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Chapter 1888: Great Shock

Remembered the time wrongly?

“Impossible. It is possible if only the two of us remembered wrongly, but it is impossible for all of us to remember wrongly!”

“The ten thousand years’ time limit is up. There is no doubt about this. But the entrance of Ancient Mystery Land didn’t close?”

“Let’s wait. Maybe it will be closed again.”

The experts at the four entrances were watching closely.

One hour, two hours…

One day, two days…

In the blink of an eye, a year had pa.s.sed.

The four entrances of Ancient Mystery Land were still there. There were no changes at all.

There were even some experts who had tried to enter Ancient Mystery Land and walked out from Ancient Mystery Land again. It was smooth.

Then, everyone was dumbfounded!

At the same time, the news spread around Sanctuary Alliance and the entire Eternal Chaotic World!

The time limit of ten thousand years had been reached, but Ancient Mystery Land hadn’t closed?

When everyone found out about the news, they were astonished.

One should know that Ancient Mystery World was from ancient times. Since the second era until then, Ancient Mystery Land had been opened countless times over the years. It had already become a pattern that it would open every five million years and opens for ten thousand years each time.

It had been so for countless times and there was never once any mistake.

But then, it was obviously an unexpected incident.

On Thunderbolt Island, on the peak of the Sanctuary Mountain, in a huge courtyard.

There was an elderly in grey who was fis.h.i.+ng quietly with a bamboo pole and single-prank footbridge.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man with silver-white hair that barged into the courtyard.

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“Ancestor Tian Chen, something happened,” the man with silver-white hair walked next to the elderly in grey.

“What happened?” The elderly in grey, also the fourth place on Heaven and Earth Supreme ranking list, put down the bamboo pole and looked.

“I just received news. After Ancient Mystery Land opened for ten thousand years, it didn’t close,” the man with silver-white hair said.

“What?” Ancestor Tian Chen’s face changed.

No matter if it were Ancestor Tian Chen or East Royal Emperor, they were both the higher-ups in Sanctuary Alliance. Also, they were the peak experts of Eternal Chaotic World.

They knew the deepest and greatest secrets of Eternal Chaotic World.

Similarly, they also knew what Ancient Mystery Land contained.

Ancient Mystery Land had been opening and closing in order and they didn’t care.

But then…

“The other few already knew?” Ancestor Tian Chen asked.

“I already sent a message to them. However, he… You have to inform him,” East Royal Emperor said.

The ‘he’ that he was talking about was naturally the widely-acknowledged strongest one, Emperor Bai!

Emperor Bai was supreme. Even among Great Emperors in Sanctuary Alliance, there were very few who could find Emperor Bai.

Just like East Royal Emperor. Although he was a Great Emperor, his power was considered ordinary among Great Emperors. He wasn’t close to Emperor Bai so he didn’t have any way to inform Emperor Bai.

“Let me do it,” Ancestor Tian Chen said. He then immediately took out a token.

After a while, Ancestor Tian Chen spoke again, “I already messaged him. However, he temporarily didn’t reply. We can only wait.

“Then, let’s wait,” East Royal Emperor said helplessly.

Not only Ancestor Tian Chen and East Royal Emperor. The Great Emperors in Sanctuary Alliance had found out about what had happened at Ancient Mystery Land one after another.

These Great Emperors were hardly concerned about anything as they were all high and mighty.

But then, they were really shocked.

Ancient Mystery Land was a.s.sociated with too many things after all.

To forces and experts of Sanctuary Land, it’d be great if Ancient Mystery Land never closed.

One should know that there were boundless opportunities in Ancient Mystery Land. Countless experts were dying to wander inside but unfortunately, it only opened once every five million years and only opened for ten thousand years each time.

But then, Ancient Mystery Land had opened for ten thousand years but didn’t close. Didn’t it mean that they could continue to wander inside for the rest of the time?

Of course, although the incident that happened in Ancient Mystery Land had stirred a great commotion.

There was another thing that caught quite a lot of attention too.

The news about the Master of Star Palace’s death was finally verified!

Although Ancient Mystery Land never closed, the Master of Star Palace had never exited Ancient Mystery Land in the ten thousand years’ time limit. That was a fact.

They lost their biggest fear at the bottom of their hearts. Even though there was Jian Wushuang attending garrison duty personally at Lineage of Star, the forces and experts didn’t look at Jian Wushuang as a bigger threat than the Master of Star Palace.

In an instant, all forces and experts in Sanctuary Alliance began to stir.

Lineage of Star.

“What should be here is finally here,” Jian Wushuang’s face was cold.

Hall Master Yuan, Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yun were solemn.

“Palace Master had pa.s.sed away three thousand years ago and Lineage of Star has made the biggest preparation in the past three thousand years. We also destroyed many enemies. It is considered good. As for what comes next, it will depend on Lineage of Star if we can pa.s.s through the danger,” Hall Master Yuan said.

In actual fact, Hall Master Yuan and the others already felt grateful.

They were glad that each force had scruples because of the Master of Star Palace and it had given them another three thousand years.

The three thousand years were too important to them.

“Hall Master Yuan, invite all the guest elders of Lineage of Star here. I think it’s time to show our cards now,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Yes,” Hall Master Yuan nodded and immediately sent out messages.

In a lofty palace, there was a s.p.a.cious void.

In the void, there were a total of over twenty thrones towering.

These people were the Almighties that Lineage of Star had recruited over the years via the provision of huge benefits.

Including Emperor G.o.d Jiu Yin, there were a total of eighteen.

Then, the eighteen Almighties were talking among themselves. They didn’t look too good as they spoke to one another.

“I never expected that the Master of Star Palace had really pa.s.sed away.”

“Although we had already guessed so, it is hard to accept the fact.”

“The moment the Master of Star Palace’s death is verified, Lineage of Star will definitely be in great trouble. Everyone has to be mentally prepared.”

The news about the Master of Star Palace’s death was widespread and the Almighties at the spot naturally knew about it as well.

Just then…

There were four figures that slowly substantiated in the void. Jian Wushuang was the leader of the four. Jian Wushuang sat down on the highest throne directly while Hall Master Yuan and the other two Hall Masters stood by his side.