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Chapter 1887: Time Limit Is Up

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“Oh yeah, on the way back from Emperor Sword Sect, I met a mysterious expert…” Jian Wushuang briefly told him the story about the boatman in black.

“The boatman in black is extremely scary. He even took out a strange pearl and exploded a hit that wasn’t second to a Great Emperor’s. .h.i.t. Hall Master Yuan, you know more about Sanctuary Alliance than I do. Do you know the origin of the boatman in black?”

“The boatman in black?” Hall Master Yuan creased his eyebrows slightly, “In Eternal Chaotic World, there are some experts that are powerful but not famous. They have power that isn’t second to Emperor G.o.d but they aren’t on Heaven and Earth Supreme ranking list. However, there are not many experts like that and the boatman in black that Palace Master was talking about…”

“According to what Palace Master said, the boatman in black’s power should be in the top ten among all Emperor G.o.ds in Heaven and Earth Supreme ranking list. Such expert, there are none according to the people I know.”

“None?” Jian Wushuang shook his head and he was helpless.

He could tell that the boatman in black was most likely sent over by a Great Emperor.

Which Great Emperor to be exact? He had no idea either.

“Forget it. I shall not think about him for now. As for now, I should be dealing with the upcoming danger that Lineage of Star is facing,” Jian Wushuang took a deep breath.

Two hundred years. Only two hundred years left.

Two hundred years later, the storm would come again.

In the two hundred years, Jian Wushuang never left but cultivated in seclusion on Sword Star.

He was naturally cultivating the King Sword Principle that he had obtained from Emperor Sword Palace!

He had comprehended three moves from King Sword Principle and every single move could split the heavens and break earth. What Jian Wushuang needed to do then was to master the first move within two hundred years.

As long as he masterws the first move from King Sword Principle, it meant that he had another extra killer move.

Time flew past…

During the one thousand years when Jian Wushuang had comprehended in Emperor Sword Palace, Eternal Chaotic World had been extremely quiet. Plus, as Jian Wushuang had returned, the forces and experts in Sanctuary Alliance naturally wouldn’t dare to incite trouble.

In the blink of an eye, two hundred years had pa.s.sed.

The Ancient Mystery Land that only opened every five million years and only opened for ten thousand years each time.

Then, the time limit of ten thousand years was ending.

In the huge Ancient Mystery Land, there were a total of four entrances and every entrance was huge.

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As the time limit of ten thousand years was up, the experts who were wandering in Ancient Mystery Land walked out from the entrance one after another.

At one of the entrance.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

There were flashes of light. Then, there were two figures that walked out from the huge wormhole.

The two people were Sir G.o.d Yun Suo and Sir G.o.d Li Quan.

They were two powerful Sir G.o.ds. During these years, the two had teamed up to wander in Ancient Mystery Land. After wandering, they had gained a bountiful harvest.

After the two exited the wormhole…

“Huh?” Sir G.o.d Yun Suo suddenly paused and looked around in shock. “Where are there so many people?”

1Sir G.o.d Yun Suo could see a large number of figures gathered around the entrance. The figures were made up of strong and weak people. Plus, within the range of his soul power senses, he could feel many auras hidden in the void nearby.

“In the past when Ancient Mystery Land closed, although there were some experts waiting outside, most of them were spies from intelligence organization. The amount was never this high,” Sir G.o.d Yun Suo exclaimed in surprise.

“Li Quan, do you know what happened?” Sir G.o.d Yun Suo looked at Sir G.o.d Li Quan by his side.

“Mm, I heard,” Sir G.o.d Li Quan smiled, “I heard that Vientiane Tower sent out a message not too long ago that the Master of Star Palace from Lineage of Star had pa.s.sed away and he pa.s.sed away in Ancient Mystery Land. However, the news is only Vientiane Tower’s guess. It has yet to be verified.”

“All these years, there were many forces and experts in Sanctuary Alliance that wanted to test Lineage of Star’s actual situation. Even Abysmal Palace fought with Lineage of Star personally. Until now, no one was certain. Now, Ancient Mystery Land is going to close. This is a chance to surely verify if the Master of Star Palace died. Of course, there are many who are here.”

“I see,” Sir G.o.d Yun Suo was shocked, “The scary Master of Star Palace pa.s.sed away?

“No one knows if it was true or false, but wait till Ancient Mystery Land is closed entirely and see if the Master of Star Palace walks out of Ancient Mystery Land. Then, we will be able to tell. Why not, let’s wait here too,” Sir G.o.d Li Quan suggested.

“Sure,” Sir G.o.d Yun Suo nodded immediately.

At the entrance, there were more and more experts gathered and there were many spies sent by various forces.

Not only that particular entrance, but the other three entrances also had a large number of spies keeping watch and they had been doing that for a very long time.

Ever since the news of the Master of Star Palace’s death, the spies had been keeping watch at the entrances.

No matter which exit did Master of Star Palace took, all forces in Sanctuary Alliance would receive the news at the first instant. Until then, they didn’t see the Master of Star Palace.

The time continued to fly past. It was getting closer to the time where Ancient Mystery Land would be closed entirely.

“There’s only one hour left!”

“In another hour, Ancient Mystery Land will close!”

“The experts who wandered in Ancient Mystery Land all these years, those who are alive has come out from Ancient Mystery Land long ago. However, the Master of Star Palace has yet to show himself. It seems that Vientiane Tower’s a.s.sumption is true!”

“Humph, I could tell long ago that the Master of Star Palace had pa.s.sed away but I couldn’t be certain about it. But now, I am definite.”

The experts from all forces locked their gazes upon the entrances.

The closing time was getting closer and the Master of Star Palace was nowhere to be seen. The experts were certain.

One hour was ending soon.

“Ten breaths, only ten breaths left.”

“The Master of Star Palace is not coming out!”

“It is definite that the Master of Star Palace has died.”

The experts from all forces were sighing.

Very soon, with the experts’ countdown, the ten breaths time ended too.

The time limit of ten thousand years was up!

Theoretically, as the time was up, the four entrances of Ancient Mystery Land should close.

However, there were no changes to the four entrances.

The four huge wormholes didn’t move an inch and there was no sign of them closing.

“What happened?”

“The time is up, why are the four entrances not closing?”

“Did we remember wrongly? Is it not time for Ancient Mystery Land to close yet?”