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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After returning back to the capital, w.a.n.g Wei spent a few days making sure everything was fine, then prepared to leave.

Of course many turbulence occurred throughout the territory when the news that the Wise Sage, His Majesty w.a.n.g Wei was actually leaving soon to the Higher Realm.

Many people cried, many people begged for him to stay, while some blessed him on his journey.

As for the officials, they seemed to have organized a protest asking for w.a.n.g Wei to reconsider his decision. Even since he announced the news, many of them have been kneeling in front of the Imperial Palace claiming that they would not leave until his majesty changed his mind.

However, w.a.n.g Wei ignored them. More than four years ago, he had already warned these people so that they would br ready.

On the last night before leaving, w.a.n.g Wei was standing on top of the Imperial Palace looking at the vast territory that he ruled.

Then, he took a little trip down memory lane. He remembered how insignificant he was in his previous life compared to now.

Back on Earth, he used to slave daily in order to climb up the ladder in his company. And compared with the people of his age, he did not have some success. However, all of these are nothing compared to ruling a dynasty with billions of people.

His every word, actions, and slight insinuation could determine the fate of so many people, the fate of an entire world.

Not to mention his strength. With his current ability, he could probably destroy the entire Earth with just one punch. Forget the Earth, he doubts whether the entire Solar System could survive his [World Breaking Fist].

And that was far from his limit. When he one day manages to prove the Dao, not just one Small Thousand World will bow to him, but thousands of them. Especially after absorbing the power of merit, w.a.n.g Wei’s plan after becoming Emperor was finalized.

As a result of this plan, his Will will be spread to myriad worlds and races in the Endless Void. His name will bring both despair and hope to trillions of lives; he will control the fate of so many people and worlds.

This is one of the reasons that he was not so homesick after reincarnating into this world. Compared to his possible future in this world, his life back on Earth was too insignificant.

Although he sometimes missed his family back on Earth, he did not mind that much as he believed that as long as he reached a certain level of strength, he might be able to see them again.

As for the pa.s.sage of time?

Well, w.a.n.g Wei believed that as long as his strength is high enough, time will never be an obstacle for the things he wants to accomplish.

While w.a.n.g Wei was thinking about his past and future, he heard the sound of someone walking towards him. From the soul fluctuation, he knew that it was Dong Lifen, so he was puzzled why she came to see him this late at night.

Dong Lifen came next to w.a.n.g Wei, but she did not say anything for a few minutes: she just watched over the beauty of the capital fully lit during the night.

Then, she seemed to have made a decision, so she ran into w.a.n.g Wei’s arm and kissed him on the lips, to his complete surprise.

After waking up from his shock, he removed his lips from hers and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

Dong Lifen lowered his head before looking him straight in the eyes: “I want to spend the night with his majesty before you leave.”

w.a.n.g Wei’s eyebrow was raised after hearing this, then he said, “You should know that this will not change anything between us.”

“I know, but this is my choice, and I’m willing to live with it.”

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the confident and stubborn look on her eyes, then he smiled. He lifted up, then headed straight for his Dragon Bed.

The next morning, Don Lifen woke up. Immediately, she winced a little, then blushed when thinking about how crazy the two of them were last night. She finally understood how powerful his majesty’s fleshly body was.

After turning her head to the side, a flash of sadness pa.s.sed through her eyes when she noticed that there was no one beside her. She sighed, then looked at the blood stain in the sheet. With a wave of her hand, she places it in her s.p.a.ce ring, then gets dressed.

However, as soon as Dong Lifen finished dressing, w.a.n.g Wei walked in to her slight delight.

“Have you made a decision of what you are going to do?” asked w.a.n.g Wei calmly.

After a few seconds, she replied, “I decided to stay in this world, after all, it is my home. However, I hope your majesty can take my master with you. Her dreams and aspirations are not the same as mine.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded, not too surprised by her decision. Then, he took out the Conferred G.o.d List and the Imperial Seal before saying, “In that case, let me give you a departing gift in order to help you achieve your goals.”

Dong Lifen looked at these two things with a look of shock on her face. She understood the meaning of these two things; it means that she is the legitimate successor of the Great Xia Dynasty.

After pondering for a few seconds, she reached out and took both of them. “Your majesty, you knew of my plans?”

w.a.n.g Wei smiled before answering, “I always knew that you were an ambitious woman. However, I have to warn you, although I hand over the dynasty to you, whether you can keep it is another matter.”

“Now, technically speaking, this world belongs to the sect I’m from, so no other people have the right to intervene. However, nothing is set in stone. So, you have to watch out for possible interference from people in my world.

Dong Lifen nodded, knowing that her future was full of challenges, however, she was ready for it.

Then, she suddenly asked, “Your majesty.”

“You can call me w.a.n.g Wei.”

Dong Lifen hesitated for a while before saying, “Young Master w.a.n.g Wei, did you hand over the dynasty as a way to pay off the karma of what happened last night?”

w.a.n.g Wei was a little caught by surprise by this question, then he answered: “You are partially right. However, the real reason for me doing this is because I want to see how far you can go.”

After saying this, he took a deep look at her, then held her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Afterwards, he left the palace without hesitation.

After flying for a few seconds, he saw Li Jun, Yan Liling, w.a.n.g Ju, The Five Name General, Tie Gang and Yu Siyu, who sighed after seeing w.a.n.g Wei coming alone.

“Is she really not coming?” she asked, fully knowing the answer.

“You know her better than any of us, so you should have antic.i.p.ated this outcome,” replied w.a.n.g Wei calmly. Afterwards, he looked into the sky.

Soon afterwards, a s.p.a.ce crack appeared and swallowed everyone, transporting them in the Endless Void in front of True Monarch Yan Chen.

“Excellent trial, Young master. You complete it even better than the sect antic.i.p.ated. Not just him, all of you did an excellent job,” praised the True Monarch.

While most of the people had a calm smile on their faces, both Tie Gang and Yu Siyu had a look of shock on their faces as this was their first time being teleported.

Furthermore, they were told of how powerful this smiling elder actually was. This was a Supreme Realm powerhouse, the being closest to the Great Emperor, so they were in awe after meeting. As a result, both of them remain quiet and try to reduce their presence.

Unfortunately, this was not possible as Yan Chen started addressing them next.

“When you reach our world, something extraordinary will happen to you both. All you need to remember is not to panic, afterwards, you will be greatly rewarded.

w.a.n.g Wei smiled after seeing this. He expected this kind of behavior from Yu Siyu, but it was odd to see Tie Gang also act this way.

After all, the impression this guy gave him was that he did not fear nothing between Heaven and Earth. This was proven after he decided to challenge him right after watching his battle with Ji Song.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at True Monarch Yan Chen before asking, “Supreme Elder, are we leaving the same way we came?”

“No,” replied Yan Chen while shaking his head. “Since we are the winners of the trial, the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty handed over the Ascension Teleportation Array.”

Everyone then nodded, so Yan Chen activated the array after everyone was ready.

After a few seconds, the entire group only saw the world twisted up and down, then they found themselves leaving the desolate void.

w.a.n.g Wei immediately realized that he was in the Heavenspan Domain, where the Dao Opening Sect was located. He took a deep breath, thus absorbing a vast amount of spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth.

“Oh, the sweet smell of home,” said w.a.n.g Wei with an excited look on his face.


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