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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After reading the information regarding the majority of kingdoms in this world, he had a preliminary plan for their group’s next actions. However, he needed to check something first.

As such he asked, “Is there a place where the three borders of these Dynasties meet together?”

“Yes, young master.” Su Ai then took out a more detailed map and pointed to a place at the intersection of the three Great Dynasties. “This city is called Intersection Point City. Well, it’s not a very original name. However, as the name suggested, this city was designated as a free trading point by all three Dynasties. The City Lord will be changed every few years, alternating between them to choose who is elected to be in charge.”

“Are we using this city as a starting point to attack one of the three Dynasties? And which one are we attacking first?” asked Li Jun with a frown.

However, w.a.n.g Wei shook his head. He was not that stupid to attack the most powerful empires in this world just like that–especially when there are other Heaven Chosens that have already planted their foundation in these places.

“I’m the only one headed to Intersection Point City because I need to check something out. I need you guys to head here and gather as much information as possible,” said w.a.n.g Wei as he pointed to a kingdom all the way east of the central dynasties.

“Yan Liling, can you refine the Spirit Break Pill?”

“Spirit Break Pill? That’s a very rare High level Profound tier pill used by some cultivators to strengthen their spirits and increase their chances in entering the realm of Heaven and Earth. I do know the recipe.”

“What about the materials?”

“The materials are very common and I should be able to find them in this world. The hard part of this pill is the runes needed to inscribe on them are very sensitive. A wrong mistake could turn the pill into a deadly poison that directly attacks the spirit.”

“That’s good. I need you to refine as many as possible to make sure that Su Ai entered the Divine Altar as soon as possible.”

After saying this, w.a.n.g Wei turned and looked at Su Ai, “I’m a.s.suming that you have created some sort of spy agency in this world?”

“Yes, young master. In the past five years that I have been here, I created countless brothels and spread them all over the world. Through them, I can gather information from the highest of officials to common street beggars.”

w.a.n.g Wei frowned after hearing this. Su Ai–upon noticing this–thought of something and quickly explained:

“No, you misunderstood, young master. I did not create such a kind of brothel where women sold their bodies. No, I adopted many beautiful orphans or women who have lost everything due to war and famine. I used my illusion to teach them all kinds of abilities. Whether it was art, paintings, go, calligraphy, and the zither.”

“All they do is drink, chat, and perform with customers. In fact, I even taught some of them with talent how to cultivate. As for those without talents, I taught them the martial arts of this world.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded in satisfaction. Although w.a.n.g Wei does not consider himself a good person as he could do almost everything for his goals, he also has a bottom-line. And forcing women into prost.i.tutions more than crossed that line.

“You did good, Miss Su Ai. All you need to focus on in the next few years is how to enter the Divine Altar Realm and further increase your charming abilities. w.a.n.g Ju can take over your information agency.”

“When you manage to break through, I can work together with you to revise the martial art cultivation of this method so that all the women under your command can have some charming abilities–even the mortal ones.”

“That way, the brothels will become increasingly more popular and it would be much easier for them to gather information.”

Soon after the meeting, the whole group separated. The majority of them headed for the Eastern sh.o.r.e, while w.a.n.g Wei headed for Intersection Point City.

The journey there took him about a month. And it would have taken far longer if not for the flying Demonic beast that Su Ai gave to him.

During this voyage, w.a.n.g Wei realized that transportation was going to be one of the main problems that he would have to deal with in this world.

After entering the Intersection Point City, w.a.n.g Wei had to put on the aura of a cultivator not to cause himself trouble.

Ever since he entered the 13th Layer of the Bodyrefining Realm, his aura had disappeared and he looked like an ordinary person. So, he often has to purposely release his aura.

w.a.n.g Wei did not like the whole concept of a tiger hiding as a sheep. If you are a tiger, why do you need to hide? Many of his fellow traversers like to be low key, then when some random guy humiliates them for being weak, then they face-slapped them by showing their true power.

The whole thing seemed pointless to w.a.n.g Wei. All of this nonsense could be avoided just by showing a little bit of aura, so why waste so much time? Don’t these traversers have anything better to do with their life?

To him, the reason that they behaved in such a way is because they like having their ma.s.sive ego stroke just like a woman ma.s.saging their b.a.l.l.s.

