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Chapter 6: Jian Lin

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The sword light flashed around with unpredictable changes in speed. The light would dim and brighten at random moments. Sometimes the whole energy was focused on one point, while sometimes it was separated in every ray of the sword light. This was one of the Sword Marquis Mansion’s First-cla.s.s Sword Arts, it was called Bright Moon Sword Art.

In the Human-level Cultivation Room, Jian Wushuang began to practice swordsmans.h.i.+p, but under the effect of its tyrannical gravity, the Spiritual Power within his body was consumed at an unbelievable speed.

In a mere moment, before he even practiced the whole Bright Moon Sword Art. He found his Spiritual Power had already drained out.

Without hesitation, Jian Wushaung promptly sheathed his Long Sword and trudged to a corner at the right side of this secret chamber. There existed a yellowish cattail ha.s.sock. It was made for people to regain their Spiritual Power with no interruption from the unique gravity.

Sitting on the cattail ha.s.sock, Jian Wushuang started to use Heavenly Creation Skill, and a flow of Spiritual Power came to him from all directions, aggregating in his Dantian through his eight-extra meridians at a ridiculous speed.

After 10 minutes, Jian Wushuang stood up again. His overall Spiritual Power had reached the Peak, even stronger than before.

“Just as I thought, the speed of the Heavenly Creation Skill to absorb the Spiritual Power of Heaven and Earth is far faster than that of ordinary cultivation means, certainly, the speed of regaining Spiritual Power is quick. That’s true, because when the Spiritual Power is used up, a common warrior cannot reach the Peak unless he spends several hours recovering. I only need 10 minutes…”Jian Wushuang’s eyes sparkled with joy.

This was another impressive strength of Heavenly Creation Skill compared with other means.

The speed of cultivation was fast, as was the speed of restoring Spiritual Power.

And this recovery speed in the Human-level Cultivation Room was almost the same as a cheating device during cultivation.

It should be known that the process of exhausting Spiritual Power and then fully recovering it was very helpful to cultivation. Performing a complete cycle would allow even an ordinary Warrior to improve his Spiritual Power considerably each time he did this. Jian Wushuang cultivated a Heaven defying cultivation method. Therefore, his improvement in Spiritual Power would be higher.

As soon as he recovered to the peak, he immediately noticed that his Spiritual Power had improved a lot.

This was the advantage of cultivating in the Human-level Cultivation Room.

For ordinary Warriors, their speed of regaining Spiritual Power was too slow, so it was not effective for them to complete any more than two cycles a day at most.

Besides… It was depressing and intolerable to cultivate in this room. Normally, very few disciples would choose to cultivate here. Occasionally, some disciples who couldn’t break through a bottleneck would come here, and try to forcibly break through using the gravity in this room.

Just as Jian Wushuang had cultivated in this Human-level Cultivation Room once four years ago when he couldn’t gather his Spiritual Power.

“The Heavenly Creation Skill that I cultivate makes my speed of regaining spiritual power unimaginable. Others can only finish the cultivation cycle twice a day, while I can finish twenty times a day at least. That means that my cultivation will be at least ten times the speed of ordinary warriors.”

Heavenly Creation Skill’s cultivation speed was fast enough. Besides, with the help of the Human-level Cultivation Room, his cultivation speed would be so fast that he could enter the Second Heaven of the Divine Path within one or two days.

“I took four years longer than others to become a Warrior, so I must work harder than common people so that I won’t be left behind anymore.” A keen light burst out from Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

From then on, he became fully immersed in cultivating in the Human-level Cultivation Room.

The cultivation cycle began with him completely exhausting the Spiritual Power and ended after recovering it to its peak. Each cycle helped him improve his Spiritual Power further. What’s more, he could finish dozens of cultivation cycles almost every day.

The cultivation speed was also ten times faster than ordinary Warriors, possibly even more.

Ten days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

In front of the gate of Sword Pavilion.


With the sound of a deep crash, a Sword Pavilion disciple was relentlessly thrown into the sky. He fell heavily to the ground.

“Haha, Sword Pavilion disciples are so weak.”

The laughter came from a purple-robed youth. He was obviously not a disciple from Sword Pavilion, yet he stood domineeringly in front of the gate of Sword Pavilion. Hearing his words, many disciples around him were resentful but couldn’t do anything.

“There is nothing great about reaching the Sixth Step earlier than me and having stronger Spiritual Power than me!” The defeated disciple stood up and spoke indignantly.

“It’s a fact that you have been defeated, you still don’t want to accept it? Are disciples from Sword Pavilion all like you?” The youth completely ignored the homicidal stare with a sneer.

“What?” He turned his gaze, seeing Jian Wushuang walking towards Sword Pavilion, and then gave him a wicked smile.

As usual, Jian Wushuang had come to cultivate in Sword Pavilion. However, as he came to the door of Sword Pavilion.

“Is that the Young Pavillion Master, Jian Wushuang?” A mocking voice came all of a sudden.

Jian Wushuang stopped and saw the purple-robed youth with slightly closed eyes.

He had a slight impression of this youth. He knew his name was Jian Lin, and that he was an excellent disciple of Red Martial Hall. More importantly, he knew Jian Lin had a crush on Jian Meng’er and tried to please her all the time.

But unfortunately, Jian Meng’er had been with Jian Wushuang for four years so as to study the eighteen First-cla.s.s Sword Arts of Sword Pavilion. This made Jian Lin hate Jian Wushuang very much out of jealousy.

Jian Lin had never had a chance to fight with Jian Wushuang on account of Jian Lan and Jian Meng’er.

“With a sword in hand, no one is his match. The name is good, but you don’t deserve it,” Jian Lin sneered at Jian Wushuang without any scruple. “Besides, you even want to gain Meng’er’s love. It’s like a toad trying to eat swan meat. You should look at yourself. Why would Meng’er love trash who can’t even cultivate Spiritual Power?”

Jian Wushuang glanced at Jian Lin. Instead of getting angry, he laughed ironically and said, “You’re right, people like me don’t deserve Jian Meng’er. I’ll give her to you!”

“Give her to me?” Jian Lin was puzzled at first, and then became rampant, “d.a.m.n it, you think I need trash like you to give her to me?”

Jian Wushuang laughed coldly. Without another word he walked back toward Sword Pavilion.

“Trash, stop right there.” Jian Lin roared.

Jian Wushuang ignored him and continued walking.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you ignore me?” Jian Lin scolded. His face was distorted. He moved his body and a palm struck toward Jian Wushuang’s back.

Noticing the wind behind his back, Jian Wushuang suddenly turned back with cold eyes. His right hand punched out powerfully and vigorously as Spiritual Power instantly burst out from him.

“Get out of my way!”

As Jian Wushuang roared, the voice lashed out along with the strength of his arm. Jian Wushuang’s fist crashed into Jian Lin’s palm.


Jian Wushuang stumbled back a few steps, while Jian Lin was also forced to take a step back.

Though he was pushed only one step back, Jian Lin was completely shocked.

“How come?” Jian Lin glared at Jian Wushuang with bulging eyes.

He hadn’t dared to hit too hard, so the palm hadn’t contained too much power. But even so, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to bear it easily, while Jian Wushuang had even forced him to retreat.

“The Third Step! He’s reached at least the Third Step of the Spirit Path, or even the peak of the Third Step!” Jian Lin said with horror.