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Chapter 4

Five days later.

“Bad news” spread—the Fuyuan Escort Agency was attacked while escorting an escort to Yuan Chang County City.

There were more than thirty people on the escort team, including the two Blood Tempering experts, Cheng Shan and Han Lin. None of them survived.

In the past few days, other than cultivating the Life Nurturing Technique, Han Zhao would run to the inner city whenever he had time to see if there was any news from the Fuyuan Escort Agency.

After suffering such a heavy blow, the Fuyuan Escort Agency suddenly lost its backbone. In addition to facing compensation for the failure of the escort, the other forces in the inner city also took action to split the benefits of the Fuyuan Escort Agency.

When Han Zhao went to the Fuyuan Escort Agency in the afternoon, the remaining people had already handed over all their a.s.sets and territory, preparing to pack up and move out of Blackrock City. Clearly, some factions in the city had already received the news in advance.

He stood not far from the entrance of the Escort Agency and sighed in his heart as he looked at the imposing Escort Agency and the escorts who were like stray dogs.

When he returned to Xinqiao District, Han Zhao could clearly feel that the att.i.tude of the people who greeted him earlier had changed. There were even people following him.

After breaking through to the Life Nurturing Technique, Han Zhao’s hearing had become much sharper. The footsteps not far behind him maintained a rhythm. They were clearly following him.

‘They’re really well-informed!’

Han Zhao changed his route and rushed towards the most prosperous district in the outer city.

The Mountain Shaking Fist Academy was there.

Han Zhao walked out of the alley. There was a large mansion opposite.

Two stone lions more than a meter tall stood at the door. On the plaque on the door was the name ‘Mountain Shaking Fist Academy’. It was so imposing!

He patted his face, then pinched the flesh on his inner thigh and twisted it hard. Tears immediately welled up in his eyes. Then, he wiped his tears with his sleeve and walked towards the Mountain Shaking Fist Academy opposite.

When he reached the door, he could hear shouts coming from the courtyard wall.

Han Zhao went up to knock on the door.


The door opened, and a dark, tall, strong bald young man stuck his upper body out. Then, he stepped out of the door. “Are you here to learn fist techniques?”

[This is a young man who has suffered from hair loss at a young age. Baldy is a taboo word.]

The notification in his vision almost made Han Zhao laugh out loud.

But he didn’t dare.

He was only 1.7 meters tall. The other party was a head taller than him and was at least 1.9 meters tall. Standing in front of him, he felt like a wall.

“I want to learn saber techniques.” Han Zhao cupped his fists.

“Learning saber techniques?” The young man was clearly stunned. He sized up Han Zhao and said, “Learning fist techniques for one month is one tael, and learning saber techniques for one month is three taels. You have to pay for three months in advance. Have you brought enough money?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Come in.” The young man stepped aside and gestured for Han Zhao to enter.

Han Zhao nodded, adjusted his collar, took a deep breath, and crossed the threshold.

After entering the door, there was a large empty s.p.a.ce in front of him, divided into two parts, one on the left and one on the right.

The apprentices on the right were either training their strength with stone chains or punching sandbags. It looked like they were building a foundation. From time to time, someone would sneak a glance to the left.

The apprentices on the left were practicing in pairs. Their fist movements were much faster, and it was obvious that they had a training plan.

There were probably forty to fifty people in the entire courtyard. They were all wearing black training clothes, black pants, and a pair of black thousand-layer cloth shoes. There was a fist-sized word “Lu” embroidered on the left chest.

Seeing Han Zhao’s weak scholarly appearance, the men on the right who were resting pointed at him as if to say, “This kid definitely won’t be able to last.”

There was a rattan chair in the middle of the aisle between the front yard and the backyard. On it lay an old man with a full beard and gray hair.

At this moment, the old man narrowed his eyes slightly and was leisurely basking in the sun. As he shook his legs, he munched on melon seeds. There was even a piece of melon seed skin stuck to the beard on the right side of his chin. He did not look like an expert at all. He was clearly an old man who had retired to enjoy life.

[Force Tempering Martial Master: His body is protected with Internal Force and he can activate it at will. He can easily have 500 kilograms of strength and can crush you with one finger. I suggest you cozy up to him. It’s beneficial to earning money.]

The notification in his vision made Han Zhao not underestimate the old man at all.

The bald young man ran to the old man’s rattan chair and squatted down respectfully. He whispered something into the old man’s ear and pointed at Han Zhao, who was standing in the middle of the courtyard.

The old man suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at Han Zhao.

Seeing this, the dark-skinned youth waved at Han Zhao, “Come and greet Teacher Lu!”

Han Zhao stepped forward.

Lu Yi sized up Han Zhao and said, “You want to learn the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique?”

Han Zhao nodded and said respectfully, “Disciple Han Zhao greets Elder Lu.”

Lu Yi stood up and gently squeezed Han Zhao’s right arm.

Han Zhao felt as if his tendons were being rubbed repeatedly. His entire right side was numb.

“Is this Internal Force?”

Then, Lu Yi squeezed Han Zhao’s left arm, then his ribs, and finally his spine and shoulder bones.

