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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Fan Li turned his head with great shock in his face when he saw a young man with white hair and cold and ruthless eyes staring at him like a predator on the hunt. He looked around and discovered that all the formations in his residence were still working properly, so he wondered how this person entered his room.

After taking a brief moment to calm himself down, he realized who was standing in front of him, so he stuttered: “D…Di Tian?”

The two most famous Heaven Chosens of this generation are w.a.n.g Wei and Di Tian, and both of them have very distinct and recognizable features: one had grey hair, while the other had white hair.

“How did you enter my room?” asked Fan Li–while pretending to be calm and collected. “This is the site of the Emperor Enlightening Academy. If you do not want your Di family to have any conflict with the Academy, please leave my room as soon as possible and I will pretend that nothing happened here.”

However, Di Tian still had a cold and ruthless look on his face. Then, a powerful killing intent enveloped the room, making Fan Li breathless.

“There is no need to use these low level threats against me, nor is it useful for you ro stall for time. I can also tell you no matter what happens inside this room, no one will be the wiser. So, either hand over the [Yin Soul Scripture] voluntarily and you may have a chance to survive, or suffer the consequences.”

Fan Li’s face became very ugly after hearing this, so he thought about the situation for a moment, then he made his decision.

With a wave of his hand, a gigantic ghost appeared in front of him. The ghost had bronze skin, was more than 6 meters tall and had ox for a head and very muscular human body. Then, Fan Li fused with the Ghost General that he summoned.

However, this was not the end. A powerful Yin energy suddenly appeared inside the room and fused with Fan Li’s new form. His skin then turned pale and his height grew by another 4 meters.

An army composed of countless ghosts appeared behind him; these ghosts looked very creepy as most of them were pale in complexion, and had some sort of animal for a head.

Unfortunately for Fan Li, due to the limitation of s.p.a.ce, the amount of ghosts he could summon was somewhat limited. However, he had another way to get around this problem.

Without hesitation, he activated his Innate Talent: Ghost Swallowing.

After opening his mouth, Fan Li started to eat these ghosts like they were a delicious snack from a well-known restaurant. More importantly, these ghosts did not resist. On the contrary, they seemed to be excited to be a part of Fan Li; it was like they were sailors lost at sea for countless years and were excited to return to land, to return to their home.

As Fan Li swallowed ghosts, his body size continued to increase. From the origins 10 meters, it quickly rose to 15 meters; only stopping once he reached a height of 25 meters.

Be that as it may, during the entire process, Di Tian still had the cold look in his face like the whole world owed him a large sum of money; he did not stop Fan Li’s action as if it was inconsequential to him.

‘The [Yin Soul Scripture] can indeed create a small world full of Yin Energy. And it seemed to be connected directly to Samsara. Maybe, this trip will be rewarding,’ thought Di Tian to himself.

“Di Tian, today your arrogance will make you suffer. You should have never allowed me to reach my final form. Now, go die!” roared Fan Li as he threw a powerful punch.


The entire room trembled, seeming as if it was about to be destroyed. The shockwave created by the attack started to spread from the room to the entire manor. Fortunately, all the formations activated themselves and reinforced everything and even prevented the outside from noticing what was happening inside.

After that powerful attack, Fan Li had a horrified look on his face as he watched his punch hit Di Tian, but not a single scratch appeared on him. Not even his clothes were damaged.

What made Fan Li more scared was the fact that he did not sense any spiritual qi or origin essence used.

“How could your fleshly body be so powerful?” as Fan Li while trembling and with a shaking voice.

However, Di Tian ignored his question. “Is that it? Now, it’s my turn.”

Then, he randomly threw a normal punch.


Fan Li’s left arm was completely annihilated.


Fan Li’s right arm was also destroyed.

Boom! Boom!

Fan Li’s remaining limbs were crushed. He then laid on the ground with only his upper torso left intact. Blood was scattered all over the room, and Fan Li was whining in pain on the floor.

