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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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“I do not know what you are talking about,” replied w.a.n.g Wei with a calm look on his face. In the past few days, he has learned how to do with Wu Hong’s ability to see through him; all he had to do was be thick skin or as shameless as possible.

After Wu Hong finished explaining the life of Empress Wu, the two of them had a long chat about many things over tea and dinner. Then, they separated to do their own things.

Wu Hong returned to her own residence, while w.a.n.g Wei stayed in the small world created by True Monarch Yan Chen to continue his training.

He first headed to a place where a large and vast ocean was located in this small world, then he took out his clothes and started refining them. In addition to the powerful gravity that would temper his organs, he added an array that would send a powerful vibration throughout his entire body–including his organs–in order to help him tempered them.

And that was not all. During the refining process, w.a.n.g Wei started to eat pills like they were candies. These pills included things like Viscera Strengthening Pill, Golden Muscle Pill, Dragon-PIllar Bone Pill, and many more.

All these pills were Saint Tier and very rare and expensive due to the fact that they are used by cultivators to increase the strength of their fleshly body. Although the Origin Path System is mostly based on Martial Art and Qi Cultivation, the martial art aspect is mostly in the early stages, while the Qi aspect is more prominent in the middle and late stages.

So, cultivators usually stopped paying attention to their bodies after the Divine Body Realm. So, to make up for it, they invented many precious pills to boost themselves. However, w.a.n.g Wei used these pills to increase the strength of his fleshly body.

Of course the reason that he could take such high level pills was because of how strong his flesh already was, so he could withstand all the medical powers of these Saint Pills. However, taking in so much had disastrous consequences.

The powerful medical energy of all these pills destroyed w.a.n.g Wei’s fleshly body as they competed with one another. Nevertheless, he was counting on this happening; he allowed these pills to destroy his body, then when his regenerative ability kicked in, he could strengthen his body through the process of constant destruction and rebirth.

Furthermore, he could easily mix all these pills that have different properties and effects, thus increasing the benefit he gets out of these pills. Of course one could imagine how painful this process was, but by now, he was used to pain. Of course his Pain Innate Talent grew rapidly during this time.

After finis.h.i.+ng refining his clothes, w.a.n.g Wei put them on before diving deep into the ocean. After traveling about 10,000 meters deep, the pressure was too much for him to handle, so he stopped temporarily.

So, with gravity, vibration, medical energy and underwater pressure, w.a.n.g Wei started to temper his fleshly body and the origin essence inside his Divine Sea beyong his limits. He tried to temper his soul and Divine Sense, but it was no use, so he gave up.

Just like that, w.a.n.g Wei entered a cultivation seclusion, and could only get access to information in the outside world through communication talismans. Of course during that time, he did not stop talking to Wu Hong through talisman as well.

A few months pa.s.sed, inside the Secret Realm of the Emperor Enlightening Academy’s Trial:

Mo Xingyun was standing proudly opposite another beautiful lady with her red hair dancing with the blowing wind. As for the person opposite her, she had skin as pale as the snow, black hair and eyes, and a temperament as pure as an angel.

However, the blood dripping down the corner of her mouth and her tattered blue garment somewhat ruined her pure and holy temperament.

This person was Gu Bingqian and she was the owner of the number 8 Heavenly Physique, Nine Yin Physique.

Gu Bingqian had spent most her life dominating all her opponents in the Lower Realm with her proud physique, but today she finally met her match.

After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Gu Bingqian waved the sword her hand towards her opponent, then countless swords made of ice rushed forwards–wanting to freeze everything in its path.

“The same trick again, this is getting boring,” muttered Mo Xingyun calmly. With a wave of her hand, a black light appeared and all the ice swords were swallowed by a mysterious force from her body.

Meanwhile, Gu Bingqian was not surprised by this as she was never able to injure her opponent ever since this battle began. The reason she used the same method again was in order to test whether this person had some sort of limit to the amount of things she could swallow.

Unfortunately, she had not found the answer after so many attempts. Knowing that her attempts were futile and knowing that she was desperate, Gu Bingqian decided to use her most powerful attack: her Innate Talent.

So, countless strange markings or tattoos appeared all over her snow white skin, then she roared in a cold and emotionless voice: “h.e.l.l Freeze!”

