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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After telling his story, w.a.n.g Chong, no, Ancient Desolate Emperor started to teach w.a.n.g Wei how to begin cultivating the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture]. The first step is how to properly breathe like the Primordial G.o.d.

Through breathing, spiritual qi can be used to temper the skin in certain ways.

While w.a.n.g Wei was beginning his journey in refining a powerful body, all the other Heaven Chosen of this generation were also making rapid progress.

In the Lower Plane, in a plane called Blue Cloth World. This world was called as such due to the fact that the sky resembled a blue cloth enveloping the entire world.

The Lin Clan Mansion.

Many disciples were busy walking and talking as a family trial had just finished. They were happily discussing the result of this trial.

“I cannot believe that the First Young Master won the number 1 spot during this year’s family trial. No one was his match.”

“Yeah, the First Young Master is really strong.”

“Tsk, what do you guys know!”

“Oh, this little junior brother, do you have a problem with the First Young Master?”

“Hmph, we all know that the only reason that the First Young Master won this compet.i.tion was due to the fact that Third Young Master, Lin Fan, was not here.”


“This little junior brother, you dare say anything.”

“You guys might be afraid of the First Young Master, but I’m not!”


“Speaking of the Young Master Lin Fan, he is indeed a legend. Who would have thought that the Third Young Master who was considered by the family as a waste who could not cultivate suddenly became a Heaven Defying genius.”

“In just a few years, he managed to break through the Divine Sea Realm and used his strength to suppress all the other disciples of the Main family.”

“Hmph! You guys’ news is backwards. Not long ago, Young Master Lin Fan entered the Divine Altar Realm and went to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavy Water Sect’s trial to accept new disciples.”

“Heavy Water Sect? That’s the most powerful sect of the world with more than one Ancestor in the Primordial Spirit Realm. And from what I heard, all the Heaven Chosen of the entire Blue Cloth World would partic.i.p.ate in their trial in order to be accepted as disciples.”

While these three disciples of the Lin clan were talking, they suddenly heard a commotion ahead of them. Countless clan members were rus.h.i.+ng in one direction.

The little junior brother who did not like the First Young Master caught a pa.s.sing by clan’s disciple and asked what the commotion was all about.

The other person then answered while stuttering due to his hype emotion:

“The Third Young Master…Third Young Master Lin Fan has returned to the clan!” After that, he shoved the little junior brother aside and ran in the direction of the family’s entrance. Soon, the little junior brother and the other people–whom he was talking to–also ran towards the entrance.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Lin Clan Mansion, the Patriarch of the Lin clan and all the elders were standing and waiting for someone.

After a few minutes, a golden chariot driven by two Tier 4(Supernatural Realm) Demonic Beasts Birds flew in the sky. There were 5 people escorting or protecting the chariot: one old man and four young people.

After the chariot landed, the curtain was lifted and a young teenager wearing black robes with gold thread laced on them. His long hair was in the standard top knot styles. He was very handsome, exuding a n.o.ble and immortal-like atmosphere; like he was an immortal from Above Heaven descending and showing its presence to all mortals in the mundane world.

As soon as he appeared, he became the center of attention; it was like the entire universe, no, the entire chaos revolved around him.

The most impressive feature was his eyes. In his eyes, you could see the birth and end of all things, you could see all the myriad Daos–both mutually exclusive– evolving and interacting with one another, like they were one and many at the same time.

This person was the Third Young Master of the Lin clan, Lin Fan. He is also the owner of the number 1 Heavenly Physique, the Absolute Chaos Physique.

Many of the disciples of the sect started yelling in cheers and making a lot of noise. As for the women of the Lin clan, they stared at Lin Fan wis.h.i.+ng to devour him whole if they could. However, soon, their hearts were broken.

After exiting, Lin Fan removed the curtain and a woman came out holding his hand. She was quite beautiful, with a sacred temperament exuding from her body.

Of all the women present, she can say with the utmost confidence that she is the most beautiful. Perhaps, this argument can be extended to all the women of this world. Of course, that only applied to this particular Plane.

After Lin Fan walked out his golden chariot, many other beautiful women came out, walking a few steps behind him and the companion he was holding in his right arm.

As soon as he arrived in front of the Lin clan patriarch, he knelt on the floor and kowtowed till his head hit the floor. “Father, son have returned and I did not lose our Lin Clan’s face.”

