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Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

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Chapter 6

The next day.

Han Zhao went to the Mountain Shaking Fist Academy early in the morning.

There were already apprentices training in the courtyard.

Eldest Senior Brother Zhao Yuantu was guiding the newcomers. When he saw Han Zhao arrive, he nodded at him and continued to teach the newcomers.

According to their cultivation progress, the apprentices first used special techniques to hit the sandbags, then lifted the stone lock. In the last stage, they used their fists to hit the heated sand in the iron pot.

It was best to complete these three stages within three months. This was because the difficulty of cultivating the Mountain Shaking Fist was relatively low. Only by entering the Skin Tempering Realm within two months would one be considered talented.

Of course, this was the process of cultivating the Mountain Shaking Fist.

Han Zhao trained in saber techniques, so he only needed to hit sandbags and lift rocks to train his arms.

At first glance, these methods seemed to be similar to some exercises in his previous life, but there was actually a huge difference.

According to the techniques taught by Zhao Yuantu, he could clearly feel the changes in his body. Coupled with the Vitality Soup, Han Zhao felt that his strength seemed to have increased significantly from yesterday afternoon’s cultivation.

However, when practicing fist techniques, one had to remember the incantation of the fist technique.

Han Zhao had yet to learn the incantation of the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique, so he did not know how big the difference was.

He exercised slowly like this, and sweat gradually soaked through his unders.h.i.+rt.

The morning pa.s.sed just like that.

The apprentices who were polis.h.i.+ng their bodies rested one after another. Han Zhao rested the least and only rested for a short while each time.

Seeing Han Zhao practice like this, some new apprentices followed suit. In the end, they quickly rubbed their shoulders and hands, feeling uncomfortable everywhere.

Zhao Yuantu had already explained the situation. He had to prevent over-practicing. Otherwise, he would not have the strength in the afternoon.

Some old apprentices were also watching the joke.

This was because some of them were the same at the beginning. They wanted to practice for a while longer, but in the afternoon, they could not even raise their arms.

But when it was almost noon, although Han Zhao was sweating profusely, he still looked energetic.

[Too light.]

[Too much force.]

[Hit the sandbag with nine portions of full force and three portions of light force!]

[The movement of lifting the stone lock must be wild and elegant!]


While he was practicing, notifications kept appearing. Soon, there were 10 Notification Fragments.

Every serious notification would weaken the Yin energy in his chest even more.

At this rate, the Yin energy in his chest would not last long.

He didn’t know how much Yin energy was left in the black bead. He hadn’t absorbed it all yet.

However, the most important thing now was to make money. He only had six taels of silver on him, including the money given by the two gangsters from the Wild Dog Gang yesterday. If he wanted to simulate it again, he was still short of more than five taels.

Although Lu Yi had prepared lunch, he still had to eat breakfast and dinner. The amount of food he ate after practicing martial arts for a day was not on the same level as the amount of food he ate after sitting at home for a day.

He had to break through as soon as possible and think of a way to earn money.

After Han Zhao sat down to rest, Zhao Yuantu scratched his bald head and looked at him in shock. “Han Zhao, your endurance is so good?!”

He had thought that Han Zhao’s thin arms and legs would not last long. Yesterday afternoon’s practice was short, and he had not noticed that today was the entire morning.

He could persevere because he was already at the peak of the Bone Tempering Realm and was about to break through to the Blood Tempering Realm. Han Zhao had yet to enter the basics!

“I was born with it,” Han Zhao replied.

Although Han Zhao looked like a scholar and didn’t talk much when he was resting, he chatted with everyone.

When the men at the side heard this, they joked about him.

“You look like a pretty boy, but your endurance is so good!”

“That’s right. I’m so envious.”

“d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it! If I were you, I would go straight to the inner city and marry a rich lady! I wouldn’t have to sweat and suffer here.”

“Meng Ming, do you want to live off a woman?”

“My stomach hasn’t been good since I was young. Can’t I?” A young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes couldn’t help but complain. His name was Meng Ming. Because of his straightforward personality, he had a good relations.h.i.+p with the men practicing fist techniques in the courtyard.

“If possible, I still want to rely on myself,” Han Zhao said seriously.

After being reborn, how could he marry into the family and become a live-in son-in-law? It was not a matter of money.

Seeing how serious he was, everyone did not say anything else.

Soon, it was time for lunch. The apprentices in the courtyard left one after another.

Some people took out the pancakes they brought with them and squatted in the courtyard to eat with hot water.

Han Zhao followed Zhao Yuantu to the kitchen.

There were only two dishes on the small table, a small pot of braised pork and a large pot of vegetables.

“Let’s eat. The teacher has gone out. It’s just the two of us eating.”

Han Zhao picked up some vegetables with his chopsticks and poured rice over the broth. He ate the braised pork in big mouthfuls and picked up three large bowls of rice.

In his previous life, his family background was average, but it was much better than this. He had never eaten fatty meat since he was young.

He had never thought that the fat would be so delicious!

The two of them finished all the food just like that.

In the end, when Han Zhao was full, Zhao Yuantu poured the rice in his bowl into a small basin and let the rice absorb all the gravy before eating it. Only then did he pat his stomach, feeling unsatisfied.

After dinner, the two of them started chatting.

Zhao Yuantu was 23 years old this year. His parents pa.s.sed away when he was 14 years old. At the age of 15, he learned martial arts from Lu Yi. Because his apt.i.tude was not bad and he was honest and willing to work, he was kept in the martial arts school. Most of the newcomers in the martial arts school were taught by him.

