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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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A few days after w.a.n.g Wei left his seclusion, in a city far from the Great Xia Capital.

This day was supposed to be an ordinary day like every other day. The people woke up, prayed for blessings for his majesty, had breakfast then went to work.

The kids were sent to the free schools created by the Great Xia. Some went on their own family’s Flying Horse Carriage, while others took a public one. As for the less wealthy one, the school designated a special Flying Horse Carriage to take them from their home to school.

This was supposed to be a normal or average day. Unfortunately, it was not. At around noon, the entire city suddenly started trembling. At first people thought that it was a dragon moving to its back or using modern terms, an earthquake.

However, the trembling was different from that. Instead of shaking everything, the trembling seemed to be rhythmic. To be precise, it sounded like countless hoof stampeding at the same time.

Before the people of the city could react, the alarm of the city sounded, alarming the people that the city was under attack. Unfortunately, before anyone could react, the sky suddenly turned black.

When the people raised their heads, all they saw was a black ma.s.s rapidly enveloping the entire city, obscuring the clouds above them. No, it seemed to be obscuring the Heavens itself.

After closer observation, some people realized with horror that this so-called “black ma.s.s” was actually a horde of flying demonic beasts.

Before anyone could react, the flying beasts suddenly attacked all the citizens of this city. The sky then rained fire, ice, thunder, swords, and winds. Any derivations of the Five Element attacks were used by these flying beasts.

As a result of that, countless people died instantly. In just a few breaths, the casualties of this city were 100,000. On top of that, some special beasts actually used poison with a large area of attack, further increasing the casualty of the people.

The City Lord acted swiftly and had the City Guards attack these flying birds, but there were too many birds. What’s even worse, another beasts horde in the millions suddenly destroyed the city gate, then started to slaughter all the people of the city.

The City Lord sighed after seeing this as he realized that this city would not survive this attack. The City Lord regretted that his city was not one of the cities equipped with formation, otherwise the situation would not have reached such a dire strait.

However, the City Lord did not complain for long as he knew that the Great Xia could not place a City Covering Array in all the cities of its territory. The amount of resources needed for something like that is simply not possible.

So, with its last strength, the City Lord decided to send the information of what happened in his city, hoping that his majesty would send a legion to avenge him and the common people.

Unfortunately for this City Lord, he did not know that this beast tide was actually happening throughout all the territory of the Great Xia Dynasty. No, to be precise, it was happening all over the world/

Whether it was Great Zhou, Great Xia, or even the Desert Kingdoms of the Western Region, they were all suddenly attacked by hordes of demonic beasts. Obviously, this was a premeditated attack.

In the Great Xia Capital, on top of the city wall, w.a.n.g Wei looked coldly at all the millions of demonic beats lying in front of the capital.

A few hours ago, he suddenly sensed countless soul fluctuations approaching the capital, so he rushed to the city gate to watch what happened. Then, to his surprise, he saw a horde, no, an endless army of demonic beasts rus.h.i.+ng towards the capital.

So, without hesitation, he used his True Will ability to completely killed all these beasts. Unfortunately for him, the number was so large that it still took him a few hours to kill all of them–even with the aid of the Royal Guard Legion.

Meanwhile, while w.a.n.g Wei was thinking with a frown on his face, both Li Jun and Yan Liling–who had blood of different colors all over them–walked next to him.

“It happened all over our territories, didn’t it?” asked w.a.n.g Wei without even looking at the two of them.

“Yes,” replied Yan Liling with a look of sorrow in her face. “I have just received news from all over our territories that basically, the majority of cities were attacked.”

“How were the casualties?”

After sighing, Yan Liling answered, “The cities that had protection arrays were relatively fine, however, the others were hit pretty hard. With the help of the flying constructs, we managed to reach certain places in time, but we still lost entire states of population, not to mention the countless towns that did not even have proper city gates.”

w.a.n.g Wei did not say anything, but Li Jun sighed before saying, “I should have known something was wrong with the demonic beasts when they suddenly attacked our armies during my first first fight with Fang Lijuan.”

