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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After sending w.a.n.g Ju away, w.a.n.g Wei started thinking about the upcoming trial and its importance to him entering the next cultivating realm.

The Supernatural Realm is a great milestone for cultivators of the origin system. This was the realm that separated or elevated pract.i.tioners from being lowly “Martial Artist” to being “Immortal Cultivators” that can destroy mountains and move rivers.

In the past, this realm was oftentimes also called “Transcending Mortality Realm”. As the name implied, this was the realm in which cultivators no longer considered themselves mortals.

After all, who can blame them? In the Supernatural Realm, cultivators can easily fly in the air, they have opened their divine senses–granting them a sixth sense like ability. And they can use all kinds of weird, crazy, and powerful spells.

And for w.a.n.g Wei, this realm also has a greater significance for him because the Supernatural Realm is when his and all the other Heaven Chosen’s Heavenly Physiques start to awaken.

Each person with a Heavenly Physique will be granted an Innate Talent tailored to their special physiques. This is one of the reasons that people with special physiques are way more powerful than ordinary cultivators in the early stages.

After thinking about all of these things, w.a.n.g Wei began to plan how he is going to spend the next few years. He knew that he did not have enough time to refine his bones next. In fact, there probably was not enough time to even begin the early stage of preparation.

As such, he decided to place his time studying things like weapon refining, formation, and talismans. Previously, he had to stop studying due to the fact that he was busy cultivating, now that he had enough time, he planned to continue.

In fact, all these occupations have one thing in common in this world: divine runes. Divine runes are used basically in all of these lucrative occupations: whether it is to refined pills, talismans, or formations. The only difference between them is the type and number of runes used.

Things like pills and talismans often used the least number of runes, while formation and weapon refining used a lot of them. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

As such, w.a.n.g Wei decided to continue studying divine runes while practicing his craft. This time, he decided to focus on weapon refining–especially puppet making. Recently, w.a.n.g Wei has been quite interested in puppets. It may have to do with the fact that his Heavenly Physique has the name puppeteer in it.

As for the countless resources used for practice, well, one thing he never lacked is resources. With just a word, someone will bring the material he needs.

The truth of the matter is there is another reason that w.a.n.g Wei insisted on learning these side occupations. He wanted to diversify his ability as a precaution in case he needed it to survive.

w.a.n.g Wei is a very cautious person by nature. He always wants to plan for the worst case scenario ahead of time.

And the reason he decided to study these occupations is that if one day he met an opponent that managed to counter all of his abilities: whether it is his cultivation level, his powerful fleshly body or even his mysterious soul. In that case, he could still use formation or talismans to continue to fight.

Or if one day he encounters a situation where his regenerative power stops working, then he could refine some pills to heal him.

w.a.n.g Wei did not want to be like the transmigrators from his previous life that relied solely on luck to survive.

With the knowledge of these occupations, the possibilities are endless for w.a.n.g Wei. As such, he will always be adequate to handle any kind of situation.

Soon, seven summers had blossomed. And the time for the trial had arrived.

w.a.n.g Wei and w.a.n.g Ju were standing outside of the w.a.n.g Clan Mansion, waiting for Li Jun, Yan Liling and True Monarch Yan Chen. After a few minutes, Li Jun accompanied by Yan Liling showed up with five people standing behind them.

Upon seeing these people, w.a.n.g Wei could feel a terrible slaughter aura emanating from them. Which means that these five people have killed countless people to have such a fiendish aura. w.a.n.g Wei also realized that some these five people were actually part of Li Jun’ subordinate he met in the Spirit Road Trial.

“These people are?” asked w.a.n.g Wei.

“Big brother, these are General #1, #2…and #5.”

w.a.n.g Wei then looked up and down at these people. He could tell that Li Jun did not use the real names of these people as a tactical form of training, forcing them to work extremely hard to earn his acknowledgement and get their real name back.

This is a ruthless way of training. Stripping the partic.i.p.ants of their entire ident.i.ties and forcing them to regain it back through hard work and excellent performance.

w.a.n.g Wei nodded in satisfaction with Li Jun’s training method. With the aid of these five people, a lot of pressure from this trial will be lifted from his shoulder.

