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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei flew in one direction with all his strength. With his rapid movement, he almost reached the speed of sound. After a few minutes, he saw a forest not far from, so he activated his True Vision without hesitation.

There, he saw a Purple Qi Luck Dragon lazily lying there, happily swimming around as if this was its lair.

“Caught you!” muttered w.a.n.g Wei before rus.h.i.+ng straight towards the person that this Luck Dragon belonged to.

However, midway through, he was intercepted by a bunch of flying demonic beasts.

With just a few punches, these demonic beasts exploded into millions of drops of blood, before scattering on the ground. However, there were just too many of them. No matter how many he killed, they kept on coming for him.

What’s worse was the fact that w.a.n.g Wei noticed that the person he was chasing suddenly started running away. So, without hesitation, he landed on the ground, then rushed after that person.

In just a few seconds, a burst of clouds suddenly appeared.


w.a.n.g We broke through the speed of sound, traveling at a speed of 343 meters per second.

Despite his newfound speed, the demonic beasts kept coming at him. However, w.a.n.g Wei did not care nor stopped to engage them in battle. He straight up just rammed his powerful fleshly body into these demonic beasts.

When these beasts. .h.i.t the Innate Aura that surrounds his skin, they just explode into countless flesh and blood, while w.a.n.g Wei just continues pa.s.sing by them without even looking back at them. As such, he just left a path of carnage in his wake.

After a few seconds, w.a.n.g Wei saw a hooded person waiting for him. It seemed that person knew that they could not outrun w.a.n.g Wei, so they stopped.

Standing a few meters from the Heaven Chosen of the Herd Raising Valley, w.a.n.g Wei then said, “So, you dare to do such an atrocious thing, but you do not dare to show your face.”

“Sacred Son w.a.n.g Wei, are you angry that your people actually suffered or that they suffered while under your care?” responded a beautiful and melodious voice.

Then, the person removed their hood, revealing a beautiful woman. This woman had a wild and savage temperament, yet she still dressed like an aristocratic lady that has never worked a day in her life. What’s more, her wild temperament and n.o.ble dress seemed to blend perfectly together, adding a touch of charisma to her.

What’s more noteworthy about this woman was her eyes. In her eyes, w.a.n.g Wei saw countless beasts roaring together; there were even mythical beasts like dragons, phoenix, and pixiu. Then, all the beasts seemed to blend together.

“I’m curious, how did you find me so quickly?” she asked.

“It was the trap beast in the plain. At first, they were mindless and rus.h.i.+ng around with any purpose, but suddenly, they started working together to break the walls that caged them.”

“Immediately, I knew that someone was actively controlling them, so I had my Shadow Guards searched around for anything suspicious as I knew that you could not be too far in order to provide such detailed order.”

“It turns out like this. Given that your Great Xia is currently the most powerful dynasty, I wanted my little babies to do some more destruction. However, it seems that I was a little too rushed with my action.”

w.a.n.g Wei did not say anything more. The reason he even answered her in the first place was to observe her, after which, he suddenly said, “Myriad Beasts Physique?”

“That is correct.”

“No wonder you can control so many beasts with your cultivation level,” replied w.a.n.g Wei with a sudden realization. He always wondered how this person could control so many demonic beasts.

Even with the idea that this person did not have to control all the beasts to enact her plans, she still would need the ability to somehow influence all the demonic beasts and give them a general direction to do things.

After all, only a person with high cultivation in the Herd Raising Valley could actually influence all the demonic beasts of an entire world.

Now, he finally understood the reason. This Heaven Chosen possessed the number 30 Heavenly Physique, the Myriad Beasts Body. This physique is actually very special.

It provides the owner with the ability to control and communicate with demonic beasts through the soul, it brings its owner a great affinity with demonic beasts, thus preventing them from rarely getting attacked by them even as mortals.

And more importantly, it allows the owner to be able to upgrade the bloodline of low level demonic beasts until they reach the point of being called Demon Race.

As such, another name for this physique is Lord of Demons. Of course, as a result, the Demon Race loathed this name and has hunted down anyone with this physique since ancient times. Unless the owner of the Myriad Beasts Physique takes refuge in a powerful Emperor Lineage, their fates are always dead at the hands of the Demon Race.

Of course, all of these abilities are not the reasons that this physique is special. The real reason is due to the fact that it allows its owner to absorb the blood essence or source blood of any Demonic Beast or Demon Race and acquire not only their bloodlines talents, but also cultivate a very powerful fleshly body.

