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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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The person who answered Great Elder Long Bo was actually Great Elder Fan Lei, who is in charge of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion or the Library of the Dao Opening Sect. He is also a member of the sectarian faction as Long Bo and Han Li.

However, unlike Long Bo, Great Elder Fan Lei can be considered a team player. He has no problem putting the benefit for the sect before his own faction.

Despite the contradicting personality, Fan Lei and Long Bo are actually quite close–or should say they were close.

Great Elder Fan Lei–who was looking over the library–looked in the direction of his old friend Long Bo and sighed melancholy.

As one of the closest friends to Great Elder Long Bo, he truly understood his ideas and ambitions.

Fan Lei knew that Long Bo wanted to strengthen the amount of power that the Sectarian faction has in the sect.

And what is the best way to do so?

Of course, it is to have another Emperor.

In the Dao Opening Sect, the w.a.n.g Family has 4 Emperors, the Li and Yan family both have 2 Emperors each. Only the Sectarian faction only has 1 Emperor.

Long Bo believed that as long as their sectarian faction produced another Great Emperor under his watch, their power and speaking ability in the sect would increase dramatically.

In fact, Fan Lei has long realized that Long Bo was quite the selfish person; he did not want another sectarian Great Emperor to appear.

What he wanted was to personally train an Emperor himself, then be able to take over power during the rise of said Emperor.

Unfortunately for Long Bo, it is extremely hard to raise an Emperor properly–especially when you are on your own.

Fan Lei and many other sectarian faction people have long realized that Long Bo did not have what it took to properly raise a Great Emperor on his own. In fact, even the person he chose had problems.

During the past years, all the Upper Level of the sect have been paying attention to the growth of Han Li before the birth of the Young Sect Master.

Despite having the #12 physique, the Heavenly Thunder Body, Han Li’s past result can only be evaluated as “above mediocre”.

This fact was further proven to be true when his result in the PaG.o.da Trials came out and even Li Jun could defeat him in many trials.

As a result of this, the higher ups of the Dao Opening Sect did not hesitate to decide to train w.a.n.g Wei for the next Heaven Mandate when they saw the vision he was born with.

Luckily, w.a.n.g Wei’s actions during the past decade have proven that they have made the right choice. The future of the Dao Opening Sect is looking quite bright and prosperous.

Great Elder Fan Lei knew that his old friend Long Bo was in quite the dangerous situation and he has not even realized it.

The Dao Opening Sect has placed too much investment in this year’s fight for the Heaven Mandate. If one day, they decide that Long Bo is a danger or instability for the sect’s future, then the only thing that awaits Great Elder Long Bo is his untimely death by the hands of his own sect.

If Long Bo keeps going on like this, that day will not be far off. Fan Lei sighed again when he thought about the possible future fate of his old friend.

Meanwhile, in the w.a.n.g Family Mountain.

w.a.n.g Wei and Han Li were having a very cordial chat over tea.

w.a.n.g Wei kept asking Han Li about his experience throughout his cultivation journey due to the fact that he had never left the sect ever since he was born.

And Han Li–affected by w.a.n.g Wei’s charismatic and gentle smile–described all of his adventure with great boldness.

Unfortunately, things did not remain amicable for very long. On their sixth pot of tea, Han Li started to feel drowsy. Before he could take immediate action to relieve himself of this state, he discovered that his cultivation was actually sealed.

Soon afterward, he pa.s.sed out in the room, and the blooming smile in w.a.n.g Wei’s face was slowly relieved and turned into an indifferent one.

A few breaths afterward, a few more people appeared in the room.

They were the Great Elder of the Formation Hall, Refining Hall, Pill Hall, and Talisman Hall. Furthermore, there were two Supreme Elders who had a great deal of accomplishments in Formation who came to supervise the other people.

When w.a.n.g Wei saw all of the people who appeared in his room, he was not surprised as he expected them to come.

w.a.n.g Wei saluted all of them and asked: “Is everything prepared?”

The Great Elder of the Formation Hall, Li Feng answered: “You do not need to worry Young Sect Master. Everything was designed according to your instructions.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded in satisfaction.

Soon, the pa.s.sed-out Han Li was taken into a secret room full of all kind of formations and a bunch of equipment that looked like a dissecting table.

In fact, this description is actually quite adequate.

The purpose of w.a.n.g Wei doing all of these to Han Li is to actually dissect him and discover the source of his Special Physique.

Ever since he was young, w.a.n.g Wei knew how much advantage that people with Special Physique had–especially in the early and middle stage of cultivation.

w.a.n.g Wei was quite jealous of these Special Physiques. Unfortunately for him, Heaven did not give him one.

So, w.a.n.g Wei concorded a plan to acquire a Special Physique on his own.

“Since Heaven did not give me one, I shall take it for myself”. This thought has been riveting in his mind for countless years.

In order to make things happen, he plunged straight into the library and read all the knowledge that the sect had about Special Physique. Some notes even contain some Great Emperor understanding of special physique.

Through countless doc.u.ments, w.a.n.g Wei came up with the hypothesis that most people with special physiques are actually people born with Fragments of Law lodged both into their bodies and souls.

Because of these Fragments of Laws, people with Special Physique have great cultivating talents. And as their cultivation grows higher, the fragment of law in their body will be perfected and provide them with all kinds of amazing and weird talents.

In order to prove his hypothesis, w.a.n.g Wei studied the blood of his father–who also has a special physique–and the blood of countless other people with special physique.

In order to get these bloods, the Dao Opening Sect had to activate many of the sleeping spies they had all over the world.

However, it was not enough to truly discover the truth of Special physique from studying a few drops of blood.

Although w.a.n.g Wei’s father donated a drop of source blood–which in fact hurt his cultivation level and took years to heal– to his son for his study, it was not enough to unravel the mystery of special physique.

In the scenario, this is where Han Li came into play. As the only person with a special physique available to the Dao Opening Sect, he could provide much more information than a few drops of blood.

However, studying Han Li would involve searching both his soul and source blood, which is quite damaging to a person.

As such, w.a.n.g Wei previously did not want to harm him. But now, he changed his mind and a terrible fate might await him.

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