“There is no need for you to blame yourself as even I ignore the sign of the constant activity of the demonic beasts,” replied w.a.n.g Wei, before continuing, “Go called Dong Lifen.”

A few minutes later, Dong Lifen and many other officials arrived on top of the city wall. Without hesitation, w.a.n.g Wei took out the Conferred G.o.d List and his Imperial Seal before saying to her:

“I need you to use the Qi Luck of the dynasty to activate all the arrays scattered in different cities in our territory.”

As soon as he finished saying that, many officials were shocked before hurrying to persuade him:

“Your majesty, you can’t. If you do that, the Luck of the dynasty will run out and disperse rapidly, thus creating instability everywhere.”

“Yes your majesty, do not make such agitated decisions.”

Many people disagreed with w.a.n.g Wei’s decision, and they were right to be worried. If a dynasty’s luck is scattered, many problems could arise.

For example, countless national disasters could happen. Whether it was drought, rivers overflowing, insect tides…etc. On top of that, with scattered luck, the people are more easily p.r.o.ne to revolt, and government officials are more easily corrupt.

In general, it is easy for a dynasty to have countless problems, then eventually reverse to a kingdom, before being permanently destroyed.

After hearing these officials, w.a.n.g Wei looked at all of them with a terrifying killing intent before saying coldly, “Do you think the dynasty’s luck is important or the people’ safety? Do you think that without a vast population, the Dynasty’s Qi Luck would be so prosperous?”

After finis.h.i.+ng screaming at these officials, he ignored them and continued to talk to Dong Lifen:

“After you activate all the arrays, you will discover that they can all fit together, so use the Dynasty’s Luck as both an energy source and a catalyst to fit them together.”

“Afterwards, do not attack the demonic beasts, but use spiritual suggestions to have all of them relocate there.”

w.a.n.g Wei then took out a map and showed her the place that she needs to move all the demonic beasts to. It was a vast and inhabited plains in the northern territory of Great Xia.

As a matter of fact, w.a.n.g Wei knew that these officials were partially right, but as usual, they could not see the overall situation. If things remain the way they are, it is only a matter of time before the Great Xia Dynasty falls.

At the same time, w.a.n.g Wei also knew that he could not use all the Qi Luck of the Dynasty. That is the reason that he did not use this opportunity to kill all these demonic beasts with these powerful arrays as that would use too much Luck.

So, his plan is to gather them all in one place, then gather his army to kill all them.

Meanwhile, Dong Lifen was a little confused as for the reason that his majesty asked to do such a task instead of doing it himself, but she did not ask during such an emergency.

After connecting with the Dynasty’s Qi Dragon, in her mind, she suddenly saw a map of Great Xia with countless red dots. She gasped as he realized that these endless dots were actually the demonic beasts in the territory,

After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, she also noticed many green dots in the map. She instantly knew that these green dots were actually the array in different cities.

With a focus of her spirit, she activated all the green dots, then they formed a strange pattern covering the entire map in Dong Lifen’s mind. Afterwards she started to influence the red dots that have suddenly become agitated.

Dong Lifen suddenly realized the difficulty of her task. The difficulty did not lie in the activation of the formations. No, it was to slowly guide all these red spots in the designated place without allowing them to cause any more trouble–like attacking the cities in their path.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei looked at the sweat coming on Dong Lifen’s head and did not say anything. This is the reason that he did not ask either Li Jun or Yan Liling to do this task.

He knew how difficult it was to control the Dynasty’s Qi Luck with such precise control. Only him and Dong Lifen, who have spent months studying Luck in detail could do such a thing.

Meanwhile, all over the territory of Great Xia, a powerful dome of energy appeared covering all the remaining cities. Then, a Golden Dragon appeared traveling around the territory.

Afterwards, millions upon millions of demonic beasts started a journey heading north. The sound of their hoof running at full speed echoed throughout the Heavens.

Countless people cuddled up in their homes with their loved one, praying that they can be the lucky few that see the dawn of the next day.

Nevertheless, no matter the end result, tonight will be a sleepless night for many people of Great Xia, no, of the Warring Kingdom World.

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