birth to the atmospheric affinity, developing your meridians further and allowing you to sense the energy more clearly. This warm feeling was Kai Yang’s meridians developing.