“Your foundation is a little poor.” Lu Yi frowned slightly and sat back on the rattan chair. “Go over there and pay. You can learn for three months first.”

When Han Zhao heard this, he reached into his clothes and took out a white booklet. He handed it over with both hands and said, “I don’t have any money on me, but I’m willing to use this ‘Thousand Silk Guide’ cultivation method as tuition fees. Is that okay?”

“He used a cultivation method as tuition fees? Does he not have money?”

“Thousand Silk Guide? Isn’t that the martial art of ‘Thousand Silk Hands’ Han Lin? This kid is…”

“He should be Han Lin’s youngest son. He’s the useless guy who ate medicine worth more than a thousand taels of silver.”

“A martial art that can be cultivated to the Blood Tempering Realm can be sold for 180 taels of silver in the black market. Is he so prodigal?”

“You still don’t know, right? Han Lin and the Fuyuan Escort Agency are finished! Today, I…”

Han Zhao’s actions attracted the attention of the apprentices. They began to whisper to each other. Some well-informed people already knew the inside story.

“Oh?!” Lu Yi was stunned for a moment and said, “Little Han, are you Han Lin’s youngest son?”

Han Zhao replied, “Yes, Teacher Lu.”

Lu Yi took the white booklet and casually flipped through it. He said, “It’s not bad. Unfortunately, you don’t have the most important basic diagram to grasp Internal Force. Otherwise, the price could at least increase by a hundred times. Now, it’s at most worth 70 to 80 taels of silver. I won’t spend money to buy it but it’s fine as payment for the tuition fees.”

“Thank you, Teacher Lu.” Han Zhao cupped his fists. He wanted everyone to know that he had already given the Thousand Silk Guide to Lu Yi.

“Smart boy.” Lu Yi chuckled. He had heard about Han Lin and understood Han Zhao’s situation.

He continued, “I won’t take advantage of you. Learn the saber technique for half a year first. If you can’t break through to the Skin Tempering Realm, change to the Mountain Shaking Fist as soon as possible. This way, you won’t be delayed. In addition, I’ll buy you lunch for half a year. There’s meat, so you can be full.”

“I’ll listen to Teacher Lu.” Han Zhao bowed. Although Lu Yi had gotten a bargain this time, to him, fighting for safe cultivation time was priceless.

This was a win-win situation.

“Hmm, not bad. Although your foundation is a little lacking, your comprehension of saber techniques is also very important. Perhaps you can really break through in half a year. Practice well.”

Lu Yi was in a good mood and encouraged Han Zhao.

“I will definitely cultivate diligently and strive to break through as soon as possible.” Han Zhao said seriously. Even with the enhancement of [Sword and Saber Duo]’s Saber Dao Apt.i.tude, he would not slack off at all.

“Alright.” Lu Yi clapped his hands. “How about this? If you can really learn the First Level of the saber technique in half a year… no, in four months, and break through to the Skin Tempering Realm, I’ll give you a spare saber that I used in my early years. How about that?”

“Many thanks, Teacher Lu!” Han Zhao’s eyes lit up. There was such a good thing?

A decent saber cost seven to eight taels. As a Force Tempering Martial Master, even if Lu Yi had a spare saber, the price would have to be doubled, right?

Even if he sold everything and earned another 10 taels of silver to simulate the future, and then used his attribute points to increase it, he would have to break through within four months.

Moreover, if he cultivated with all his might, he might be able to break through in four months.

It took him five months to break through in the last simulation.

The Mountain Splitting Saber Technique was naturally more difficult than the Mountain Shaking Fist, but the additional three times Saber Dao Apt.i.tude was not just for show.

“Don’t worry, I never go back on my word.” Seeing Han Zhao’s surprised expression, Lu Yi reached out and stroked his beard, as if he was a man of his word. As he stroked his beard, his hand touched the melon seed sh.e.l.l on it.

His smile faded and he pinched the sh.e.l.l of the melon seed.

“Thank you, Teacher Lu!” Han Zhao lowered his head and pretended not to see anything.

Lu Yi pointed at the bald young man beside him and said, “This dark-skinned guy is called Zhao Yuantu. He’s your eldest senior brother. He’ll teach you the most basic things. Also, I’ll personally teach you the saber technique. Come earlier in the afternoon in the future.”

“Yes, Teacher Lu.”

“Greetings, Senior Brother.”

“Hehe, h.e.l.lo Junior Martial Brother Han. Come with me, I’ll bring you your training clothes and teach you the basic training methods. You can start training now.” Although Zhao Yuantu had a fierce appearance, his laughter was a bit simple and honest.

“Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother.” Han Zhao followed.


Lu Yi suddenly called out to Han Zhao.

“Teacher Lu?” Han Zhao turned around.

Lu Yi looked at Han Zhao’s slightly red eyes and said in a low voice, “Life and death are determined by fate. Fortune depends on the person. Only by becoming stronger can one change their fate in this chaotic world.”

“Thank you for your teachings, Teacher Lu. I will remember it.”

“Go on.”

“I’ll take my leave.”


“Teacher Lu?” Han Zhao paused again.

Lu Yi grabbed a handful of melon seeds. “Don’t speak so genteelly here.”

“Ah, sure thing.”

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