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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Despite the fact that w.a.n.g Wei allied himself to be injured in order to increase the strength of his fleshly body, he did not like the feeling of being abused by his opponent.

So, his pettiness got the best of him as he decided to pay back ten fold, hundred fold to Ji Song.

After saying these words, a powerful aura suddenly emanated out of w.a.n.g Wei, then the Heaven changed.

The sky of the entire Warring Kingdom world suddenly turned deep grey, the same color as w.a.n.g Wei’s hair. Then, lightning clouds suddenly covered the entire world.

All the people suddenly felt that the end of the world was happening. A supreme aura traveled throughout the world, forcing the majority of people or beast to kneel down–including all the cultivators.

There were only a handful of people capable of still standing, however, they still had to endure a powerful suppression.

Great Xia Dynasty, Li Jun and Yan Liling felt the pressure and they both had a frown on their face.

“Is that?” asked Yan Liling.

“Yes, that’s big brother w.a.n.g Wei’s aura. I’ve never seen him so worked up. I suddenly felt sorry for Crown Prince Ji Song.” replied

“Are you saying that his majesty did this?” asked Dong Lifen who was kneeling on the ground. To which, Li Jun just nodded as he did not want to waste that much energy talking.

As for Dong Lifen, she had a shocked look on her face. Although she knew that w.a.n.g Wei was powerful, it wasn’t until today that she knew how powerful he was.

To be able to create celestial phenomena just because of his mood, this was the powers of G.o.ds and Immortals in legends. After thinking about this, a desolate mood suddenly appeared on Dong Lifen’s face.

Great Shu Dynasty:

Feng Heng was sweating as he looked at his subordinates that were forced to kneel on the ground. He wanted to do something, but he was also bearing tremendous pressure, so he went back into his temple and activated all the formation.

Feng Heng then sighed in relief. Afterwards, he called out, “Master, what is going on?”

s.h.i.+ Fuyu then appeared with a frown on his face. He waved his hand, then a scream of the battle between w.a.n.g Wei and Ji Song appeared inside the temple.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Lava Region, Ji Song instinctively took a step back after feeling the aura coming out of w.a.n.g Wei’s body, then he instantly shrugged off the pressure that surrounded him.

As for w.a.n.g Wei, he did not say anything more. He clenched his hand, then took the posture of a punch. The s.p.a.ce around suddenly vibrated with the contraction of his muscles. He roared, “[Wind Calamity]” before throwing the punch.


A ma.s.sive explosion occurred, following which, millions of black winds appeared before forming countless cyclones, tornadoes, or hurricanes. And all these natural phenomena were actually thousands of kilometers in size or height.

w.a.n.g Wei’s punch created countless rapidly moving windstorms that twisted themselves in all directions, wis.h.i.+ng to destroy or cut everything in their paths.

As for Ji Song, he found himself surrounded by many powerful disasters that wanted to cut him into tiny pieces. So, without hesitation, he waved his hand to create a barrier around him.

However, this was no ordinary barrier, but one created by pus.h.i.+ng the gravity outwards from him in all directions, thus preventing the black winds from even touching him.

Unfortunately for Ji Song, his [Gravity s.h.i.+eld] only lasted a few seconds before it was cut apart by countless wind blades, then the attack reached him.


Another explosion occurred. The black winds became even more erratic after hitting the target. The majority of the land of the Northern Region had countless deep cuts on them. Some of them were so deep that they formed ravines.

As for Ji Song who was in the center of the attack, he managed to survive, however he was quite miserable.

His armor was completely destroyed, many deep cut wounds could be seen all over his body; some of them even showed his bones. However, this was not the worst part of his wounds.

One of his arms was cut off and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of it like a fountain. JI Song instantly used his origin qi to stop the bleeding before doing an inhaling motion with his mouth.

He wanted to absorb the life energy of the earth in order to heal himself, unfortunately he did not reach the realm where he can regrow his limbs. As a matter of fact, even w.a.n.g Wei has not reached this stage and won’t reach it until he finishes refining his bones.

After realizing this, Ji Song then used lava to create a prosthetic arm for himself. Although it was not as good as his real one, it would have to do for now.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei had already launched his second attack. The attack he used this time was called [Thunder Calamity].

After throwing that punch, thunder and lightning enveloped the entire Northern Region, turning it into a thunder field.

And all of these thunder had one purpose: to destroy Ji Song. Even the clouds in the sky started raining thunder.

Ji Song immediately used all the lava on the floor to wrap around him and turned into a rock coc.o.o.n. On top of that, he also used his [Gravity Field]. However, the thunder was not playing around.

It destroyed the gravity protection, then the earth s.h.i.+eld before hitting Ji Song, destroying every part of his body. An intense pain suddenly a.s.saulted him as he felt that every part of him was slowly burning.

In the end, Ji Song screamed out loud for a long time before the attack stopped. By then, all his skin and muscle was burned black by the lightning, leaving lightning shaped scar all over his back and front.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei took a very brief moment to admire these two powerful attacks that he learned from the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture] over the past few years.

Since his body–skin and muscle–used both wind and lightning to tempered them, there are techniques in the scripture on how to use these elements as a form of attack.

Previously, w.a.n.g Wei did not completely learn about them, but managed to comprehend them fully during his retreat in chaotic s.p.a.ce.

After that, w.a.n.g Wei used the thunder in his muscle to boost his speed. With more than 7 booms, he reached Mach 7 speed and instantly appeared in front of Ji Song and grabbed him by his head, before flying into the air.

Ji Song took the opportunity to attack w.a.n.g Wei with another [Gravity Punch], however his attack had no effect this time. w.a.n.g Wei’s Innate Field detached itself from his skin and turned into a s.h.i.+eld that block the attack.

Ji Song was surprised as he never saw this field behave this way before. Of course he did not know that this was an ability that w.a.n.g Wei just developed after the beating he received.

Despite his failure, Ji Song did not stop; he continued to attack the Innate Field, however, it was of no use. w.a.n.g Wei dragged him by the face into the sky, then he rushed straight into the ground with all his force.


w.a.n.g Wei slammed Ji Song on the ground with tremendous power, creating powerful shockwaves that traveled. The shockwave was so powerful that it did not stop after traveling throughout the entire Northern Region, but also headed to the Central region.

If that shockwave even hit that area, countless people would die as a result. Luckily for w.a.n.g Wei, True Monarch Yan Chen intervened in time and prevented it from reaching beyond the Northern Region.

As for Ji Song, he screamed again as most of the bones in his body were crushed. He threw out a big mouthful of blood. Many of his internal organs were out of place. However, w.a.n.g Wei was not done.

He picked up Ji Sing from the ground and threw him in the air, then he threw another punch. This time he combined the [Thunder Calamity] with his [Dragon Sovereign Fist].

As such, a powerful thunder dragon a few kilometers long manifested itself. It brought with it the pride and aloofness of a divine beasts, while at the same time representing the might of Heaven and Earth.

The Dragon rushed straight towards Ji Song, wis.h.i.+ng to destroy him in both body and soul, wanting to destroy every single aspect of his existence.

However, right before it did so, a giant illusory image appeared from Ji Song’s body and protected him from the majority of the damage.

As such, only one of his legs was completely ripped off by the dragon before he landed on the ground. As for w.a.n.g Wei, he frowned after seeing this as he could feel a familiar feeling from this illusory image that appeared; it was as if he knew or saw that person before.

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