He felt painful and humiliated; his opponent just used a few random punches and his most powerful form was completely annihilated; he did not expect that Di Tian’s fleshly body was so powerful. According to the information he knows, only w.a.n.g Wei had such a powerful fleshly body amongst all the top Heaven Chosens.

Even Ji Song who had the Heavy Axe Physique–which was a physique known for the strength of its fleshly body could barely compete with w.a.n.g Wei. And that information was outdated.

As a matter of fact, Fan Li battled with Ji Song during the third round of the tournament. Using this form, he was able to give the Heaven Chosen a fair fight solely based on his fleshly body.

Of course after Ji Song had some kind of fortunate encounter, he lost easily when he fought him again. However, he never felt such despair when facing another member of his peers.

“Who are you?” asked Fan Li. In his mind, he could not imagine not a member of the younger generation would be so powerful.

While Fan Li was waiting for the answer, the ghosts inside his body started to regenerate all his limbs, bones, and muscles. According to his calculation, he will need at least three hours to be back to normal. However, as long as he regained a certain level of battle strength, he could escape this room through the Yin World that his cultivation technique granted him.

Unfortunately for Fan Li, Di Tian did not talk any nonsense to him. He walked towards, with a wave of his hand, a black light flew from his hand and entered Fan Li’s body.

Following which, a mournful scream echoed throughout the entire manor. This scream contained the power to destroy anyone with a weak soul. Luckily, Fan Li was very paranoid recently, so he fired all the maids and servants that were inside the manor to serve him.

After the scream, all the ghosts inside Fan Li’s body felt a terrible fear deep in their souls. So, without hesitation, they left his body and returned to the underworld. The only left was the Ghost General.

Di Tian then placed his hand on top of Fan Li’s head, grabbed his soul and removed it from his body. His soul looked exactly like the Ghost General.

Without pause, Di Tian ripped the soul into two; however, it was not to destroy it, but to separate them. He then looked at the floating cloud on his left side, and the small Ghost General on his right. With a fierce look, the Ghost General disappeared–leaving Fan Li’ soul to fend for himself.

He then looked at Fan Li’ soul remaining in his hand; he mobilized his terrifying Divine Sense and started searching Fan Li’s memories. Although the latter tried to resist, his soul strength was nothing compared to Di Tian.

To be honest, it was not even close to comparison; it was like comparing a flame on a candle to a quasar–the brightest thing in the universe; well to mortal scientists.

After a few seconds of searching, Di Tian had a frown on his face as he discovered a powerful seal in Fan Li’s memory regarding the knowledge about the [Yin Soul Scripture]. Furthermore, the level of the seal reached the Great Emperor Level.

Although with a certain amount of time, Di Tian knew that he could break that seal, but he could guess that it would instantly destroy Fan Li’s soul before he could get what he wanted.

“You could either write the scripture down and hand over to me, or you can experience the pain of your soul burning for eternity.”

After saying that, a strange silver-white flame appeared in his hand, right under Fan Li’ soul. Soon afterward, a scream could be heard coming from the latter.

Less than an hour afterwards, Di Tian had a scripture in his hand and read it, while Fan Li’ soul had returned to his body. However, without the ghosts to heal him, he was on the verge of dying.

“I have given you what you want, please let me live,” said Fan Li with a pleading look on his face. However, Di Tian ignored him as he continued to read the scripture.

At first he had a gleam of joy deep in his eyes, however as time pa.s.sed, a deep frown suddenly appeared on his face.

Then, a black and white light appeared from his hand shattering the scripture into countless tiny pieces smaller than sand.

“d.a.m.n, it’s useless,” cursed Di Tian out loud. He then looked at Fan Li–his eyes turning deep black. Fan Li opened his mouth to say something, but his head suddenly exploded before he could say anything: even his soul was completely annihilated, preventing him from entering reincarnation.

As for Di Tian, he took a deep breath to calm himself down. A half arc pendant suddenly appeared in his hand, and he caressed it with the utmost affection while looking at it.

“I should have known things would not be that simple. However, Ning’er, you do not need to worry. This time, I will be successful. We will finally be reunited.+

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