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In the first place w.a.n.g Wei did not plan to kill Wu Ming. Although he is the kind of person that can do anything for his goal, he still knows grat.i.tude and has a somewhat moral bottom line.

Furthermore, w.a.n.g Wei is the kind of person that knows when to repay his karma. The Formation Rune Body method is of great help to his future plan. He would never be able to acquire it without the help of Wu Ming.

After pondering for a few moments, w.a.n.g Wei took two jade talismans from his s.p.a.ce ring. In the first talisman, he copied the entire book left by Wu Ye–including the journal part of it.

Then, in the second part, he recorded some ideas he had after reading about the Formation Rune Body. He provided Wu Ming with a few ideas that he thought about or read about from his past life.

For example, instead of using the runes to just increase talents, why not carve an entire formation on your body and treat yourself as the formation itself. If someone could decompose an Emperor Formation and slowly build in his body, then he could use the slight power of a Great Emperor.

This idea can also apply for alchemy, talisman, and weapon refining. Used the body as a pill, talisman, or weapon and successfully refined it.

Another idea is to try to replace the entire body into runes. Whether it is the skin, blood, muscle…etc. In fact, w.a.n.g Wei wanted to mention the idea of replacing every single cell in the body with runes. However, he did not how to explain the concept of cells to Wu Ming, so he did not mention it.

After doing all of this, w.a.n.g Wei returned the original book and the other talisman to Wu Ming. Then, he said, “I’m returning the book to you and this talisman is my reward to you for acquiring your family inheritance.”

After receiving the book and talisman from w.a.n.g Wei, Wu Ming was indeed a little shocked. He did not expect that not only did these people not harm him, but they even rewarded him.

Wu Ming concentrated very hard in order to read what was in the talisman. Then, he looked at w.a.n.g Wei with incredible eyes.

“Why are you giving me such a precious thing?” asked Wu Ming.

“The Formation Rune Body is of great importance to me. This is just me repaying the karma I owe you.”

“But, Young Master w.a.n.g Wei, you could just provide me with some material. Or, you can just kill me in order not to have to pay karma.”

“You are thinking too much into it. These are just ideas. Whether you or family can realize them and make them come true is unknown.”

Both Li Jun and Yan Liling were confused by Wu Ming’s behavior. They inferred that their big brother w.a.n.g Wei must have given him something very valuable for him to act in such a way.

Wu Ming did not think the same way. The ideas in this talisman are way more valuable than his ancestor’s book. Just look at what happened to Wu Ye. A future Emperor was willing to kill him just for his genius idea. And yet, this talisman contained countless of such Heaven defying ideas.

Wu Ming did not continue to say anything. He knelt in the ground, and kowtowed three times towards w.a.n.g Wei.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei did indeed do something amazing, although he did not know it yet. The ideas he just randomly made eventually created a new profession known as Totem Warriors.

The idea of using runes on the body will eventually create a glorious era for professions like alchemy, formation, talismans, and weapon refining. When the first Totem Warrior managed to prove the Dao, then the era will reach its peak. This Emperor will also be the first one of the Wu Family, and a direct descendant of Wu Ming himself.


Suddenly, w.a.n.g Wei thought of something, then he reminded Wu Ming. ” You better be careful when you leave here. If I remember correctly, Emperor Haiyuan had created the Origin Rune Palace in the Southern Vermillion Bird Continent. This place is considered the origin of formation by countless cultivators. Although they only have a total of two Emperors–including Emperor Haiyuan–the status of the of Origin Rune Palace is very n.o.ble throughout the world.”

“According to your ancestor’s journal, his master and a few other disciples should be aware of how to cultivate the Formation Rune Body. Yet, this method has never appeared in the cultivating world. As such, you can imagine their fate and what length Emperor Haiyuan went to ensure that this method did not appear in the world.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Ming’s face became increasingly ugly, then he started shaking with cold sweat sliding down his back. His family is just one of countless low level families in the Southern Continent. Although they can walk sideways in the city they live in, that is because there are no other powerful factions competing with them.

If they were to offend such big people as the Origin Rune Palace, they would be instantly destroyed without the ability to fight back.

“What should I do then?” asked Wu Ming with trepidation. Everyone looked at each other while shaking their heads.

