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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After coughing for a few minutes without stopping, Long Aotian proceeded to carefully remove the spiritual herb known Blood Yang Peony based on the method described by Fang Lijuan.

After that, he took out a talisman with a grin on his face as this was the method he planned to use that allows him to feed this spiritual herb to Huang Min.

Then Long Aotian suddenly slap himself in the face before muttering, “How stupid am I? Why didn’t I use this invisible talisman to hide from that demonic beast?”

After that, Long Aotian proceeded to climb the cliff he had just fallen off. There he saw the demonic beast not far from him. So, he activated the talisman, turning him completely invisible before he secretly approached the Tier 4 Demonic beast.

However, as soon as he reached more than a few meters from the beast, it suddenly reacted and started looking around. However, the beast did not find anything around him.

Meanwhile, Long Aotian frowned after seeing this. He realized that this talisman was not all powerful and some people will notice him if he gets close enough, for example Huang Min.

However, he did not care since his plans can still be executed despite this flaw. Furthermore, he realized that this talisman was not as simple as it seemed; there seemed to be some kind of seal on him, preventing it from showing its full power.

After thinking about this, Long Aotian then had a fierce battle with the Tier 4 Demonic beast. Well, to be precise, he hid with the talisman then sneak attacked the beast. When the bird was in its last dying breath, Long Aotian promised to save it if it surrendered to him, becoming its slave.

Although unwilling, the Tier 4 Thunder Eagle signed a Beast Contract with Long Aotian, becoming his pet.

After that, Long Aotian rode the Thunder Eagle towards the direction of the Huang Divine Dynasty. It took him a while to learn about the current situation, which made him even more furious towards Huang Min.

Especially when he learned that his Savior Coalition was actually on the verge of destruction. Long Aotian’s urge to kill Huang Min suddenly increased dramatically.

After hearing this news, he rushed straight towards the border where Huang Min was located. With the use of the invisible talisman, he secretly infiltrated the barracks. Of course Long Aotian learned his lesson and did not rush to confront Huang Min, nor did he meet with any powerful cultivator.

He spent a few days observing all of Huang Min to determine his daily routine. Then, he found the perfect opportunity.

One night, Huang Min was drinking wine with one of his favorite concubines in his hand. He was in a very good mood as he will soon conquer the territories of the Savior Coalition, so he decided to reward himself.

With one inside her blouse, he held his wine cup on the other. Once he finished a serving, his combine would immediately refill the cup again for him. Huang Min was very happy with how submissive she was.

After drinking a few dozen cups, Huang Min suddenly felt a little dizzy. At first he thought that he might have drunk a little too much, however, things suddenly took a different turn when he spat a big mouthful of black blood.

Realizing the severity of the situation, he immediately mobilized his origin qi to try to remove the poison in his body, however, it turned out to be useless. On the contrary, this poison seemed to spread throughout his body even quicker.

Afterwards, Huang Min fell on the ground breathing heavily, black blood started coming out his eyes and an intense pain suddenly a.s.saulted him. He tried to scream for help, however, no sound seemed to be coming out of his throat.

So, he looked in the direction of his concubine, hoping that she would go quickly to ask for help. Unfortunately for him, when his eyes locked onto his concubine, all he saw were eyes full of hatred looking at him.

Then, the concubine spit at Huang Min before starting to kick him in his private area. Huang Min tried to scream again, but it was of no avail.

Meanwhile, the concubine had tears streaming down her eyes as she screamed while still kicking Huang Min:

“You took everything from me, my body, my soul, and even my family. You defiled my purity by making me do these horrible things. I wished that your death was even more miserable than it is now.”

Meanwhile, Huang Min who was struggling down in the floor managed to gather some strength to activate his bloodline power, then with a wave of his hand, a powerful shockwave hit the concubine, throwing her away.

However, Huang Min’ situation suddenly aggravated. The poison seemed to have discovered something very appealing to it, so it rushed straight inside his bloodline, destroying everything in its path.

As such, Huang Min’s face became even more ugly than it was. Without hesitation, he bit the tip of his tongue to draw some of his blood essence and used it to open his s.p.a.ce ring.

After taking out a talisman, he immediately crushed it, then a s.p.a.ce crack appeared and swallowed him.

Meanwhile, Long Aotian, who heard a thumping sound from the outside, immediately rushed in. He was just in time to see Huang Min disappearing into the s.p.a.ce crack or pa.s.sage.