Although there was no salary, food and accommodation were provided, and the cost of learning fist techniques was halved.

“By the way, senior brother, do you know any way to make money?” Han Zhao poured two bowls of barley tea and asked about making money.

There were a total of three levels to the Life Nurturing Technique. Although he would persist in cultivating it, he had money in his pocket and attribute points in the interface. He was more confident.

“What’s wrong? Are you short of money?” Zhao Yuantu took a sip of tea.

“My apt.i.tude is not good enough, so I want to save more money in case of emergencies.” Han Zhao smiled.

“That’s true. No one would complain about having too much money.” Zhao Yuantu scratched his bald head and said, “Generally speaking, joining a large family or a large trading company in the inner city is the most profitable. However, freedom will be restricted.”

“Other than that, you only need to put up a name for those gangs. Usually, you only need to make a move once or twice a year within your ability.”

“My nominal gangs are the Heavenly Moon Gang and the Black Hand Gang. I can earn 12 taels of silver every year.”

“However, if you want to put up your name, you have to at least reach the Skin Tempering Realm.”

“Is that all? Anything else?” Han Zhao asked again. He already knew everything Zhao Yuantu had said.

“Also, you can be a ‘Saber Hunter’ and help the authorities hunt down wanted criminals. You can rely on the leader of the people to reward you or join the Escort Agency to carry out escort missions. The other option is to go up the mountain with hunters to hunt and gather herbs. However, the mountain is very dangerous. Other than poisonous insects and ferocious beasts, I heard that there are also dirty things appearing at night.”

“However, humans are the most dangerous in the wild.” Zhao Yuantu added, “Therefore, there are only two ways for you to earn money.”

“Which two?”

“You seem to have studied, right? You can teach the children of poor families how to read. Although the fees will be much lower without any scholars.h.i.+p, you only need to teach them for two hours a day. A child will be charged dozens of copper coins. At the same time, you can teach more children. It’s a bit tough every month but it won’t be a problem to earn one tael of silver.”

“In addition, there’s another way to earn more money. It’s to get Master to find a partner for you and find a rich family to marry into. Junior Brother, you’re so handsome. It’s not a problem for you to find a rich woman.” Zhao Yuantu revealed a silly smile.

“I understand. Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother.” Han Zhao nodded.

It was impossible to live off a woman. A man had to have a backbone!

In the afternoon, Lu Yi returned to the martial arts school on time.

He brought Han Zhao into the small courtyard inside.

On the left side of the courtyard stood three wooden stakes, which were covered with saber marks. On the empty s.p.a.ce on the right stood two men and two women.

Lu Yi introduced them to Han Zhao. The four of them were Zhang Tianwen, Li Fei, Su Yun, and Xu Ling.

Zhang Tianwen was handsome. He was nineteen years old this year and was shorter than Han Zhao. He was about 1.7 meters tall.

Li Fei had good facial features, thick eyebrows, and big eyes. He was 24 years old and about 1.8 meters tall.

The two of them came from big families in the inner city, the Li family and the Zhang family. Among them, the Li family even had a Force Tempering Martial Master holding down the fort. However, both of them were not direct descendants.

Su Yun and Xu Ling were from wealthy families in the inner city. Both of them were 18 years old.

Because Han Zhao had once joined the Li family in the simulation, he took a few more glances at Li Fei. He had no feelings for the beautiful Su Yun and Xu Ling.

Women would only affect the speed at which he drew his saber.

Han Zhao greeted the four of them politely.

Li Fei smiled in response. Zhang Tianwen nodded expressionlessly.

Su Yun’s expression was arrogant as she politely and distantly cupped her fists.

Xu Ling stared at Han Zhao’s face.

“Han Zhao, memorize the incantation…” Lu Yi gestured for the four of them to continue practicing. Then, he pulled Han Zhao to the side and let him remember the incantation of the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique.

After confirming that he had memorized it, Lu Yi told him to wait while he walked towards the room.

Because Han Zhao could not afford a saber now, Lu Yi went to get a saber and temporarily lent it to Han Zhao.

The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng attracted Han Zhao’s attention.

The four of them fought in pairs, Zhang Tianwen against Li Fei and Su Yun against Xu Ling.

The two sides exchanged blows, constantly brandis.h.i.+ng their long sabers and slas.h.i.+ng at each other.

It was good to be rich. The sabers they bought were specially used for practice and were not sharpened.

Of course, even an unsharpened saber weighed three to four catties. If it cut into the body, it would not be a joke.

Just from the sound of the long saber slas.h.i.+ng through the air, one could tell that the force was not simple.

“So fast.” Han Zhao was speechless. These four people were all stronger than him. Even with the instantaneous explosive power brought about by the nouris.h.i.+ng true qi, they were still much weaker.

[The saber techniques that specialize in strength and explosive power are all wrong. How lousy!]

[No flexibility, memorization of saber techniques, poor comprehension!]

[Judging from Su Yun’s foot movements when she paused, she should be very itchy. She might be deeply troubled by her foot fungus.]

“Pfft!” Han Zhao couldn’t help but laugh when a notification suddenly appeared in front of him.

The four of them paused and looked at him.

Han Zhao quickly lowered his head and held back his laughter.

Su Yun frowned. She felt that Han Zhao was deliberately attracting attention.

However, to be fair, she felt that Han Zhao’s looks were indeed very attractive. It was a pity that her foundation was inferior.

Li Fei smiled and did not say anything.

Zhang Tianwen sneered.

On the other hand, Xu Ling would steal glances at this outstanding junior brother from time to time.

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