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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Outside the PaG.o.da, after w.a.n.g Wei enters the PaG.o.da, all the disciples and Elders stand in front of the Visual Formation watching.

In the clouds, the Sect Master w.a.n.g Tian and all the Great Elders and Elders float in the void watching the trial while discussing the past two years.

The Great Elder of the Formation Hall says: “I cannot believe the amount of changes that have taken place in the sect during the past two years. This Polis.h.i.+ng Dao heart PaG.o.da is a truly marveled idea.”

“Yes, all the disciples have truly matured and they all have made great progress in the cultivation levels,” responds Great Elder Li Jiang with a truly joyous smile.

The Great Elder Long Bo scoffs at him and replies with annoyance: “You are only saying that because of the performance of your son.”

Upon hearing Great Elder Long Bo’s words, the other elders sigh. The past two years have brought a great deal of shock to all of them. Among all of the disciples of the sect, the person with the best performance–beside w.a.n.g Wei–is undoubtedly Li Jun, the son of Great Elder Li Jiang.

Even the Number 1 Contemporary Sacred Son, Han Li did not have a better record than Li Jun. You should know that Han Li has the #12 Physique, the Heavenly Thunder Body and has been cultivating for countless years.

As for Li Jun, he is nothing but the most common genius in the Dao Opening Sect or even the entire Myriad Emperor World during this generation. On top of that, he is still a mortal who has not started cultivating yet. Despite all of these facts, his performance can still outs.h.i.+ne Han Li.

Many people might ask: “What about w.a.n.g Wei?” But, the Elders will never list him in the category of normal person. The Young Sect Master is a person born with wisdom, a person with that is blessed by Heaven. This fact was proven when vision occurred upon his birth.

Throughout this generation, only a few people are born with vision. Many people believe that these people will be one of the major contestants for the Heaven Will.

Great Elder Li Jiang, still with a smile on his face, answers back: “Long Bo, you do not have to be jealous of this Seat’ son. Your direct disciple, Han Li, did his best in the trial. After all, having the third best record is still something to brag about.”

Upon hearing these words, Great Elder Long Bo’s face becomes furious and he stares menacingly at Great Elder Li Jiang.

Seeing that both of them were about to argue, Great Elder Yan Mei tries to turn the conversation to something else and says: “It is not just the disciples who have greatly benefited from the PaG.o.da. All of us have made rapid progress in our cultivation after pa.s.sing the nine trials.”

Indeed, as Great Elder Yan Mei has said. The majority of them have benefited a lot from the PaG.o.da. With the tempering of their Dao Heart, the chances of breaking through the next realm have either substantially increased and the amount of time needed have decreased.

The majority of them are in the Saint Realm. As such, each breakthrough in a small realm is a great increase in power and also takes a lot of time.

However, the greatest benefit of this PaG.o.da is not the small breakthrough in the Saint Realm, but providing the Elders the state of mind needed to break through the Supreme Realm.

One of the most necessary things to break through the Supreme Realm is having a state of mind that is in line with Heaven and Earth, in line with nature, in line with the Great Dao.

Although most cultivators are powerful, they have spent most of their lives either fighting or in retreat. Although cultivators can learn and use the laws of Heaven and Earth, however, they do not have the mindset on how to properly control these laws or they do not even understand the difference between the law and the Dao.

In order to step into the Supreme Realm, such a mindset is necessary. As such, most cultivators will enter Mortal Dust to refine their mindset.

And what is Mortal Dust? Just like the name suggests, cultivators will seal their cultivation and live the life of mortals and experience the dust, filth, and vicissitudes of mortals.

Mortal life is a brief and short 100 years. However, because of its briefness, one person can experience and learn a great deal of things in this short spend of time.

In order for cultivators to truly experience Mortal Dust, they have to truly enter the roles of mortal. They have to set their mindset to that of a short-live creature. Many cultivators have to experience many cycles of hundred years before they can get into the roleplay of mortal life.

Some extreme cultivators have even sealed their memories as a way to get into the mindset of mortals and learn enough about the world to step into the Supreme Realm.

The Elders who have entered the PaG.o.da have tempered their mindset throughout the Nine PaG.o.da Trials as many of the trials required them to be nothing but mortals. Some trials have even sealed their memories and provided them with a new different ident.i.ties–which in fact is similar to the way cultivators experience Mortal Dust.

As such, when it is their turn to experience Mortal Dust, they have a great advantage ahead of many people. Just such PaG.o.da have increased their chance to step into the Supreme Realm by at least 5%, which is a high number given the fact that the Supreme Realm is the highest cultivation level that a person can step to on their own.

Back to the PaG.o.da.

After entering the PaG.o.da, w.a.n.g Wei did not do anything outrageous or daring in order to fight the Wrath of Heaven. In fact, he did not do anything extraordinary at all.

He spends all of his life with his family and loved ones. He did not cultivate, conquer the world, or create some grandiose and elaborate plan. He lives all of this attempt as a normal person blessed with wealth, health, and a loving family.

Many of the people watching outside became confused, but they did not stop watching. They know that things will never be as simple as seen, and they are right.

When the fateful encounter arrived, w.a.n.g Wei set out to the place he always had his fight with the Wrath of Heaven. This place is where everything begins, and it is also the place where everything should end.

w.a.n.g Wei stands on top of the mountain with a calm face, waiting for his predestined foe to arrive. He did not have to wait long.

Soon, a gigantic hand descended from Heaven heading toward w.a.n.g Wei to squash him. Things proceed as they always did, with w.a.n.g Wei’s utmost defeat and death. However, the process did not go as easy as the Wrath of Heaven antic.i.p.ated.

When the gigantic hand reached w.a.n.g Wei, he did not fight or struggle despairingly. Instead, he looks straight at the gigantic hand. A supreme and indomitable will flows out of w.a.n.g Wei’s weak mortal body.

The will resisted the mighty power of the Wrath of Heaven for a whole ten minutes. In those ten minutes, the gigantic hand manages to destroy the whole world and all of its billions of lives, then proceeds to destroy the entire universe–just like he did previously.

However, he still could not kill w.a.n.g Wei, he could not even slightly injure him. Despite the destruction of the world, despite the annihilation of the universe, despite being a mortal floating in the endless chaos, w.a.n.g Wei still looks at the gigantic hand with a calm look on his face for a whole ten minutes.

His look conveys his will that no matter how powerful the Wrath of Heaven is, no matter what heaven defying action he takes, in these ten minutes, his will is supreme; as long as his will is strong and firm enough, in all Heaven and Earth, he is almighty, he is transcendent.

No one can kill him. Even if he was an actual ant right now, the G.o.ds, Buddhas, and Immortals could do no harm to him. Not even the power of Heaven could kill him right now.

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