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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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While the whole world and government of different countries were trying to find the cause of this phenomena and how to properly deal with it, something incredible happened to w.a.n.g Wei. As soon as his intuition took effect, he got up and ran outside. Unfortunately for him, before he got far, a s.p.a.ce crack suddenly appeared and swallowed him.

Afterward, w.a.n.g Wei found himself travelling in a vacuum-like environment–except that there was no planet or stars around him. The only thing around him was darkness. Sadly for him, it did not take long before his body was destroyed. The only thing remaining of his existence was a milky white cloud like substance that he a.s.sumed to be his soul.

“Danm, I’m in big trouble this time,” he proclaimed. “I have to find a way out of this situation or I will definitely die.”

Many negative emotions were going through his head. But he forced himself to calm down. He focused his attention around while ignoring the fact that his soul was slowly dying out. He soon noticed a bunch of blue light spots scattered around in the void; they s.h.i.+ned like stars in the night, yet strangely, if you did not focus on them, you could not notice them.

“No time to think now. This may be my only chance.”

He moved his already fading soul to the nearest spot. As soon as he touched the light spot, it was immediately absorbed by him. He discovered that these blue light spots could stabilize his dying soul. Afterward, he moved his soul and absorbed as many of the blue spots as possible. w.a.n.g Wei did not notice that as he absorbed more and more blue spots, his soul started to turn purple. All he cared about was how to save his life.

During his travel, he lost his perception of time: he felt that eons had pa.s.sed, at the same time, he felt that only a few seconds had pa.s.sed. w.a.n.g Wei didn’t know how long he took, but he suddenly found a very bright light in front of him and he rushed into it.

Myriad Emperor World, Central Continent, Dao Opening Sect.

A man dressed in a white ancient gown laced with golden thread stood in front of a room. There were many other people standing behind him, indicating that this man had a great status. Although he looked calm on the surface, you could see the worry in his eyes.

At the same time, if you look at close at him, you could feel a supreme sword intent that could sunder the heaven itself. His name was w.a.n.g Tian, the Sect Master of the Dao Opening Sect. The people behind were the Great Elders, Elders, and Deacons of the sect.

Each of these people had a tremendously high status in the world and a single word from them could affect the lives of billions of people. However, they all stood in front of a house, not daring to make a sound.

The reason for that is that today, the Sect Madam will give birth. They all had a look of expectation in their faces and a look of worry.

During this stressful time, many people were watching and waiting for the birth of this son. A great deal of expectations were placed onto this unborn child. Many powerful Divine Senses were secretly observing this delivery to ensure that no mistake will take place.

However, despite all the commotion, despite that all the powerful cultivators of the sects who were spying on this room, no one noticed a shadow standing in the delivery room looking weirdly at the just born w.a.n.g Wei and his mother.

The shadow blended with the world, and yet was still separate from it. It stood there waiting for something. As for what he was waiting for, only he himself knew.

The people outside did not have to wait long when something unexpected happened. The moment the baby was born, a great pressure of the soul swept throughout the whole world.

The feeling was like a supreme emperor looking at them: they felt like ants looking at the might of Heaven. The feeling only lasted for a few breaths, but had a lasting effect on the whole world. Many powerful cultivators felt that supreme breath and looked in the direction of the Dao Opening Sect.

Soon afterward, a vision soon enveloped the entire Central Continent. The vision involves many auspicious beasts such as dragons, phoenixes, and Qilin hovering around. They seemed to be celebrating the arrival of this baby. Then there were many Sages and Supreme Beings paying their respect: they displayed the utmost respect to the being superior to them. Then myriad races appeared and kowtowed to the baby.

All these visions were accompanied by Heavenly Music that sooth the soul and countless purple clouds.

This vision shocked the many forces in the Myriad Emperor World. They only had one thought in their mind: a True Heaven Chosen has appeared in the Dao Opening Sect. The majority of people were not happy about this.

The Dao Opening Sect was very powerful, but they had not produced a new Great Emperor for millions of years. In this generation, they did not even have a proper Heaven Chosen that could compete for the Heaven Will, but now, things have changed.

The two most worried groups after seeing this are the Emperor Enlightenment Academy and the Heaven Mystery Pavilion. The former was the direct compet.i.tor of the Dao Opening Sect, while the latter was having some trouble at this moment.

Somewhere in the Heaven Mystery Pavilion, the moment the visions appeared, an old man opened his eyes in shock and confusion. He looked in a certain direction and used his finger to calculate the secrets of heaven. He wanted to know why there was an anomaly in his prediction.

According to his calculation, the Dao Opening Sect should not be a major compet.i.tor for the Heaven Will this generation.

As he was calculating, a mysterious aura appeared around him. Then a river appeared behind: This was the famous River of Fate. As the old man–known as Old Chu–started calculating, he suddenly opened his eyes in horror and spit out a mouthful of blood, his body began to dry up and he turned so skinny that you could not tell the difference between his skin and his bones.

The sky in the Heaven Mystery Pavilion turned turbulent, which alarmed all the disciples and elders of the sect. When the Pavilion Master found the old man, he was shocked and said: “Supreme Elder Chu, what happened? What’s wrong with you?”

“The Secrets of Heaven are in chaos and have been hidden. In this Supreme Era of Resurgence, the impossible will become possible.”

After saying this, Old Chu pa.s.sed out. The Pavilion Master and Elders of the Heaven Mystery Pavilion were greatly surprised. The Supreme Elder Chu was currently one of the best cultivators good at divination that was active, but he suffered from such serious backlash.

Soon afterward, news of the incident that happened in the Heaven Mystery Pavilion was spread throughout the world. Everyone knew that an undercurrent was going on. This generation’s fight for the Heaven Will will be full of ups and down: it will not be as simple as past ones.

Meanwhile, in the Dao Opening Sect, w.a.n.g Wei opened his eyes and soon realized that he was a baby.

Meanwhile, the moment that the shadow was waiting for arrived, and a look of antic.i.p.ation could be seen in his face–of course that is if anyone could actually see him.

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