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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Headmaster Bai Han was born in the Middle Emperor Era and his father was Emperor Kong. So, his real name is Kong Han and he witnessed the creation of the Academy.

However, all his life, he lived in the shadow of his father. Many people started comparing him with his father. No matter what he achieved, it was either not good enough, or people attributed it to the fact that he was Emperor Kong’ son. So, his relations.h.i.+p with his father was not good to began with.

Nevertheless, it was still expected by everybody for Bai Han to be the next Great Emperor of the Academy after his father washed away his karma for him.

However, things escalated when his mother died, and his father did nothing to either prevent it or bring her back.

To this day, Bai Han still remembers the indifferent look his father had on his face when he said to him: “You do not need to make a fuss about everything. She is not dead, but just entered Samsara.”

Bai Han cursed at his father for being cruel and indifferent, before leaving home forever and never spoke to him ever again. He took his mother’s last name and only returned to the Academy once his father left.

As a matter of fact, Emperor Kong was not being cold or indifferent. As a Great Emperor, he is a higher dimensional lifeform and sees things differently from mortal cultivators.

All of them see death as the end of the road, while he sees it as another beginning. He could literally see his wife enter Samsara and he could even go see her new reincarnation if he wanted to. He could awaken her memories from her last life.

At the same time, he also knew that without becoming a Great Emperor, Dao Ancestor or Immortal Venerable, she would never escape the shackles of constant reincarnation.

As for the reason that Emperor Kong did not help his wife achieve the cultivation realm of the latter two, it was because she wanted to have another chance to become an Emperor after reincarnation, so he arranged for her to be born in another Heaven Will World.

Unfortunately, due to lack of communication, his son misunderstood him and ran away from home.

After wandering around the world for many years, he returned to the Emperor Enlightening Academy–as he felt that it was the home that his mother helped create.

Bai Han desperately needed to become a Great Emperor in order to revive his mother. However, since he did not let his father wash away his karma, he could not compete in the next Heaven Will Battle.

So, he sealed himself in Blood Stone for countless years before he was awakening in the last generation. However, he could not get past the mental barrier that he was the son of Emperor Kong.

So, he used a secret technique to have a woman carry him. He abandoned his body, his powerful bloodline, and his cultivation and turned into a baby. Essentially, he was reborn anew–with all his memories.

This was the reason that he could talk as soon as he was born, and the Academy believed him to be a born Sage. And Bai Han lived to these expectations. With him being personally tutored by an Eternal Emperor, he could easily guide other people in their cultivation.

With knowledge of ancient time and a vision from once being a Supreme Realm True Monarchs, he rapidly grew among the ranks of the Academy until he became the headmaster.

Unfortunately for Bai Han, he was very unlucky.

First, he met a heaven-defying genius like w.a.n.g Tian, and lost to him. Even his previous cultivation and profound knowledge could not help him. Then, he learned that not only would there not be a Heaven Will in his generation, but even the Supreme Path was cut off in order to make way for the next generation.

Bai Han spent many hours lamenting on how terrible and unfair Heaven was to him. And he also often regretted not accepting his father’s help and let him wash away his karma. By then, he should have already proven the Dao and resurrected his mother.

After all that happened to him, Bai Han considered whether to seal himself again, but he did not want to. Being sealed is not a fun experience that anyone can withstand–especially the people that have to live through countless generations.

There are two types of seal: one for people who are about to die and want to lend their strength to their sect or faction one last time in the future. These people are completely sealed, and once they wake up, they know that they will not survive long.

As for the people who want to wake up in another generation in order to wash away their karma, they have to keep a silver of their consciousness alive in order to experience the baptis.e.m.e.nt of time in order to properly wash away their karma.

And the process is a form of torture. They have to spend what feels like Eons in a dark, empty, and silent place with only their thoughts–and nothing else.

The process is similar to the Second Trial in the PaG.o.da, but instead of spending only a hundred years, these people have to spend millions upon millions of years. The majority of them go crazy in the process, some awake ahead of time and allow their lifespan to naturally and die.

Only a few can actually wait till the process is over.

Bai Han did not want to go through that process again. His Dao Heart was not enough for him to suffer through that lonely process for a second time. This is the reason that he is so focused on properly cultivating Lin Fan.

He hoped that once Lin Fan became a Great Emperor, he could wash away his karma for him, and compete for the next generation’s Heaven Will Battle.

.. .

While the teachers of the Academy were having their little disagreement, the Elimination round of the Tournament had already begun.

Mo Xingyun was teleported to a random location inside the Secret Realm. Around her were a few Slaughter Devil beasts lying on the floor. Although these beasts were dead, there was no blood or wound on them.

They looked like dried mummies that were sucked dry of all their blood and internal organs.

Well, that is exactly what happened to them.

She looked in the distance while secretly thinking to herself: ‘Without the Gluttony Swallowing Scripture, my Heaven Devour Physique will never reach the level of the Ancestor.

‘However, I have an advantage over him, and that is that I was born in a very prosperous Era. All the top ten Heavenly Physique showed up all at once. The number of times this kind of thing happened in the history of the Myriad Emperor World can be counted in one hand–not to mention that even new physiques appear.

‘If I can swallow all of them, then my power can reach a level even beyond my Ancestor in his youth, prove the Dao and become an Eternal Emperor. However, these guys at the top are not so easy to mess with, so let’s begin with the bottom three physiques.

‘With the Mo family backing me, it should not be much of a problem if I swallow these guys from the Lower Realm, however the one from the Wors.h.i.+pping Dao Academy might be a slight problem.

‘Tsk, when did I–as a Devil Cultivator–actually care about other sects’ response. I’ll just openly swallow these guys. They cannot blame me if they are so weak. Furthermore, as long as I have a spot in the top 30 of this tournament, I will be problem free until the Primordial Spirit Realm.’

After thinking about this, Mo Xingyun then rushed in a certain direction, tracking her prey; she will not give them the opportunity to rise in this tournament.

Meanwhile, in another direction far from Mo Xingyun, a young cultivator from a Holy Land was slowly heading in one particular direction. If anyone were to observe him closely, they would find out that he had a numb look in his eyes.

It was like he was a puppet being controlled by someone, like he had no will of his own.

Inside this poor man’s Sea of Consciousness, a vague Shadow was suppressing his soul and controlling his body.

The shadow looked in the direction that the body was headed as it muttered to itself:

“I have finally found the owner of the Heaven Devour Physique. With her help, my plans can finally come to fruition. I have been waiting too long for this day.

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