Without hesitation, he rushed to the concubine lying on the floor with blood all over her body. He injected his origin qi inside her body, noticing that most of her internal organs have been liquified.

Although he knew that it was impossible to save her, he still tried. He took out the clear water that helps his injuries and fed it to her. After a few sips, she regained consciousness, however, Long Aotian could tell that she would not last long.

“Why did you have to confront him? If you had followed the plan and stayed close to the door, you could have just watched the b.a.s.t.a.r.d slowly die,” said Long Aotian with a little guilt in his face.

“I had to confront him, for myself,” replied the concubine after spewing out a mouthful of blood. “Watching this b.a.s.t.a.r.d dying was very satisfying.”

“Was it worth you dying in the process?”

“Yes, it was,” she responded with a smile on her face. “F-f-f-furthermore, to me, death is probably a relief.”

After that, she raised her feeble hand to caress Long Aotian’s face, before saying, “Thank you for giving me a chance to avenge myself.” Then her hand dropped to the floor, never moving again.

Long Aotian looked at her in his arms, he looked at her smile before she died. Despite the fact that her mouth was still full of blood, her smile was still full of brilliance and vigor. More importantly, it was peaceful.

He sighed. The original plan was for her to just wait for Huang Min’s death after putting the poison in his drink. Long Aotian promised her that afterwards, he would take care of her as one of his wives.

And if she did not want that, he would give her enough wealth to live a life of luxury, without worrying about anything.

After finding a place to make a proper grave for her, Long Aotian sighed again. However, thinking about the fact that he could finally be with his G.o.ddess, he rushed straight back to the Fang Divine Dynasty.

After getting back, he saw Fang Lijuan waiting for him, so he rushed to hug her, explaining to her in great detail how he killed Huang Min. Meanwhile, Fang Lijuan just smiled and nodded happily.

Then, Long Aotian suddenly said, “Juan’er, now that no one can prevent us from being together, how about we consummate our marriage early?”

Fang Lijuan blushed shyly before answering with her head down, “Now? Aren’t we moving too fast?”

“Of course not. You love me and I love you, that’s all that matters.”

After heating this, Fang Lijuan nodded shyly before she was led by Long Aotian to her room in the Manor they live in.

There, Long Aotian started kissing Fang Lijuan with great pa.s.sion. However, when he was about to remove her clothes, she stopped him and said, “Wait, give me a few minutes to prepare.”

After that, she went to change her clothes, while Long Aotian removed all of his clothes. After a few minutes, Fang Lijuan came back wearing bright dark rouge in her lips with a very thin veil on her body that could be removed by the slight breeze of the wind.

Afterwards, she slowly walked towards Long Aotian before removing her thin veil. She leaned on him in the bed and gave him a deep kiss. An act which greatly excited Long Aotian.

After a long, deep and pa.s.sionate kiss, Long Aotian wanted more. So, he rushed out to touch her two peaks and forbidden zone. However, midway though, his head suddenly became dizzy, and before he could react, he pa.s.sed out.

Meanwhile, Fang Lijuan looked at this with cold eyes and without any surprise, the she muttered, “You are the only man who saw this G.o.dddess divine body. Unfortunately, you will take this knowledge to Samsara.”

With a wave of her hand, numerous circles with strange writing or runes appeared all over the room: this was a formation.

This array had only the purpose, to absorb the Qi Luck of one person and transfer it to someone else. This array was designed solely for Sons of Destiny.

Fang Lijuan had this idea or plan the moment she realized that Long Aotian was the Son of Destiny of this Warring Kingdom World. As for Huang Min’s death, it was just because she wanted a reason to annul their marriage, thus gaining her freedom.

After thinking for a brief moment, Fang Lijuan finished activating the array. A ma.s.sive golden energy from Long Aotian suddenly entered her body, then she looked at how her Qi Dragon changed from purple to the peak of Purple-Gold.

After her transformation was done, Fang Lijuan dressed herself before taking the s.p.a.ce ring off of Long Aotian’s mummified corpse.

Since he was already dead, Long Aotian’s connection to the ring was cut off, so Fang Lijuan easily managed to browse through it. In there she found many strange and rare things, but one thing in particular caught her attention: it was a talisman.

After checking it out, she muttered, “Is that the…”

However before she could say anything, her Minister of War barged into the room bringing terrible news.

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