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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After hearing his son mention the Path of Immortality, a look of yearning appears in w.a.n.g Chang’s face, followed by a great deal of disdain.

However, the idea of continuing in the Path of Dao Ancestor is quite appealing to him. This path–although not as powerful or influential as the Path of Emperor–has much better potential than the Path of Immortality.

w.a.n.g Chang said to his son: “Okay. No need to think about these things for now. Wei’er still has a long way to go.”

After saying this, w.a.n.g Chang chatted with his son for a while before returning to his cottage.

w.a.n.g Tian did notice that his father was in a much better mood when he left. He becomes more joyful at the fact that his word had a good effect on his father. w.a.n.g Tian knows that a cultivator’s state of mind and Dao Heart is of great importance to them–especially in the higher realms.

Ever since his father has failed his compet.i.tion for the Heaven Will, he has been quite reticent and lost a lot of his previous confidence. Things got better when w.a.n.g Wei was born, but the effect was also minimal.

Now, he has rekindled the fire of hope for his father, just like his father just did for him. After pondering for a while, w.a.n.g Tian ran home to reunite with his wife and son.

Far away from the Dao Opening Sect, in the Heaven Bless Domain, the Emperor Enlightening Academy.

The Myriad Emperor World is divided into 5 continents. Each continent is further divided into countless Domains.

The Emperor Enlightening Academy is located south-east of the Dao Opening Sect. This academy is one of the most powerful forces in the world, second only to the Dao Opening Sect. In fact, when it comes to foundation, it might even surpa.s.s the Dao Opening Sect.

As the name suggests, the Emperor Enlightening Academy is designed for the sole purpose of training Great Emperors. Throughout its long history, it has trained a total of eight Great Emperors, only one short of the Dao Opening Sect. As a result of this, these two great powers have been competing for countless years.

However, what sets the Emperor Enlightening Academy apart is the fact that their doors are open to any Heaven Chosen–even if you already belong to another group or faction.

Because of said philosophy, the Emperor Enlightening Academy has helped a great deal of Emperors during their rise. So, these Emperors would more or less return the favor after their ascension. As such, despite the fact they have only truly trained 8 Emperors, they have received the favor of countless Emperors throughout their inception.

Right now, a meeting between the teachers and Headmaster of the Academy is taking place. Unlike the Dao Opening Sect, which is located in the mountains, the Emperor Enlightening Academy is actually a gigantic city that covers the entire Heaven Bliss Domain.

The Headmaster of the Emperor Enlightening Academy is actually an old man with long white hair, trim white beard, and sage like temperament. He is dressed in all white ancient garments.

All the teachers in the hall had a great deal of respect for him. This respect comes from not only his powerful cultivation, but also the fact that he is an educator, a sage that brings knowledge and wisdom to the

The headmaster–whose name is Bai Han–starts the meeting. He asks: “Have we found our target this time?”

Another teacher responds: “After paying a substantial price to the Heaven Mystery Pavilion, we have determined that the target has been born in a Lower Plane and has also located said plane. Should we send someone to pick him up!”

After pondering for a while, headmaster Bai Han responds: “No need for that for now. Send a True Monarch teacher to secretly protect him. Growing up in the lower realm can temper him and also prevents other sects from noticing him. Additionally, the teacher protecting him can be responsible for his first enlightenment and set a solid foundation for him and cultivate his feeling toward our Emperor Enlightening Academy.”

“Headmaster, we also need to send him an ident.i.ty token,” reminds another teacher.

“Yes, without an ident.i.ty token, he will not be recognize by Heavenly Dao of the Myriad Emperor World and will not be able to partic.i.p.ate in the fight for Heaven Will.”

According to the laws of Heaven, people not born in the Myriad Emperor World could not partic.i.p.ate in the fight to prove the Dao, unless a very precious ident.i.ty token is given. This is similar to the “citizens.h.i.+p” that w.a.n.g Wei received when he was born.

Another teacher excitedly says: “I cannot believe that our Emperor Enlightening Academy is about to acquire a Heaven Chosen with the Absolute Chaos Physique, the rank number 1 in the 3000 Heaven Physique List. We will finally nurture our Ninth Emperor and catch up to the Dao Opening Sect!!”

“Yes, this generation’s Heaven Mandate will belong to us!”

“I agree with this!”

Soon many teachers started to discuss their exciting future. Seeing that the majority of people in this room start to become arrogant and proud, Headmaster Bai Hai frowns and says in disapproval tone:

“Do not be proud and happy too quickly. Don’t forget, this is a Glorious Time where the number 2 Physique, Heavy Axe Physique, and the number 3, Seven Desire Six Emotion Physique has appeared.”

“Furthermore, there is still the anomaly that appears in the Dao Opening Sect. From the information we have received, the Young Sect Master of the Dao Opening Sect has the posture of a Young Emperor.”

“In the Western White Tiger Continent, there is a child born with the power of reincarnation. Many of the people with physique in the top 10 of the 3000 Heaven Physique have been born.”

“This is not the ancient time when being born with the top 3 physique is guaranteed to win the Heaven Mandate.”

After hearing the headmaster’s word, the teachers in the room immediately calm down. Cold sweat started falling from their backs. All of them have made the mistake of placing the cart before the horse. Their Heaven Chosen have not even won the Heaven Will and they are already celebrating.

After realizing their mistakes, they all soon rein in their arrogance.

Another teacher reminds everyone: “Do not forget Old Chu’s divination, ‘In this Supreme Era of Resurgence, the impossible will become possible’.”

Soon the teachers realize that their mindset has been wrong. This Era will be a fierce compet.i.tion for the Emperor Throne. Heaven Chosen will be as many as dogs.

The Heaven Chosens of this generation are both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because they will witness a Grand Era in which the brilliance of many geniuses will s.h.i.+ne on a myriad of worlds.

They are unlucky because if they are not worthy, then they can only be cannon fodder. The threshold for the t.i.tle of Heaven Chosen will be raised to a very high standard.

Many people who could be called Heaven Chosen in the past will appear extremely mediocre in this generation.

After the teachers calm down, they return their focus on how to properly cultivate the Absolute Chaos Physique. One teacher asks: “Headmaster, do we need to provide him with enough Luck to reach purple gold and break through to the Supernatural Realm?”

Headmaster Bai Han responds: “That is not necessary. As the person born with the Absolute Chaos Physique in the Lower Plane, he is probably the Son of Destiny of that plane. He will naturally be able to acquire the necessary Luck to reach the standard Purple-Gold level on his own.”

The teacher nods in agreement with the headmaster.

“Headmaster, do we allow him to partic.i.p.ate in the Spirit Road seven years later?”

“No, the Spirit Road is not that important, he can just skip it.”

“Then sir, when will we bring him back from the Lower Realm?”

After pondering for a while, the headmaster answers: “After most of the Heaven Chosen of this generation reach the Supernatural Realm, the Academy will be formally open. We can bring him back then.”

“Alright, now that most of the issues have been settled, let’s discuss which True Monarch teacher will be sent as a Dao Protector.”

After hearing this, the room became quiet. Many people start making plans to acquire this position for their faction. Although the Emperor Enlightening Academy is a school, there are still factions that exist in it.

Becoming the teacher of the Absolute Chaos Physique essentially means the possibility of being the teacher of a future Emperor. No one wants to give up such an opportunity.

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