“It’s good that you are back safe and sound,” said the patriarch–whose name was Lin Min– as he lifted his son up from the floor. He looked at him up and down, and became more satisfied the longer he observed.

After getting up, Lin Fan just gave a look at the other Elders and just nodded slightly before continuing his conversation with his father. An act which made the Elders smile wryly.

After a brief chat, Lin Min looked at the beautiful young girl next to his son: “This is?”

“Father, this is Mu Chunhua, the Saintess of the Heavy Water Sect. She is also my wife.”

After being introduced, the girl saluted and said, “Chunhua has seen father.”

Lin Min was quite surprised after hearing this news–although his face did not show it. Not only did his third son win first place in the compet.i.tion of the Heavy Water Sect, he even brought their Saintess as a daughter-in-law.

“Little Chunhua, welcome to the Lin clan. In the future, if Fan’er bullies you, just come tell me. This old man is still capable of fixing him.”

Mu Chunhua blushed after hearing this, then nodded shyly.

Lin Min then invited his son and his entourage to enter the main hall in order to discuss things properly.

Following which, Lin Fan introduced his maids and concubines, his four senior brothers and the Elder sent by the sect to protect him.

Lin Min could see that none of these people were simple. Just by the fact that these four senior brothers of his son could actually fly, they are at least in the Supernatural Realm.

As for the old man serving as protector, the pressure Lin Min felt from him was more intense than the most powerful Elders their clan currently has. Which means, at the very least, he had a cultivation in the Divine Body Realm.

After Lin Fan introduced all the people around him, he described how easy it was for him to beat all the so-called “Heaven Chosen” during the compet.i.tion. All the people in the room look at him with reverence, while Mu Chunhua’s eyes never left Lin Fan’s face for a second.

.. .

Later that day, Lin Fan went to secretly meet his father in his room. He took out a s.p.a.ce ring and handed it to him.

“What’s this for,” asked Lin Min in confusion.

“Father, these are resources enough for you to break through the Supernatural Realm.”

Lin Min became shocked at how precious the materials inside this ring are. You should know, the highest cultivation currently existing in the Lin clan is the peak of the Supernatural Realm. And now, his son told him that the resources in here can allow him to reach such a realm.

Lin Min sighed and shook his head. He returned the ring back and said, “Fan’er, it is better for you to use it for yourself. With your talent, it is only a matter of time before you can enter the Divine Body Realm, and maybe have a chance at entering the Primordial Spirit Realm and be a peak level Powerhouse.”

However, Lin Fan secretly shook his head. How could the Primordial Spirit Realm be the end of his path? However, he could not blame how low his father’s vision was as he did not know the horror of his talent and how profound his background truly was.

“Father, you do not need to worry about me. The sect has designated a lot of resources in order to cultivate me. Furthermore, as this year’s champion, I received a lot of precious rewards. So, you could use the s.p.a.ce ring without worrying about anything.”

Lin Min hesitated for a moment. However, seeing the firm look on his son’s face, he accepted the ring and put it away. As a cultivator, he aspires to reach higher realms. Not only for greater strength, but also for longer lifespan.

Seeing his father accept his gift, Lin Fan nodded happily. His father and little sister were the only two people he actually had a good relations.h.i.+p with in the clan.

When he first started cultivating, due to his special physique, his body could not properly gather blood qi; all his qi would weirdly be destroyed the next day after being cultivated.

As such, the clan labeled him as trash. He received all kinds of cold and indifferent stares. And many of the clan disciples would use sparing as an excuse to bully him.

As his mother was dead long ago after giving birth, the only people who treated him like a human being were his father and little sister. Especially his father, as he did not abandon him due to his lack of talent.

On the contrary, he would provide countless resources to him in order to help him. And when the Elders forbade his father from using the clan’s resources to train a “waste”, he would secretly provide Lin Fan from his own cultivating resources. Even his little sister would secretly give him some pills.

After experiencing all of this, Lin Fan vowed that he would do whatever it took to provide his family with a better life. And soon, an opportunity will present itself.

After giving the ring to his father, Lin Fan went to say goodnight to his wife and entered his old cultivation room. However, as soon as he was about to enter meditation, someone appeared inside his room.

Immediately, Lin Fan opened his eyes while being on alert. However, when he saw who it was, he stood up, bowed and said, “Teacher!”

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