Yan Liling then suggested. “It’s better to enter a powerful Emperor Lineage that focuses on formation. This way not only could they protect you, they can also provide you with the resources to develop and grow.”

“It’s better not to easily reveal or mention the Formation Rune Body method,” added Li Jun, “Or better yet, wait until you reach a certain cultivation level before bringing it out to get the support of the sect you choose to enter.”

In fact, they could invite him to the Dao Opening Sect, however, their sect was not really focused on formation–although they still have many grandmasters in these fields. Furthermore, w.a.n.g Wei believed that Wu Ming’s appearance would shake the water in the Southern Continent.

w.a.n.g Wei hoped that there was a fight between the Orthodox Way and the Rune Body Way in the Southern Continent and reached the point that they could not properly train a Heaven Chosen for this generation’s Heaven Mandate Battle.

Of course there is the possibility that this method backfired and their constant infighting creates a truly powerful genius that rises through countless slaughter. If that becomes the case, w.a.n.g Wei just has to accept it. Anyway, he did not fear any challenge.

After saying everything that needed to be said, Wu Ming separated with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, all of three of them waited for the Spirit Road Trial to come to an end.

All of them had accomplished their objectives for coming in. w.a.n.g Wei’s purpose was to train himself and “research” Ji Song’s physique. Li Jun’s goals were to also train himself–both his fighting prowess and commanding ability–and to plunder luck. His Qi Dragon finally changed from red to deep purple. Heaven knows how many people he killed to do such a feat.

As for Yan Liling, only herself knew what her objectives were.

While the gang of three were chilling and waiting for the time of exit, Do Bo, the devil cultivator from the Beating Heart Cult was currently in a very difficult situation.

He was limping while running away. One of his arms was missing, while the other had many deep cuts on them.. His clothes were tattered, his hair disheveled, and his complexion pale. More importantly, someone was tracking and hunting him.

“Jian Wushuang, why do you keep following me? I have not offended you,” screamed Do Bo out loud.

“You should never have killed my big brother and eaten his heart.” said a deep and powerful voice.

Then a teenager holding a sword walked behind Do Bo. Just by looking at him, you feel like you are looking at a sharp and upright sword. He was more than 1.7 meters tall, had what one would call a sword eyebrow, and he always walked straight.

Although he was not overtly handsome, he had deep and profound eyes that could cut through anything. In essence, Jian Wushuang was an unpolished sword.

After finis.h.i.+ng this sentence, Jian Wushuang immediately plunged his word into Do Bo’s heart, trying to kill him. Unfortunately, he did not succeed.

Right after his sword pierced Do Bo’s heart, an unknown power manifested and blocked the sword from going further in. Then, a spatial fluctuation came from Do Bo’s body and transported him into another safe region to recuperate.

Before leaving though, he yelled. “You wait for me Jian Wushuang. My Beating Heart Cult will track you and your family from the Lower Plane and annihilate all 9 generations of your clan.”

Soon after saying this, Do Bo was transported from the Eastern Domain all the way to the Western one, while pa.s.sing through the Central Domain. Then, he plunged deep under the earth where he entered a state similar to hibernation in order to heal himself.

Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang was frowning while thinking about Do Bo’s last word. He did not expect this guy’ status was high enough to have a life saving method secretly implanted on him.

Before coming to this trial, his family had warned him not to offend the Emperor Lineages in the Upper Realm. However, anger got the better of him when he saw his sworn big brother lying in a puddle of blood with his heart missing.

Jian Wushuang started thinking about a solution to his problem. Then, he realized he was thinking too much. As long as he became the first in this Spirit Road Trial, then got noticed and accepted by an Emperor Lineage, then everything will be fine.

This was his original plan in the first place. With his talent, he has a high chance of succeeding. By then, the Beating Heart Cult will not be a problem. Even his family might have a chance to migrate to the Upper Realm.

After thinking about this, Jian Wushuang started hunting more fiercely, thus bringing a reign of terror in the Eastern Domain.

Soon, more than four months pa.s.sed by, the Spirit Road Trial had ended. w.a.n.g Wei and all the surviving partic.i.p.ants were then sent out of the trial.

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