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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Eastern Rain Kingdom, Forbidden City, Royal Palace.

A group of armored guards were lined up in rows, waiting for the appearance of something or someone. If you look closely, you will discover that each of the guards had a deep pride in faces and a happy smile.

After a few minutes, a girl dressed in ancient blue garments walked out the palace with a few maids behind her. She had many hairpins in her hair that formed the shape of a crown.

She had a veil covering her mouth, hiding her physical appearance. However, a person could tell how beautiful she was just based on her upper face and her eyes.

Her eyes were fascinating. Not in the sense that one was drawn by them due to l.u.s.t or desire. No, they remind anyone of their happiest and sweetest dreams; the dreams that live a lasting influence on you throughout your entire life.

This beautiful girl was the Thirteenth Princess of the Eastern Rain Kingdom, Dong Lifen.

After exiting the palace, Dong Lifen gave a smile to the guards–an act which elicited blus.h.i.+ng smiles from the armored men–before entering a carriage decorating with phoenix paintings.

Driven by four Tier 1 demonic beasts, the carriage headed straight for the slums of this city, which was located more than a quarter of a mile south-west of the Forbidden City.

When the guards and the carriage, the people there were not scared as usual when seeing the authority. On the contrary, they were all excited.

Princess Dong Lifen stepped out of her carriage and started walking to an already placed stall. She did not mind the mud and dirty rain water scattered everywhere.

In front of the stall, Princess Dong Lifen saw three cleanly dressed young men standing over there waiting for her. A trace of disgust flashed across her eyes before returning to normal.

She approached them with a smile and said, “Young Marquis Leng Jianjun, Young Viscount Chang Shun, and Young Duke Zheng Ke, it is nice to see you again this time.”

Duke Zheng Ke took a step forward and bow politely like an educated aristocrat: “It is our utmost pleasure to serve the Princess and the common people of the kingdom.”

Marquis Leng Jianjun also stepped forwards and said, “Princess, this time, our Leng family has triple the amount of food from last time.”

Viscount Chang Shun did not want to be left behind, so he immediately said, “This time our Chang family have donated more than 100,000 cotton made robes perfect to protect the untouchab…I mean common people from the harsh winter without any problem.”

Princess Dong Lifen ignored Chang Sun’ slip of the tongue and looked directly at Duke Zheng Ke.

The Young Duke smiled confidently and said:

“This time our Zheng family has decided to open school in all the slums of the kingdom to teach the common people how to read and fend for themselves. As the saying goes, ‘it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him the fish directly’.”

After saying this, Duke Zheng Ke had an arrogant smile on his face as if he had accomplished something as important as world peace. Princess Dong Lifen wanted to roll her eyes and punch this guy in his face.

However, she just smiled and answered, “You did a good job this time Young Duke.”

“Now that everyone is here, let’s accomplish the task that we came to do here. The people’s hunger cannot wait for us to finish our discussion.”

After saying that, she headed to the stall that was full of food and clothes. There, the princess saw a group of people lining up. The majority of them were in tattered clothes with dirt all over their faces and body; each of them had a pungent smell emanating out their bodies.

With so many of them standing together, the stench was quite unbearable. However, Princess Dong Lifen did not care about this as she was used to it. Unfortunately, this cannot be said to the three male companions that followed her like a dog chasing its own tail.

Nevertheless, given the mission that their families had given them, they decided to hold their breath and interact with all these untouchables–no matter how unwilling they are.

“Children and women first, followed by people with handicaps, then normal men can come last.”

After saying this, the princess started handing out food and clothing to the people. In the past, she would also hand out money, but that resulted in tragedy.

Meanwhile, not far from the stall, on a tall building, w.a.n.g Wei was looking at the princess that was doing her work.

“What do you think?”

“Big brother w.a.n.g Wei, you are right. She is indeed a very kind person. From the information we gathered about her from the past month, she would come here at least once a month to provide relief to the people.”

“Yes, she is indeed a kind soul. While traveling throughout the kingdom, I have heard of her deeds among the people. At first, I still kept a skeptical view that maybe all she did was nothing but a front to hide some nefarious plans.”

