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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After this trial, w.a.n.g Wei had learned a great deal of things about himself. Despite his humble appearance, w.a.n.g Wei discovers that he had a great deal of arrogance and pride hidden deep in his bones.

Unlike people who display their arrogance on their face and action, w.a.n.g Wei’s arrogance is displayed in the form of alienating ordinary people or people who he believed did not have the status or strength to be on the same level as him.

For example, w.a.n.g Wei might be talking to someone with polite words and a comforting smile, but in fact, he would never be friends or a.s.sociate with someone of lower status then himself unless he has a purpose for doing so.

The politeness he displayed when conversing with other people is due to his education. His polite and comforting smile is just a way to display his charm and increase his charisma; to develop a positive image to the world.

Unfortunately, there is deep pride or hubris hidden behind the polite smile. An arrogance stems from the belief that one day, he will become a powerful being that forces all myriad things to bow down to him.

If it was not for this PaG.o.da Trial, w.a.n.g Wei might spend the rest of his life without being aware of such excessive pride, which would in turn cause him a great deal of danger if used by his enemies one day.

The impact of w.a.n.g Wei spending so much time pa.s.sing the Sixth Trial did not immediately go away. Disciples in the sect are constantly discussing whether the Young Sect Master had reached his limits.

w.a.n.g Wei is aware that someone might be secretly spreading rumors to discredit him. So, he immediately took action to change the narrative.

How does he do that?

Simple, he immediately enters the Seventh Trial and tries to be the first to pa.s.s it–despite his two months late start.

The Seventh Trial could be said to be simple, yet at the same time, the most difficult. This trial involves religion and brainwas.h.i.+ng.

In this world, there are many powerful religion and cult who rely on people’s belief as a way to cultivate. As a result of these religions’ desire for people to devote their entire life and belief to them, they develop techniques that brainwash people and forcibly distort their minds, ideology, memories, and even personality.

The most famous of which was Buddhism. In the Myriad Emperor World, Buddhism once had a glorious era. Many Great Buddha Emperors were born in different Buddhist Sect throughout the world. Their Emperor Sculpture–The Past, Present, and Future Buddha–was renowned as one the most powerful scripture in the world.

Unfortunately, something happened that changed the very nature of every Buddhist. Instead of pursuing enlightenment, the Buddhist sects started to gather incense through believers. They brainwashed both ordinary people and cultivators as a way to quickly cultivate.

Not much record is left in the Dao Opening Sect from that time period. To be more precise, someone or something not only wiped out all the Buddhist sects in the world, but even the majority of records were erased.

The only thing related to Buddhism in this world that still remains is one the Six Forbidden Lands, the Western Pure Bliss Land.

Forbidden Lands, as the name implies, are places of extreme danger in the Myriad Emperor World that have existed for countless number of years, yet still remain mysteries.

The only requirement for a place to be labeled as Forbidden Land is to have at least one Emperor either die or severely wounded while visiting such places.

A Great Emperor–a being that has achieved immortality–actually died in these Forbidden Land. The water in this world is indeed quite deep.

Among the Six Forbidden Land, The Western Pure Bliss Land is one of the most dangerous one. According to a brief introduction that w.a.n.g Wei read in the library, there have been many Emperors who have visited the Western Pure Bliss Land.

Many Emperors, after proving the Dao, have visited those Forbidden Land in an attempt to destroy them.

Why take all these risks and trouble?

Of course for glory and recognition. The Myriad Emperor World has cultivated a great number of Emperors. Among them, there is of course a distinction between powerful Emperors and weak Emperors.

One of the ways that Emperors used to distinguish themselves is to destroy or erase a Forbidden Land. According to records, there have been a total of 18 Forbidden Lands, now only six remain. Some Forbidden Lands are dated before the first ever Emperor–Heaven Opening Emperor–was born in this world.

The Western Pure Bliss Land has affected a large number of Emperors. Once they enter the core area, there are only three outcomes that await them upon exiting: death, severe injury, or being brainwashed into believing in the Great Matreya Mother Buddha.

Once their belief has changed, the Dao that these Emperors cultivated will be forcibly rewritten to contain Buddhist’s nature or origin.

When w.a.n.g Wei learned about this fact, he was completely horrified. What kind of being would be able to manipulate the Dao of an Emperor? Unless he is more powerful than him or her.

After reading about this information in the library, he directly went and asked his father about it. However, unlike before, w.a.n.g Wei’s father refused to tell his son any information.

In fact, according to his father’s word, even he–the Sect Master–was not qualified to know certain things or truth, let alone his mortal son.

During that time, w.a.n.g Wei spent a great deal of sleepless night worrying about his future. It was then that w.a.n.g Wei realized that being an Emperor might not be the end of the path of cultivation, but just another beginning.

If w.a.n.g Wei wanted to achieve the realm of free and unfettered, the realm of the Great Emperor was probably far from enough to accomplish that. Maybe, somewhere out there, in the vast universe, in the limitless chaos, a Great Emperor was nothing but a bigger ant from the truly powerful cultivators.

After having these thoughts, w.a.n.g Wei had forced himself to calm down, and place all these memories and thoughts in a deep corner of his mind.

After all, he was not even an Emperor yet–h.e.l.l, he was not even a cultivator yet–how can he ponder and stimulate the greatness and insignificance of an Emperor.

Despite all of the initial fear, w.a.n.g Wei vowed that he would one day unveiled the secret and mysteries of all of these Forbidden Lands.

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