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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After bandaging his arm, w.a.n.g Wei started thinking about his next course of action. In fact, he was not too worried about his fight against Ji Song. There are too many ways he could win this fight.

He could meet up with Li Jun and ganged up on Ji Song, he could lay hundreds of traps and trick him into them, he could even use poison to weaken him. During the past years, w.a.n.g Wei had learned from his mother when to fight head on and when to use wisdom to win a fight.

The only reason he insisted on fighting with him head on and one to one is because he wants to challenge his limits. The majority of people in the Spirit Road Trial are regular mortals when it comes to strength, as such, they are forced to use superb techniques to make up for the lack of physical prowess.

Only Ji Song did not fit into this category. As such, w.a.n.g Wei wanted to fight him and see how much he has improved since the beginning of the trial. Furthermore, w.a.n.g Wei had a lingering feeling that if he won this fight just and honorably, then something special will happen to him; something important will be given to him.

He does not know where this feeling came from and what will happen, but he knows that his feeling is right. As such, he plans to follow it and see the result.

w.a.n.g Wei then focused intensely on his finger and a ring randomly appeared on his ring finger: it was his s.p.a.ce ring.

As this s.p.a.ce ring was a soul-bind treasure, he could carry it everywhere with it. This was one of the “loopholes” of the Spirit Road Trial, however, there was still one restriction: this magical treasure could not be taken out in the first half of the trial.

As the Spirit Road Trial was technically under the jurisdiction of Heavenly Dao, no one dares to break its rules, not even the Dao Opening Sect.

That is the reason that w.a.n.g Wei had to make daggers out of stone or use the environment around to make things necessary for survival while he had a s.p.a.ce ring full of food and weapons.

Of course, another restriction was that the weapons smuggled in could not be too powerful, otherwise they will be immediately sealed.

In fact this restriction also applies to treasure discovered in the secret realm during the trial. Even if a partic.i.p.ant was lucky enough to acquire a Holy or Supreme Weapon, it would be in a sealed state.

Nevertheless, treasures like swords, sabers, or spears are still quite valuable even in a sealed state. The sharpness and indestructible nature of these weapons are enough to give any partic.i.p.ants a great advantage in combat.

w.a.n.g Wei looked inside the s.p.a.ce ring and took out three paper talismans. He made sure that the talismans were still working properly as they are the main material for the next plan.

However, a few breaths after taking out the talismans, w.a.n.g Wei noticed a gaze coming out over his head and scanned the talisman over, then disappeared. He knew this must be the safety mechanism left by Heavenly Dao to ensure the rules are followed.

For example, if those three talismans were powerful attack ones, they would be immediately sealed and there would be nothing w.a.n.g Wei could do about it. Thinking about this, w.a.n.g Wei felt quite unpleasant for his powerlessness and at the very idea of Heavenly Dao itself.

Having someone over your head and telling what you can and cannot do is a very unpleasant thing for someone like him who pursued the path of freedom. However, he still has to put up with it now. At least for now…

After checking that everything was in place, w.a.n.g Wei began to rest in order to heal the arrow wound on his left arm.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Domain, Ji Song was trekking towards the Northeast Domain to meet with the young master of the Dao Opening Sect.

While he was walking, Ji Song started thinking to himself. “According to the royal elder brother, the Ancient Desolate Emperor–who created the Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture–must have left something important in a secret realm in the Spirit Road Trial.”

“In order to acquire that thing, the Dao Opening Sect needed the blood of someone with the Heavy Axe Physique to open the secret realm. As such, they released the news as bait to attract me. Most likely, there is a trap waiting for me there.”

Thinking of this, JI Song sneered at this. With his powerful strength compared to Body Refining Realm 2nd-Layer, he did not fear anyone.

Suddenly, Ji Song started thinking about the humiliation he suffered in the Polis.h.i.+ng Dao Heart PaG.o.da. The young master of the Dao Opening Sect crushed all of his records in that d.a.m.n PaG.o.da; he had never suffered such failure in his whole life.

What made Ji Song more angry was the fact that he had greatly benefited from the Four Layers of the Trial he had partic.i.p.ated in. His will and Dao Heart was sublimated after each trial. And yet, he was not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in all of them.

His family begged the sect to allow him to continue the trial, but they refused without any hesitation. Ever since he failed to experience the remaining Five Trials, he always had a feeling that something was missing from him, like he was incomplete.

Ji Song’s anger grew more and more as he reminisced of the situation back then. He suddenly clenched his first and punched the ground.

Bang! A spider crack a few centimeters was left in the ground.

After releasing his anger, Ji Song continued his journey. It took him more than a month to travel through the Central Domain into the Northeast one. During this month-long journey, many people tried to fight Ji Song, but all of them were forever buried in this trial.

Upon arriving in the Northeastern Domain, Ji Song did not go directly to find w.a.n.g Wei as his elder brother warned him to always be cautious.

He used the tracking talisman they placed on w.a.n.g Wei to map out all the places he had been. Ji Song then noticed that w.a.n.g Wei’s base has been the same for the past eight months. He became convinced that the secret realm of the Ancient Desolate Emperor should be around there.

Then Ji Song took out a hiding talisman from his soul-binding s.p.a.ce ring. In the second half of the Spirit Road Trial, the whereabouts of each partic.i.p.ant will be shown as long as they approached each other at a certain distance. This hiding talisman is to prevent this from happening.

After doing all of his preparations, he tracked down w.a.n.g Wei and began to observe him.

Of course w.a.n.g Wei was aware of Ji Song’s location as soon as he arrived. He had Great Elder Wand Fu modify the tracking talisman so that he can also know the location of Ji Song just as he knew his.

So, as soon as he arrived near him, he called him out. “Come out Crown Prince Ji Song, I Know that you are here.”

JI Song then removed the effect of the hiding talisman, then said. “My brother was right, your Dao Opening Sect is indeed setting a trap for me. Isn’t that right, Young Sect Master w.a.n.g Wei?”

“And yet, here you are here, crown prince.”

“Where are the other people, you do not think that you alone is a match for me? Where is that little sidekick of yours? What’s his name? Li Jang, I believe.”

“Interesting,” exclaimed w.a.n.g Wei, who looked a little surprised. “Who knew that a brute like you could use tactics such as hara.s.sing your opponent by arousing their emotion. Your brother must have spent a lot of time teaching you that.”


“Enough, Crown Prince Ji Song. People like us who aspire to sit at the Supreme Throne have their own pride. There is only me and you here. Let’s get on with this fight.”

Ji Song tried to calm himself down. It’s as w.a.n.g Wei said, the only thing that truly matters is the battle between the two of them. As people whose goals and ambitions are to become Great Emperor, most of the time, they can only use their fist to talk and convince each other.

Ji Song rushed towards w.a.n.g Wei and punched him with all of his strength. w.a.n.g Wei–who had entered the mysterious state–moved his head slightly to dodge. However, he heard the sound of wind swaying next to his ear.

He immediately knew how powerful this punch was. w.a.n.g Wei knew that if he was. .h.i.t by even one Ji Song’s punches, he might instantly lose this fight. Furthermore, although Ji Song’ speed was not up to par with Body Refining Realm cultivators, he was by any means slow.

If w.a.n.g Wei had not entered the mysterious state, his speed and nerve response might not be a match for Crown Prince Ji Song. No wonder people envy people with special physique.

w.a.n.g Wei sighed as he knew that this fight might be more difficult than he previously imagined.

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