“However, after meeting her today in person, I can tell that she is a genuinely kind individual. From the fluctuation of her soul, I can tell that she has a very bright and pure soul.”

Li Jun nodded in agreement. Although he does not have the ability to judge a person’s character from their soul fluctuation, he still has his way to judge a person. After all, he was also once an Emperor in the PaG.o.da Trials and had to deal with court politics.

After spending the whole day in the slums, Princess Dong Lifen returned to the palace late at night. After taking a shower under the care of her maids, she was lying down on her bed thinking about the future of the kingdom.

Suddenly, a powerful voice appeared in her own chamber/

“Do you think that what you are doing now can actually save this kingdom?”

After hearing this, princess Dong Lifen jumped off her bead and took out a sword. She yelled, “Who dares trespa.s.s into the royal family’s chamber?”

After saying this, she saw a young man with grey hair and grey eyes looking at her up and down.

From his eyes, she felt as if everything about her was seen through, that her fate did not belong to her. She frowned as she felt that tonight, something incredible was about to happen.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at Dong Lifen through his True Vision ability.

“Interesting, you actually have a Dream Manifestation Soul.”

Dong Lifen looked at w.a.n.g Wei with wariness. Without dropping the swords in her hand, she asked, “What is Dream Manifestation Soul?”

“It is a form of innate talent or physique. Although the Dream Manifestation Soul is not listed in the 3000 heavenly Physique List, it is actually a very rare physique that can probably compare to the top 20 of Heavenly physique List.”

“As a sign of this talent, the owner usually has the ability to enter and exit people’s dreams without them knowing.”

After hearing this, Princess Dong Life’s face became more solemn. She has read about the Heavenly Physique List.

However, she knows that few people in this world know about this as it is a very ancient secret. The only reason that she knows about it is due to the fact that their Dong family is actually one of the oldest families in this world.

As such, there are still records from ancient time. Dong Lifen learned about the Heavenly Physique while rummaging through all the doc.u.ments of the family’s Ancestral hall to find whether something was wrong with her after her talent awakened.

As for her having the ability to enter people’s dreams, only two people knew about this secret: herself and her master.

However, this young man just took a glance at her and he could identify her ability. What’s more is the fact that he seemed to know the secret of ancient times.

After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Princess Dong Lifen asked again. “Who are you? And Why have you intruded into my chamber?”

“Oh, I apologized, I should have introduced myself first. My name is w.a.n.g Wei and I’m from what you would call the Higher Realm.”

Dong Lifen frowned again. She has heard of the Higher Realm. In fact, every cultivator in this world pursues to one day Break the Void and enter the Higher Realm in order to reach a higher level of cultivation.

However, she did not immediately believe this young man’s words. As such, she asked. “How could you prove that your words are true?”

w.a.n.g Wei was not surprised by her question. Maybe a normal cultivator might believe his words with a little effort, however, this princess was born into the royal family.

She grew up living and witnessing countless conspiracies. The fact that she managed to grow up until now and have such status proved that she is not a simple-minded girl–despite her kind nature.

After hearing the girl’s question, w.a.n.g We mobilized his Divine Altar and a powerful aura enveloped the entire room, crus.h.i.+ng down on Princess Dong Lifen.

The princess felt a tremendous weight was pus.h.i.+ng on her and a horrified look appeared on her face. She realized what this pressure meant.

This was the pressure from a Divine Altar Ancestor. She recognized as he once met one of the sleeping Ancestors of the Dong family.

Dong Lifen was indeed horrified. The Divine Altar realm is the highest cultivation of this world before Breaking the Void. Only a few very talented individuals have the chance to ever reach such a realm in their life.

As the most talented person of the Dong family in this generation, she is considered to be a Heaven defying genius for reaching the Bodyrefining realm 9th Layer with her age.

However, this young man who seemed to be of similar age as him has already entered the Divine Altar Realm–a realm she decided as a goal to pursue all her life.

A realm that even her master has been stuck in a bottleneck for more than a hundred year and has not been able to reach.

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