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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Another 2 years pa.s.sed by quickly. w.a.n.g Wei had reached the bare minimum age to start cultivating, and the Spirit Road Trial was only a few days away.

Nothing new or exciting happened the past two years except for the Great Zhou Dynasty visit. More than a year and half ago, Crown Prince Ji Song finished his time in the PaG.o.da and the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty delegates left the Domain of the Dao Opening Sect and returned to their own.

w.a.n.g Wei saw Ji Song from a few li away before he left. He could easily notice the difference between him now and when he first came to the sect.

He was more calm and less irrational. He still had the arrogance on him, but now it was more hidden. Just like w.a.n.g Wei used to be, hide the arrogance or pride deep in the bones instead of displaying it on the surface.

Of course w.a.n.g Wei also knows that Ji Song did not magically become more wise. He could still tell that this Crown Prince was the kind of person that likes to use his fist as his first option when encountering any kind of problem.

But now, after the PaG.o.da Trial, he became more cautious when doing things, his first instinct was not to immediately rush into battle.

In fact Ji Song’s results in the trial were not even as good as Li Jun, let alone w.a.n.g Wei. This is the disadvantage of special physique: their physique has no effect on things like mind, spirit, will, or Dao Heart.

In fact, it can be said that their special physique is quite detrimental to their state of mind. Ever since they were young, these people were always praised as geniuses or Heaven Chosen, or that they were future Great Emperors.

With all of these constant praise from birth, their egos are actually quite ma.s.sive. As such, the majority of them are prideful and arrogant. Compared to people like Li Jun who have lived in a world of loneliness and without any significant presence, these people with special physique are actually lacking a lot.

Of course the state of mind of these special Heaven Chosen will also be tempered and changed. When they encounter their first failure, then they will realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

When they meet other people with special physiques, they will realize that they are not as special as their loved one made them out to be.

The Myriad Emperor World is vast and boundless, the population can be counted in the trillions. If there is one thing that this world does not lack is miracle–no matter how low the probabilities are, in this world, it is still impossible.

As such, these Heaven Chosen with special physiques will eventually learn their insignificance in the grand scheme of things and stride to improve themselves, to walk in the path of constant self-improvement.

Despite all of this, many people will do anything to have a special physique due to the simple fact that most people with special physique cultivate faster, are stronger, and have longer life span than ordinary cultivators–especially in the early and middle stage of cultivation.

In the early and middle stages of cultivation, people with special physique can be considered the darlings of Heaven and Earth. Everything seems to come faster and easier for them.

Of course this statement only applies to “ordinary” cultivators. This world has cultivated countless terrifying geniuses that having a special physique is mainly providing an individuals a higher starting line than ordinary people.

A good example of this is Han Li. Despite having such a powerful physique as the Heavenly Thunder Physique, he cannot be considered a top level Heaven Chosen. Throughout his cultivation journey, he has lost countless fights.

From the information that w.a.n.g Wei has gathered on him, he could determine that Han Li did not use his full potential. As a person with a thunder p.r.o.ne physique, the best approach would be to absorb Thunder Tribulation to refine his body into a supremely powerful one.

Then, when strong enough, try to absorb Divine Punishment Thunder–one of the highest level of thunder that is said to be powerful enough to even kill Great Emperors.

In w.a.n.g Wei’s eyes, the Heavenly Thunder Physique is a total waste in the hands of someone like Han Li. At the end of the day, it is the person that determines the height that a special physique can reach.

w.a.n.g Wei was standing in the w.a.n.g Family Mountain waiting for the arrival of the Elders and the other partic.i.p.ants.

Now that he is 15 years old, he has become a tall young man with a height of 1.85 meters. He is quite handsome, inheriting the good genes of both his parents. However, the most noticeable part about him was his temperament.

He gives people the feeling that nothing in this world could bother him, that he could do whatever he wants and nothing or no one could stop him, whether it was G.o.ds, Demons, Immortals, and Heaven and Earth–not even a Great Emperor itself. His blasphemous att.i.tude is actually quite appealing to women.

Another person was standing next to w.a.n.g Wei chatting with him. It was his childhood friend and best brother: Li Jun.

If there was an award for the person who changed the most in the past few years, it would have to go to Li Jun without any worthy contestant.

