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After turning his head around, w.a.n.g Wei saw Su Ya approaching him. However, her hair had turned black this time. So, he wondered what were the conditions that decided what color it turned into? Could it be based on her emotions? However, w.a.n.g Wei shook his head as this would easily reveal what state of mind she was in.

Even if that was the case, he would never use her hair as an indication of what emotions she was feeling. For a person who can easily control other people’s emotions and desires, there is no reason not to believe that she could not control her own.

“Young Lady Su Ya, what can I do for you?”

“Do I have to want something from you in order to start a conversation? Or, do young master w.a.n.g Wei find it tiring or bothersome to converse with both the second and third most beautiful woman of the world?”

“Huh, you’re…”

“Didn’t you know?” asked Su Ya with a cunning smile on her face. “Or did you think that I am not worthy to take the number 2 spot?”

w.a.n.g Wei smiled after hearing this before replying, “To be frank, I have just arrived yesterday and as such, I am not privy to much information. Not to mention that I have been enamored by Miss Wu Hong during this meeting and that I have paid little attention to many things around me. So, please do not take offense. And you are more than welcome to join our conversation.”

Su Ya then gave him a deep look. She did not think that he would use this situation to actually flirt with another woman. Well, at least she learned something new about w.a.n.g Wei; that he is the kind of person that knows what he wants and goes directly and boldly after it.

Su Ya then gave a quick look at Wu Hong in order to see her response. However, she was calm throughout the entire situation. Whether it was w.a.n.g Wei’s little compliment or declaration of her presence that interrupted their conversations, she did not seem to be bothered by any of it.

Moreover, Su Ya discovered that she could not read any of Wu Hong’s emotions. This was a rare thing as she could read the emotions of all the people in the room–including w.a.n.g Wei. She seemed to be in an eternal state of calmness. However, Su Ya could tell that this was just a disguise to prevent herself from reading her emotions.

Among all the geniuses in the room, all of them have tried to hide their emotions deep in their minds, their souls. However, Su Ya can see what they are feeling–even for people of the caliber of Lin Fan and Ji Song.

The majority of them are feeling either l.u.s.t or desire to acquire Xi s.h.i.+. Su Ya can also feel a terrible hatred emanating out of Ji Song for w.a.n.g Wei. And similar hatred can be felt from the junior and senior brothers that accompanied Jian Wushuang to the meeting. To be precise, what they are feeling is more on the line of hostility.

Since this meeting, there are two things that surprised Su Ya. One was that she was incapable of reading Wu Hong’s emotions, and the other was that w.a.n.g Wei actually never tried to hide his. To be exact, he was so in tune with his.

As a person with the Seven Emotions Six Desires Physique, Su Ya knows how powerful emotions and desires can be. A perfect example of that was the Heart Demon Calamity that all cultivators have to go through when they break through the Primordial Spirit Realm.

In order to use the Good Fortune Flame to refine the soul into a Primordial Spirit, the power of emotion will be needed. Cultivators have to face their inner self and desires.

At that time, all cultivators will have two options: the first one is to practice the Indifferent Dao and give up all your emotions, while the second one is to accept them, understand them, and learn to control them.

If a cultivator used the first method, then the Heart Demon Calamity will be an easy thing for them. However, as a result, they will turn into emotionless and numb beings that only pursue power. They will not recognize families, friends, and loved ones.

All these types of people care about is to increase their cultivation levels. These cultivators are referred to as Deprived Cultivators, or better yet, Devil Cultivators. They are not liked by the general population due to their ruthlessness and cruel ways of doing anything for power. As such, they are forced to live in the Western Continent.

As a matter of fact, Devil Cultivators did not exist in the Myriad Emperor World until the Devil Era, where the entire world was invaded and enslaved for an entire Era by another Heaven Will World known as the Nine Devil G.o.d World.

As for the cultivators to choose to experience the Heart Demon Tribulation normally in the Primordial Spirit Realm, they are considered the Orthodox Way of cultivating.

And in order to pa.s.s the tribulation, they have to be in tune or in sync with your emotions; they have to understand how and why they feel and a certain point, until they understand their higher self. And the Primordial Spirit is a physical manifestation of the higher self, higher consciousness.

The reason that Su Ya became interested in talking to w.a.n.g Wei was because of how in-tune he was with his emotions–despite nor having gone through the Heart Demon Tribulation. And of course he had a question she was dying to know.

After taking a few seconds to get comfortable in her new seat, Su Ya then proceeded to ask: “Young master w.a.n.g Wei, I am confused about something. Why do I find little to no trace of arrogance in you?”

“Huh what do you mean?” replied w.a.n.g Wei back with a confused look on his face. He did not understand where this question came from.

“Well, I can sense the pride and arrogance of all these Heaven Chosens from Emperor Lineages–especially towards the other people from Supreme Lands or Holy Lands. They looked down on them and think they are not worthy to even be in the same room as them.

“Although some of them try to hide this pride and arrogance deeply, it cannot evade my senses. Even geniuses like Lin Fan and Jian Wushuang who came from the Lower Realm have this pride and arrogance in them.

“But you are different. I can sense that you do not look down on them; you even have appreciation for a few of them–especially the ones that perform admirably in the little test you left in the entrance. So, I am curious why that is?”

The room instantly became quiet, even the poor guy that was still performing stopped his actions. All the people in this room are in the Supernatural Realm, so it is quite easy for them to hear Su Ya’s words with their keen senses.

As such, many people have different reactions. All the people from Lower Background secretly clenched their hands and teeth. Although they already knew how these Heaven Chosens from Emperor Lineages felt about them, it still hurt when spoken out loud right to their faces.

People like Ji Song and Sun Jiaolong did care about Su Ya’s words; they knew of their arrogance and have no plans to change it–of course that is true for Ji Song. As for Sun Jiaolong, as a Ruler, he will never show his contempt for other people as they are possible followers.

Meanwhile, both Lin Fan and Jian Wushuang, they both were secretly ashamed. Lin Fan was not ashamed of the fact that his arrogance and pride were revealed, but due his status from the Lower Realm.

Ever since he came to the Myriad Emperor World with his family, he has been struggling to accept his background, he was ashamed of it. Despite the fact that he became the True Disciple of the Emperor Enlightening Academy, meaning that he is the future headmaster of the Academy, his background has been bothering him.

Things got worse when he realized his background was not just a psychological problem, but resulted in him lagging behind many of the Heaven Chosens from Emperor Lineages.

There was much knowledge he was not privy to before which resulted in his vision being lowered than theirs, not to mention that the compet.i.tive environment in the Lower Realm was child’s play compared to the one in the Myriad Emperor World. His Dao Protector even admitted to him that the Academy regretted letting grow up in the Lower Realm as they did not foresee that the compet.i.tion in this Glorious Age would be so intense.

This is one of the reasons that despite having the number 1 physique, Lin Fan has the lowest ranking of all the current Heaven Chosens in the room.

As for Jian Wushuang, the reason that he was ashamed was because Su Ya’s words reminded him that he has forgotten his origin, and that showed that his mindset is not as powerful as he imagined.

As for w.a.n.g Wei, after pondering for a few seconds, he answered; “Well,…”

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