Because of this, people with the Myriad Beasts Physique have also hunted the Heaven Chosen of the Demon Race with Imperial Bloodlines in order to absorb their source blood and steal their talents.

This resulted in the long feud between the Myriad Beasts Physique and the Demon Race.

In fact, one of the most powerful owners of this physique actually acquired a few drops of blood essence from a phoenix in a Secret Realm. This was a rare thing since Innate Lifeforms like Dragon and Phoenix have never appeared in the Myriad Emperor World.

From records and a few remaining Secret Realms, cultivators know that these powerful Demon Race existed before the Null Era, however, they did not survive through modern times.

After taking a moment to review the information he knew about the Myriad Beast Physique, w.a.n.g Wei came back to his senses and prepared to deal with the current situation.

“Let me introduce myself,” suddenly said the Heaven Chosen of the Herd Raising Valley. “My name is Liu Meixiu, this generation’s Young Beast Lord of the Herd Raising Valley.”

“Normally speaking, It would be my pleasure to know any beautiful woman. But, do you think I care about your ident.i.ty in this situation?”

“Haha, you are indeed right,” replied Liu Meixiu, then she waved her hand. Following which, all the beasts around instantly became bloodl.u.s.t and started attacking w.a.n.g Wei.

No, to be precise, they started a suicide bombing attacks against him. Countless demonic beasts started exploding together, forming a ma.s.sive chain reaction.


All the explosions blended together to form a ma.s.sive mushroom cloud explosion with w.a.n.g Wei in the middle. The radius around a few kilometers in the forest was caught in the explosion.

Meanwhile, on top of a flying bird, Liu Meixiu watched all of this, then she rapidly made a few movements with her hands while chanting something. Following which, a special energy wave emanating from traveled to all the demonic beasts still alive in the forest.

Then, the wave traveled through the bloodline of the demonic beasts, instantly reaching every corner of this world. Whether it was the Great Xia, Great Zhou or Great Shu Dynasty, or the Western Desert or Northern Frozen Land, the energy wave reached all the demonic beasts there. The only place that remained unaffected was the Southern Region.

Following Liu Meixiu’s origin ability, all the demonic beasts suddenly roared together in the sky, then they exploded themselves. Every single one of them. Just like that, the Beast Plague that ravaged this world ended.

Countless people all over the world watched this happen with a puzzled look on their faces, not knowing what exactly happened–except for w.a.n.g Wei.

After the explosion, he was completely fine. This attack did not even break his Innate Field that protects him. However, he was still pushed a few hundred meters away.

After the more 5000 degree heat subsided along with all the dust clouds, w.a.n.g Wei looked in the direction of Liu Meixiu. He suddenly felt something was wrong, so he rushed towards her. However, he was instantly repelled by a golden s.h.i.+eld that manifested in front of her.

Then, w.a.n.g Wei sensed a powerful will manifesting around him, then countless golden lights suddenly rushed inside Liu Meixiu’ s body.

“Heavenly Dao’s Blessing?” muttered w.a.n.g Wei, who then activated his True Eyes Vision. He saw how after absorbing the golden light, Liu Meixiu’s Qi Dragon turned from purple to purple-gold.

Afterwards, a tiny golden spot came from the sky and landed in her hand. She looked at it with a frown before saying, “So little merit? Well, given the situation, it could not be helped.”

According to her original plan, she should have killed all demonic beasts a little later, after they had caused more destruction. Unfortunately, w.a.n.g Wei’s arrival forced her to advance her plans to an earlier time.

After her transformation was finished, Liu Meixiu absorbed the merit in her body, then crushed the talisman in her hand. Then, a s.p.a.ce crack appeared and swallowed her.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei who noticed her escaping, rushed towards her, however, she had already entered the s.p.a.ce crack by the time he arrived. Nevertheless, he did not give up.

He plunged his hand inside the s.p.a.ce crack and grabbed something. Without hesitation, he used all his millions of jin of force and yanked something out.

w.a.n.g Wei suddenly heard a terrible shrill, then he took out a beautiful and fair arm from the s.p.a.ce crack. He looked at it with a frown, then he looked in the sky before muttering, “Liu Meixiu? You should know that I’m the kind of person who can hold a grudge for a long time.” Then, he placed her hand in his s.p.a.ce ring, hoping he could use it in the future.

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