After a few minutes, True Monarch Yan Chen showed up with a smile on his face and said, “Young Sect Master, are you ready?”

“Yes, Supreme Elder. However, I wonder why the preparations took longer than expected?”

“Well, the place the trial is taking place is in fact a Lower Thousand World. As such, technically speaking, the highest level of power allowed is the Divine Altar Realm. However, given the fact that some Heaven Chosens–like yourself—have a higher battle strength than their actual cultivation level, we had to refine the world to be able to withstand a battle of that caliber without destroying it.”

w.a.n.g Wei’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “It’s good to be able to fight without reservation.”

After this brief conversation, True Monarch Yan Chen took out a Void Boat. However, this one was actually quite small in comparison to the one w.a.n.g Wei used to attend the Spirit Road.

After w.a.n.g Wei and his group entered the boat, Yan Chen wrapped the boat around with his origin essence, then waved his hand in the air. A crack in s.p.a.ce appeared in front of him and he entered it with the boat.

After a brief moment, w.a.n.g Wei and his group found themselves floating in the endless void. It was all black with countless illuminating stars scattered all over.

Beneath them, they saw five gigantic continents connected by ma.s.sive oceans floating in the endless void. One moon and one sun mysteriously hung on top of the five of lands.

A giant dome enveloped everything in sight. It seemed to be protecting everything or keeping it working properly.

This was the Myriad Emperor World.

Although w.a.n.g Wei already guessed that this world was not actually a planet, he was still surprised when he saw it for the first time.

What surprised him the most was the size of the entire world. According to his estimate, just one continent was probably the size of the entire solar system in his past life. And that was just the bare minimum estimate.

After gawking for a few minutes, the groups started their journey again.

True Monarch Yan Chen waves his hand and opens a tunnel in the void. Then, he led the boat into the tunnel.

w.a.n.g Wei was in awe of the power of the Supreme Realm. He could tell that this tunnel was actually a s.p.a.ce channel that allowed them to travel great distances. And Supreme Elder Yan Chen could actually do this kind of thing with just a wave of his hand.

Throughout the month-long journey in the tunnel, w.a.n.g Wei and his group could actually see a bunch of floating land in the void; these were actually worlds. And some of them, w.a.n.g Wei noticed that they were in fact like huge planets.

One incident that happened during the journey was the fact that they were attacked by a gigantic beast–which was easily killed by the Supreme Elder.

According to Yan Chen, w.a.n.g Wei learned that the attacker was known as a Void-Eater Beast. They are creatures born in the void with the power of s.p.a.ce. They wandered in the endless void finding worlds to destroy and eat.

According to information recorded in the sect, some of these Void-Eater Beasts are powerful enough to fight and even kill Great Emperors.

When the group arrived at their destination, they exited the tunnel. True Monarch Yan Chen sighed and muttered, “Why is this world so far? If I had comprehended the Law of s.p.a.ce, I could have arrived in just an instant.”

Soon afterward, w.a.n.g Wei found himself floating in front of another ma.s.s of land. However, it seemed to not be separated–although there was still a vast ocean. As for the size, well it was as large as a few Domains in the Myriad Emperor World.

This was the place where the trial would take place.

“Are you all prepared?” aske Supreme Elder Yan Chen. To which w.a.n.g Wei’s group just nodded. Yan Chen then looked at w.a.n.g Ju and said:

“According to the agreement we made with the other factions, as a Divine Body Realm cultivator, you have to seal your strength and not use it.”

“I also have to warn you. Although this world’s Heavenly Dao, or it should be called World Consciousness is very low and weak, it still has the basic ability to identify intruders. It will not react if you enter the world, but if you use the cultivation realm beyond the Divine Altar, it can still exiled you from its inside.”

After warming w.a.n.g Ju, Yan Chen opened another crack and sent the group inside this Lower Thousand World to begin their trial.

A few minutes after sending the group inside, Yan Chen heard a roared echoing in the void:

“Yan Chen, your Dao Opening Sect is d.a.m.n. Come to receive your death!”

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