After entering the city, w.a.n.g Wei rested for a while. In fact, he was quite surprised. During his whole journey, he saw fighting everywhere he went. Different kingdoms are constantly fighting each other, different sects or martial art school are also in turmoil.

w.a.n.g Wei finally understood why this plane was called Warring Kingdom World. However, the Intersection Point City was surprisingly very peaceful–well, at the very least, peaceful compared to the rest of the world.

Throughout the day, all suspicious activities in this city were suspended. All cultivators and martial artists followed the law. However, at night, they immediately turned into hyenas that have not eaten anything for months.

Tonight, w.a.n.g Wei was finally about to do what he came to this city for. After easily killing a few cultivators who like to throw away their lives, he mobilized the spiritual qi around him and floated a thousand meters in the air.

However, he almost felt countless times in the process. “d.a.m.n this world and its low level of spiritual qi,” muttered w.a.n.g Wei under his breath.

When he reached a certain height and managed to steady himself in the air, he activated his vision and looked in the direction of the Great Wu Dynasty.

There, he saw a giant golden dragon with nine claws circling on top of the entire kingdom. w.a.n.g Wei knew that this was the manifestation of the entire dynasty’s Qi Luck.

Upon closer examination, w.a.n.g Wei found that this dragon was lying down with numerous scales that were destroyed. On top of the dragon, there was a snake that was slowly killing it by absorbing its power. However, the absorption process seemed slow, and the golden dragon also seemed to be still fighting back.

After seeing this, w.a.n.g Wei knew that Crown Prince Su Wen’s life was not easy in the dynasty. Whatever means he used to suddenly take over power has many drawbacks.

Although he seemed to have found a way to remedy these drawbacks, the process will probably take a long time. In the meantime, the Great Wu Dynasty is essentially crippled and does not have the ability to interfere in other country’s matters.

This is good news for w.a.n.g Wei’s future plans. The thing he worries the most about is that the three Great Dynasties bend together to deal with him and the other Heaven Chosens.

Afterward, w.a.n.g Wei looked in the direction of the Great Ye Dynasty. There, he also saw a golden dragon, however, this dragon only had 6 paws, with the remaining 3 being cut off.

With the paws of the dragon signifying its military strength, w.a.n.g Wei guesses that both Ji Song and Ji Su had already managed to infiltrate deeply into this dynasty’s army and are slowly swallowing it.

Giving them enough time, the Great Ye Dynasty would eventually be captured in their hands. And the process might be even faster than the Great Wu Dynasty.

After pondering for a brief moment, w.a.n.g Wei then looked in the direction of the Great Shu Dynasty. He paid more attention to this kingdom than the other ones.

w.a.n.g Wei also saw a gigantic golden dragon. Upon closer, there seemed to be nothing with this dragon: It was healthy with no injuries or parasites on him.

However, w.a.n.g Wei soon noticed a Yin-Yang symbol on top of this dragon’s head. Then, part of the dragon’s head began to turn white and black.

What’s even worse was the fact that this dragon noticed the symbol and its effect on it, but he did not care or take any action. On the contrary, upon closer inspection, w.a.n.g Wei noticed that the dragon was happy at the fact that it was slowly transforming and wished that the process would quickly accelerate.

While w.a.n.g Wei was observing the Qi Luck of the Great Shu Dynasty, suddenly, the dragon seemed to notice something and looked in w.a.n.g Wei’s direction. Its eyes locked directly with w.a.n.g Wei’s.

Through its eyes, w.a.n.g Wei could feel that someone was watching him from a far distance through the dragon.

‘Noticed?’ thought w.a.n.g Wei with a slight surprise on his face. This was the first time someone had noticed it when he peaked at their Luck. ‘This should be the Heaven Chosen that was canonized as the Dynasty’s National Teacher!’

After the dragon made a brief contact with w.a.n.g Wei, a fog suddenly appeared and covered the entire Great Shu Dynasty. Immediately afterward, w.a.n.g Wei discovered that he could no longer observe the Luck of this dynasty.

“Interesting,” he muttered while smiling, “Yin-Yang Symbol? Is this guy related to the Taiyi Profound Gate?”

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