Following which, a terrifying chill came from her body that surrounded a few kilometers around the two of them: whether it was trees, mountains, or rivers, they were all instantly frozen.

And if Mo Xingyun did not use her swallowing ability to protect herself, both her body and soul would also be frozen.

As for Gu Bingqian, she was perfectly fine; she was better than fine. After creating the frozen area, her injuries healed by themselves and even her strength increased by quite a bit.

However, her attack was far from over. In the frozen area, countless pale and see-through beings rose from the ground: these things were ghosts or souls from h.e.l.l.

They all looked weird: some had broken horns on their head despite a human face, some had animals’ heads instead of human, some had their faces in different locations beside their heads. In general, these ghosts all looked creepy.

Mo Xingyun frowned after seeing this; she had tried to absorb the cold energy in the environment, however she was not as successful as she would like.

Although she did manage to swallow some of it, however she soon realized that it took too much time to refine this terrible cold. More importantly, if she swallowed too much of it, the intense cold would sneak into her body and start to destroy things, so she stopped.

So, she quickly scanned the surrounding few kilometers with her Divine Sense, then she muttered:

“A Pseudo-Domain Talent? No, it seems that she can save a large amount of extreme yin energy inside her body and release it at the appropriate time in order to give herself an home-field advantage. Compared to Domains that can control everything in their field, this ability is far worse. However, you want to play soul with a Devil Cultivator, girl, you are too tender.”

Mo Xingyun then waved her hand to launch countless black lights that entered these ghosts’ bodies, then she said: “Devour Soul Imprint!”

These ghosts suddenly felt that something important to them was being taken away from them, but they did not know what it was. Well, until they realized that they no longer listen to their owner–Gu Bingqian–but were now controlled by Mo Xingyun.

Then, under the order of their new owner, they started attacking Gu Bingqian–who was horrified by the fact. She tried to regain control over her summon, but it was to no avail.

So, Gu Bingqian started destroying these ghosts by launching all kinds of powerful Ice or Yin related attacks on them. Unfortunately for her, one of the abilities of these ghosts was the fact that they were immortal as long as they stayed in the frozen area.

Even if they were destroyed, they would just reconstruct themselves and continue to battle. At first this was a great advantage for her, but now it was being used against her.

Meanwhile, Mo Xingyun was looking at the struggling Gu Bingqian with very calm eyes; she was waiting for her counter-attack, however she soon shook her head in disappointment.

She thought that this Nine Yin Physique had cultivated some kind of Yang cultivation technique to balance herself. And if not, at least cultivated Extreme Yin to the point of returning to Yang, but it turned out that she did not.

Mo Xingyun could guess that this girl used to rely solely on her powerful physique to bully other ordinary cultivators; However, this kind of simple method of training would not cut it in this world–especially in this Glorious Age. Without going above and beyond, a person solely relying on the advantage of their physiques would be left behind.

So, she decided to end this battle as quickly as possible before any variable interfered.

“Devouring Fire!” said Mo Xingyun. Then, brownish flames enveloped the entire area that the [Frozen h.e.l.l] ability covered. In just a few seconds, all Extreme Yin cold in the surrounding area was completely gone.

Gu Bingqian’s face became very ugly after seeing this. One of her trump cards was the ability to use the frozen area to teleport herself in short distances. She was waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak-attack her opponent, this should be enough to buy her enough time to run away.

Now, her chances are gone.

Mo Xingyun sneered after seeing her face; although she did not know what exactly Gu Bingqian was planning, she had enough experience to know to always destroy the field advantage of any of her opponents.

So, after struggling for quite some time, and even going as far as using her Good Fortune Flame, Gu Bingqian–the number 8 Nine Yin Physique–was killed.

As for Mo Xingyun, after killing her opponent, she walked over to the body, placed her hand on top of her head. A black light covered Gu Bingqian’s body, then she was swallowed without leaving anything behind–not even a single drop of blood.

As for Mo Xingyun, she closed her eyes and felt the power running through her blood. She stretched out her hand, then a powerful cold came out and froze the ground a few meters ahead of her.

While she was testing out her new power, suddenly a voice came out of nowhere startling her:

“Worthy of the Heaven Devour Physique, said to be able to steal the Heavenly Physique of others.”

“Who!” screamed Mo Xingyun as she looked around for the speaker.

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