Due to the fact that he also cultivated the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra], he lost all of his baby fat and also became a handsome guy. Unlike w.a.n.g Wei’s defiant temperament, Li Jun is more of a chill, relax or laid back person, but behind that relax look, there was a terrifying fighting will that convey the idea that no matter what happens, no matter the circ.u.mstance, I will fight to my dying breath; you want me to stop fighting, you want to beat me, then kill me. Only death can stop me.

In fact Li Jun has lived by this creed or oath in the past few years. In Li Jun’s eyes, there are only two things that can stop him from fighting: one is death, and the other is the order of his Big Brother w.a.n.g Wei.

In the past seven years, Li Jun has created a reign of terror for the children of his generation. After the Ninth PaG.o.da Trial, Li Jun has fought with all of the children of the w.a.n.g, Li, and Yan family every day, from both the Main and Branch Family. No matter what day it was, no matter the circ.u.mstances, he will fight with them.

Even when he started cultivating the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra] and was in a constant state of weakening and poisoning, he still fought with them. Of course he suffered a lot because of this.

You would think that he was doing this as a form of revenge for his former bullying? No, he was simply doing it to hone his fighting will, and more importantly to prepare for his special physique.

w.a.n.g Wei was waiting while talking with Li Jun.

“So, which girl did you get at this time?”

“Big brother w.a.n.g Wei, I was nervous all night. Where would have the time to pick up girls?”

w.a.n.g Wei smiled wryly when he saw a few of his maids sneaking a peep at Li Jun and then blushed red like an apple. He and Li Jun can be considered best buddies and have known each other for years. Li Jun can be considered one of the few young generations of the sect that is officially approved by w.a.n.g Wei.

However, if there is one thing that gives w.a.n.g Wei a headache is the fact that this guy is actually a womanizer. Ever since he turned 14 and lost all of his fat, he started to mingle with all kinds of disciples.

The amount of disciples that he had secretly had relations.h.i.+ps with the past two years are countless. It seems that he could not keep things in his pants. As polygamy is a normal thing in this world, he had no major problem whatsoever.

After hearing this news, w.a.n.g Wei had him investigated as he feared that Li Jun had changed and was using his new status and power to force female disciples to have relations.h.i.+ps with him.

But it turns out that he was worried about nothing. According to the information he received, this guy is apparently very charming, and many female disciples are simply obsessed with him.

It was also during this time that w.a.n.g Wei learned that there were many secret lists distributed in the sect.

Li Jun ranked #3 in the most handsome man, while he ranked #2. Li Jun ranked #3 in the most charming, while he ranked #1. He also ranked #2 in the person that girls most want to be married to, while Li Jun ranked number #1.

w.a.n.g Wei was of course not convinced. Who could be more handsome than him? After investigating, it turned out to be one the Contemporary Sacred Son ranked 5th. Well, he had to admit that this guy deserved his ranking.

w.a.n.g Wei was most puzzled by the last list. As the Young Sect Master, the future Sacred Son, future Sect Master, and future Great Emperor, should he not be the man that most girls in the sect want to marry?

After investigating, he discovered that most female disciples believed that they are not worthy to be his main wife, but many have expressed their willingness to be his consort, concubine, or even serving maid.

A funny little incident happened during that time. After hearing the description of the female disciples, w.a.n.g Wei released a statement to all the girls in he sect that they are in fact worthy of him as long as they can get into his heart.

After releasing this statement, w.a.n.g Wei’s popularity in the sect increased greatly, but it also brought him a great deal of problems. Every time he left the w.a.n.g Family Mountain, he would always “accidentally” encounter a bunch of beautiful female disciples that struck up a casual discussion with him.

He talked to them all. No matter who they were, as long they approached him, he would get to know them. With his powerful memory brought by his soul, he could remember each one and call them by their names–which brought a lot of favor to him.

An odd thing was the fact that he kept thinking about the girl he had seen in his Fourth Trial in the PaG.o.da, the one that only he saw. His intuition told him that there was some kind of connection between the two of them and he would meet her again one day.

However, after more than a month, things got out of control. There were too many “accidental” encounters. One time he met more than a hundred female disciples at once. Then they started fighting for who would get to meet and talk to him.

The battle was quite fierce. If w.a.n.g Ju was not accompanying him and protecting him from the aftershock of this battle, he possibly could have been severely injured. It was at that moment that w.a.n.g Wei truly realized the power of cultivators and strengthened his determination to cultivate the highest realm possible or even go beyond it.

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