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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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“What do you mean that we do not have a choice?” asked one of the demon race tribe chiefs.

“Do you guys think that talent is all it takes to cultivate an Eternal Emperor? Do you think that just because ‘he’ succeeded in his atavism that he will instantly become an Eternal Emperor?” asked the Golden Lion Chieftess.

The room then became quiet as everybody began to ponder the chieftess’ words. An Eternal Emperor is the highest echelon among all the Great Emperors that ever walks from the Myriad Emperor World.

Through countless Eras, trillions of years, and a myriad of generations, thousands upon thousands of Great Emperors, the number of Eternal Emperors could only be counted in both hands.

As a matter of fact, there can only be one Eternal Emperor at the end or beginning of an Era, and that is not even a guaranteed thing. The only exception being the Ancient Emperor Era–in which there were three of them.

Two of which came from the Dao Opening sect (Qiyuan Emperor and the Sword Empress) and the last one being the Human Emperor. Then there was the Absolute Beginning Emperor in the Incense Era, Empress Wu in the Devil Era, and one more in the Middle Emperor Era.

As for the current New Emperor Era, there has been no Eternal Emperor, hence one of the reasons that people believe that one will appear during this Glorious Age. Additionally, many people believe that a New Era will begin with the crowning of this Eternal Emperor.

As a matter of fact, only a very rare few individuals actually know one hundred percent what an Eternal Emperor is and how to achieve this realm. What most people know is the fact that Eternal Emperors are more powerful than Great Emperors and can easily defeat or slaughter them.

After people finished pondering the Golden Lion Chieftess’ words, one of them asked: “What does this have to do with the Golden Crow Tribe?”

“In order to train ‘him’ properly, he needs to go through trial and tribulations, compete with people of similar level as him in order to properly grow in both Will, spirit, vision, and Dao Heart. We have to train him to reach the levels of people like w.a.n.g Wei, Di Tian, and Ji Song, and even go beyond them. And during this entire process, he cannot be discovered by the human race.”

Everybody in the room nodded in agreement, then the Chief of the Power Ant Tribe said:

“We already knew all of this. Isn’t this the reason we decided to send ‘him’ out of our world’s community and into another Heaven Will World? Once he gets there, he can compete with Heaven Chosens of his level while hiding his ident.i.ty. When the time for the Heaven Will Battle of the Myriad Emperor World arrived, we can recall him back.”

All the chiefs nodded as this was the original plan that they had made in order to train their own Heaven Chosens. With this method, they can hit two birds with one stone by training their Heaven Chosens and hiding him at the same time.

“Well,” said the Golden Lion Chieftess while looking at the Golden Roc Chief and the Black Tiger Chief. “After going back and reviewing this plan, we realized that it is not feasible. At least not on our own.”

“Why not?” asked one person.

“Do you guys think it is easy to travel from one World Community to another? Even a Supreme Realm True Monarchs might spend their entire lifespan traveling from one World Community to another.

Only a Great Emperor and a few Origin Artifacts have that ability and they are in the hands of the truly powerful Emperor Lineages. Not to mention the price to activate these artifacts, and the fact that we have to do such a thing in complete stealth,” replied the Chief of the Black Tiger Tribe.

“So what are you guys saying?” asked one person.

“Our Demon Race does not have an Artifact that can travel to other World Communities. Well, to be precise, it was either stolen or destroyed by the human race and the Spirit Race,” answered the Chief of the Golden Roc Tribe.

“So, you guys are saying that the Golden Crow Tribe has one of these artifacts?”

“To be precise, they have a broken one. However, as long as enough price is paid, it should function without any problem,” replied the Golden Lion Chieftess.

All the chiefs started thinking about this problem. Even if they needed the help of the Golden Crow Tribe, it does not change the fact that they do not like them.

“Wait,” suddenly asked the Peac.o.c.k Tribe Chieftess. “Didn’t the Golden Crow Tribe wake up their Emperor Offsprings? Forget about helping us, how do we make sure that they would not betray us?”

“Because we will threaten them with an Emperor Dao War if they refuse to help us–let alone betray us,” answered the Golden Lion Chieftess calmly.

Then, all the other members who were not privy to this information before the meeting gasped out loud.

An Emperor Dao War involves two Emperor Lineages fighting each other to the point that one is completely destroyed. Then they would have to wake up all their Immortal Venerables and Dao Ancestors in order to fight, using all their Emperor Artifacts and Formations.

In short, they would have to wager their Tribes’ foundation against the Golden Crow Tribe. Now, one would think that with all these different tribes banding together, it should be an easy war.

However, all the chiefs in the room knew that this was not the case. The majority of Royal Demon Tribes have been greatly weakened throughout the years, thus rendering their foundations very weak. Meanwhile, the Golden Crow have managed to say out of the majority of disputes in the Myriad Emperor World. Their only compet.i.tors bend the Samadhi True Fire Sect, however they have had a peace treaty for many years–that was until the Yang Family showed up that they started fighting again.

So, an Emperor Dao War would not be an easy one to decide between these two groups.

“Will the Human Race allow such a war to take place?” suddenly asked one chief. For these people, the idea of starting an Emperor Dao War did not faze them.

The Demon Royal Court–which was the name of this alliance of all the powerful Tribes of the Demon Race–have paid too much just to give up right at the moment when they see hope. So, if they have to start such a large scale war in order to accomplish their goals, so be it.

“The humans will not care as long as it does not affect them. On the contrary, they will gladly watch any kind of infighting between us,” said the Golden Roc chief coldly.

“Not necessarily. The Devil Cultivators in the West would be more than happy to intervene, not to mention the Herd Raising Valley,” added the Battle Saint Ape Chief.

“Guys, I think all of you are missing the point. We are not really going to war with the Golden Crow Tribe, just threatening them with it, right?” asked the Peac.o.c.k Chieftess while looking at the Golden Lion Chieftess, the Golden Roc Chief and the Black Tiger Chief.

“You are partially right,” answered the Black Tiger Chief. “If the situation escalated beyond our predictions, then we should all be mentally prepared to start a real Emperor Dao War.”

The room then became somber as all the people started thinking about the possible ramifications of their actions. Then someone said: “Let’s decide this like we always did: by votes. Each tribe’s chief has one voting rights, while the Four Head Chiefs have two voting rights.”

Following which, a voting process took place. The Four Head Chiefs–referring to the Golden Lion Tribe, the Golden Roc Tribe, the Black Tiger Tribe and the Battle Saint Ape Tribe–voted in favor of asking the Golden Crow Tribe for help.

As a matter of fact, the majority of these tribes also voted in favor with a few exceptions that have either a very deep hatred for the Golden Tribe or for selfish reasons, did not want to partic.i.p.ate in an Emperor Dao War.

Since the majority decided, then a decision was made regarding this matter. However, one person had something to add to this situation.

“Wouldn’t it be better to ask the Golden Crow Tribe to have a Marriage Alliance with us through the Emperor Offspring?”

“Well, ‘his’ bloodline is not inferior to hers when it comes to n.o.bility, so it would be a perfect match. And if they had descendants, I cannot imagine how powerful and n.o.ble such a bloodline would be,” responded one of the chiefs.

“We can make this proposition to them, but you guys should not have any high hopes,” replied the Golden Lion Chieftess.

“Why not?”

“Well, the Emperor Offspring is a Supreme Realm True Monarch, so no one can force her to do anything she does not want to do.”

“Well, we can leave the decision to her.”

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