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Chapter 539: Complete Suppression

They kept mocking him as someone without an innate bloodline.

They kept talking and talking about it until Luo Tian became annoyed.

Innate bloodlines were extremely important to an immortal sect. An innate bloodline was like a prestigious symbol of status within an immortal sect. Even if your cultivation was weak, they would still groom you and place importance on you if you had a strong bloodline.

After many years of acc.u.mulated experience…

One’s breakthrough in their martial path would reach higher realms as long as their bloodline was strong enough.

In addition…

One of the most important things – one’s innate bloodline might have a chance of making a breakthrough. For example, an ordinary Ant bloodline might have a chance to break through into an Ant King’s bloodline or even a Divine Ant bloodline. Everything was possible, so that’s why importance was placed on those with the strongest bloodlines. It eventually became a symbol of status amongst the immortal sects. For Murong Wanjian, his whole family was packed with immortal sects the moment he was born. Those Sect Leaders and Prime Elders almost kneeled down in front of his parents, begging them to let Murong Wanjian join their immortal sect!

A bloodline is very important!

It is the foundation of every immortal sect disciple.

Because Luo Tian had a crippled dantian and he deliberately hid his bloodline, no one was able to detect it.

Yang Jin had a cold smile on his face.

The Thunder Beast phantom he had released was flaunted around arrogantly. His whole body and even his sword were enshrouded in lightning. Based on all of this, one could easily tell the innate bloodline he possessed was extremely powerful.

And it didn’t seem like your ordinary Thunder Beast.

It looked like a bloodline that had made a breakthrough!

“Brother Yang, did your bloodline make a breakthrough?” Lu Zhen had a shocked expression as he understood a breakthrough in one’s bloodline was extremely difficult. This kind of thing wasn’t where you would cultivate like crazy and you can make a breakthrough. It was based on many lucky opportunities.

Yang Jin smiled in a smug manner, “That’s right; my bloodline was inherited from my ancestors. My progenitor was once a Divine Thunder Beast and this is only a 10,000-year heritage. The blood of the Divine Thunder Beast is getting thinner and thinner but I managed to make a breakthrough with my bloodline after many lucky encounters. Even though it can’t be compared to my progenitor’s Divine Thunder Beast bloodline, it’s considered very close already.”

“Suppressing this trashy kid is already more than enough.”

While saying this…

Yang Jin’s gaze landed on Luo Tian before coldly harrumphing: “Luo Tian, your dantian is crippled, you don’t have an innate bloodline, and you even killed an envoy sent by the Sta.r.s.ea Immortal Sect. This is something everyone in the world knows about. What did you just yell out? Azure Dragon’s bloodline?”



“Elder Lu, did he go crazy from being overly shocked by my black lightning?”

Lu Zhen loudly mocked: “He does look like he has lost his mind. Azure Dragon’s bloodline? I have a true dragon’s bloodline and the divine dragon’s bloodline! He’s practically dreaming while being wide awake!”

Those two were laughing.

Except for one person…

The Dark Angel’s expression turned a bit serious. He stared at Luo Tian and his gaze sank, “What a familiar aura. This aura…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Luo Tian’s eyes widened before shouting: “Azure Dragon’s Might, come out for me!”


A dragon’s roar shook the sky!

All the beasts around Sky Mountain instantly squatted to the ground. It didn’t matter if they were rank 8, rank 9, or demonic beasts at the great perfection realm capable of transforming into a human; they all became scared to the extreme. The dragon’s roar resounded over a million kilometers out and up through the nine heavens! It pretty much exploded above the entire Tianxuan Continent!

Inside the cave.

A huge Azure Dragon was weaving around Luo Tian’s body. Although it was only a phantom image, it still looked rather real. It was just like a real physical dragon wrapping its body around Luo Tian. This kind of visual impact gave the beholders unparalleled shock!

“Azure, Azure, Azure Dragon?”

“It’s really an Azure Dragon…”

“A month ago, there were two dragon roars coming from the Dark North Sea. Could it, could it, could it be you waking up your bloodline powers? Impossible, absolutely impossible! Mount Hua Immortal Sect should have tested your blood already. If it was the Azure Dragon’s bloodline, it’s impossible for the Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect to not know.”

There were eyes and ears of the Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect in every immortal sect.

If any disciple with a powerful innate bloodline appeared in an immortal sect, the Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect will be the first one to know.

These past few years, there haven’t been any talented disciples appearing at Mount Hua Immortal Sect, let alone one with a strong innate bloodline. This was a well-known fact amongst all the other immortal sects. If a disciple with the Azure Dragon’s bloodline appears, that will definitely allow their sect to rise back up. So, how come they didn’t even dare to partic.i.p.ate in the immortal sect disciple compet.i.tion?

They couldn’t figure it out!

Yang Jin couldn’t figure it out.

Lu Zhen also couldn’t figure it out.

Was the eyesight of their recruitment envoy so bad?

How come only Venerable Wu Nian used whatever it took to make Luo Tian stay at Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Could it be that he already knew this beforehand?

Now wasn’t the time to think of these things.

Yang Jin’s eyes sank. His Thunder Beast phantom was suppressed to the point of nothing by the Azure Dragon. It kept shaking and giving off low roars. The raging black lightning around its body turned into small sparklers. The once fierce Thunder Beast had now turned into a frightened kitten!

Luo Tian coldly scoffed before pointing at Yang Jin’s nose and scolded: “F*ck, wasn’t your innate bloodline very awesome? Didn’t you make a breakthrough with it? How come now it’s turned into a dead dog? Come, come, come, show me how awesome it is again!”

The raging flames inside Luo Tian’s heart surged.

The Azure Dragon’s ferocious countenance roared out once more.

“Wuuu~, wuuu~…”

The Thunder Beast around Yang Jin immediately charged into the void and didn’t dare to come out. No matter how much Yang Jin tried summoning it, nothing happened. It had p.i.s.sed its pants so it didn’t dare to come out anymore.

This made Yang Jin’s face turn unsightly.

His gaze turned gloomy before he said: “Luo Tian, don’t act so smug. So what if it’s the Azure Dragon’s bloodline? You are only a piece of trash at the Profound Venerate 4th rank. Even if you explode forth with all your Azure Dragon’s bloodline, it’s still impossible for you to be my opponent.”

He maintained his arrogance.

He still didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes.

It was the same with Lu Zhen.


Their cultivation realms were quite high; they were both at the high stages of the Profound Saint realm. There was a difference of over ten small realms between them, so they weren’t afraid of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian coldly grinned and said: “I’m not your opponent, huh?”

“Go die for me!”

While saying this…

Luo Tian roared internally: “Level 7 Berserk!”


One hundred and twenty-eight times his base attributes exploded forth, causing the Azure Dragon’s phantom image to grow larger several times. Its appearance turned even more ferocious and the suppression powers it released became even more powerful. Luo Tian’s figure moved as he charged forward.

At this instant…

The phantom image of the Azure Dragon moved as well. It opened its dragon mouth and bit down.

Yang Jin instantly moved and flicked his left hand. Five inner cores were destroyed and immortal force burst forth. His body started giving off ear-piercing sounds of thunder. His sword created ten thousand sword images and they all exploded forth a formless sword aura to create a huge sword. The huge sword shot into the air and lightning surrounded it. Like a lightning strike, it chopped down while Yang Jin shouted: “Thunder Slas.h.!.+”

An extremely powerful force!

The entire Divinity’s Peak was shaking!

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he shouted in excitement: “Azure Dragon dominates the sky! Smash for me!”

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