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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei experienced many things during the two decades that the Third Round took place. For once, he learned a great deal about his fellow compet.i.tors. Although these people decided no to use all their strengths, w.a.n.g Wei still learned a great deal about them like their response time, are they more efficient in close combat or using spells from afar, and their preferences during certain situations.

All this information is useful to determine a battle at peak level. Another thing he discovered was the fact that hiding their strengths actually helped these people a great deal during the past ten years.

With the constant fighting while placing limitations on themselves, many of them like Ji Song, Su Ya, Jian Wushuang and Lin Fan honed their skills to perfection amidst the constant slaughter and ambush.

Moreover, their cultivation’ speed did not decrease as the constant fighting was perfect for breaking through in battle, as well as the fact that the Secret Realm is designed to help the partic.i.p.ants cultivate faster.

Adding to that, all of them experienced a fortunate encounter as the Secret Realm of the Trial was full of other Secret Realms with inheritance or lucky chances inside. Unfortunately, the Tournament did broadcast the specific of these fortunate encounters, so he did not know what benefits these people received.

Nevertheless, he did notice that Ji Song was very strange after one of his encounters, so he took note of it.

Meanwhile, on the world level, the war between the Dao Opening Sect and the Emperor Enlightening Academy has not stopped for even a moment. Although the “public opinion” battle was not as intense as before, these two factions keep trying to ruin the other’s reputation and prestige.

Unfortunately, the mortals that were usually ignored by cultivators–unless it was time to recruit disciples–became the main target of these groups. Although, at first the mortals felt that it was nice to finally feel valuable to the cultivating world, soon things reached the point that they realized that they were just being used for some purpose by these cultivators.

Of course these thoughts were only realized by the n.o.ble or scholar of the Mortal World that have access to knowledge as the majority of them spend all of their lives in a farm, trying to survive one winter after another.

As for the Cultivating World, many people felt that something big was about to happen, and these past 20 years were nothing but the calm before the storm.

On a personal level, w.a.n.g Wei has made tremendous progress in his strength.

The number of Origin Patterns in his Ancient Lamp reached 67 from 17–thus proving that he had surpa.s.sed the limit of 50. His Good Fortune Flame burned brighter than any he had ever seen or recorded, yet he knew that it was still not enough for him to break through the Primordial Spirit Realm. Nevertheless, it was still a powerful hidden card in case he encountered a desperate measure; he would not hesitate to use his Flame.

As a result of this limit breakthrough, he felt that the power of his True Will had dramatically increased.

Nevertheless, he always had a feeling that there was more to this True Will ability; that he did not know how to properly use it, or use to the fullest of its potential. He wanted to ask Wu Hong, but he did not want her to get in trouble again; plus, he enjoyed the process of slowly figuring it out as it made it easier for him to control and use.

Of course the greatest progress that he made was his fleshly body; with the constant tempering from the Divine Punishment Thunder, his muscles were finally tempered to Great Perfection and beyond, and he awakened a new ability.

His new ability was not that impressive, to be precise, it was a common one–the ability to break through s.p.a.ce and teleport. Once a cultivator reaches the Void Shatter Realm, they can use the Power of Law to do the same things, so it was a very common thing.

Of course based on the strength, talent, and Law cultivated, the distance and amount of s.p.a.ce that they can control will vary.

Now, his fleshly body granted him these powers in advance–along with the ability to survive in empty s.p.a.ce without any need for origin essence or spiritual energy.

Additionally, all his other fleshly body abilities also evolved, his raw strength increasing to a few trillion tons.

After reaching that level of strength, w.a.n.g Wei’s geeky side from his past life got the best of him, so he wanted to try something; it was something he saw in a Superman comic when he was young.

So, he asked True Monarch Yan Chen to create a few planets for him, then with a ma.s.sive chain, he started to carry them around and lifted weights with them–recreating that panel in the comic.

After seeing this, True Monarch Yan Chen commented that this was a good way for Body Refiners to train themselves, complimenting w.a.n.g Wei on his ingenuity–which made him embarra.s.sed as he just wanted to look cool. So, he played it calmly and pretended that the purpose of him doing this in the first place was to properly train himself.

Of course the reason that w.a.n.g Wei’s strength grew so rapidly was not because he just tempered his muscle to Great Perfection, but also because he finally tempered his internal organs, and absorbed the materials needed for them during these past 30 years.

In order to accelerate the rate of tempering and refinement, he did not listen to Wu Hong and allowed the Divine Punishment Thunder to enter and ravage his internal organs.

Then, he swallowed Saint Pills–like Heart Growth Pill, Lung Regeneration Pill and other pills specific pills that helped regrow internal organs–like they were candy. Thus, using his old method of destruction and rebirth, he greatly accelerated the process.

Of course Wu Hong discovered this, and she was not that surprised as she knew him better than himself. Not long after he started doing so, she showed up and helped him; she sealed up and removed all the hidden injuries such extreme level of cultivation left behind inside his body

Of course, although she did not say anything about him breaking his words, she displayed the fact that she was not happy by not talking to him for 6 months. Beside helping him with his injury, she never said a single word to him–even during the process. Even using his shameless tactic did not work this time.

Then, at some point, she said to him while directly looking through his eyes, his soul: “I understand that you are under a lot of pressure, but you have to understand that you still have a lot of time and room to grow, there is no need to push yourselves to this extreme, otherwise it will be counter productive.”

After hearing this, w.a.n.g Wei finally understood that his behavior was a little too extreme, and out of character for him that likes to be cautious and well-prepared for doing things.

After doing a self-reflection, he realized that the reason he was rus.h.i.+ng to increase his strength so much was because of his encounter with Di Tian. Ever since he met that guy, his intuition has been acting intensely, always warning him of the upcoming danger.

More importantly, no matter how much his strength increased, his intuition as a warrior kept telling him that this guy was more powerful than him. So, he pushed himself beyond his limits–but that feeling never left him.

However, after hearing Wu Hong’s words, he realized that had been too focused behind the strongest Heaven Chosen. At this point of time, beyond the strongest did not mean anything as all of them were just weak cultivators in the Supernatural Realm.

Even if some of them could fight many realms above their stage, it did change the fact that they were still in the Fourth Stage of Cultivation, thus having plenty room for growth and development. So, it did not truly matter who was the strongest at this stage; the t.i.tle of the “strongest” only mattered during the Heaven Will Battle as that person will be the one to sit on that throne.

After coming to this realization, w.a.n.g Wei’ state of mind sublimated, then he reigned in his extreme cultivation method after thanking Wu Hong. His parents and elders in the sect had said similar things to him, but somehow he never listened to their words. However, Wu Hong seemed to have a way to get through his stubborn personality.

An ability which greatly upset his mother, Yu Yan, for not having; w.a.n.g Wei even heard that she was very unhappy at the fact that her son listened to his companion, but did not listen to her.

w.a.n.g Wei asked her why she was upset with him instead of Wu Hong, and Yu Yan replied that he could not compare to her; he then realized that his place as the favorite of the family was slowly being replaced by Wu Hong, and he was not happy about it.

Nevertheless, despite all the family, he still managed to temper three of his organs and absorbed the materials necessary.

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