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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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In front of Snow Tiger Mountain, all the elites of different factions were waiting for the opening of the Secret Realm.

The leader of the Great Zhou Dynasty’ soldiers that will enter the Secret Realm move around looking for something. After a while, his gaze locked on the group of people chosen by the Great Xia Dynasty.

He observed each of them carefully. He saw how the soldiers dawned the best of armor, stood up straight like spears, and a powerful aura emanating from them.

The leader recognized this aura from elite soldiers that have gone through countless battles; an aura born simply from killing.

“Could the Prime Minister be wrong?” he muttered under his breath. “Should I personally enter the Secret Realm?”

While he was distracted, someone came to see him. The Great Zhou Leader recognized this person as the leader of the Great Wu soldiers that would enter the Secret Realm. The man cupped his hand and said:

“Commander Zhang Qi, on behalf of Monarch Sun Wen, I would like to thank Prime Minister Ji Su for providing us with their own entry spots in this Secret Realm.”

Zhang Qi smiled happily and answered, “There is no need for pleasantry. In foreign lands like this, it is better to have more allies than enemies.”

Afterwards, the two of them had a brief chat before separating. Meanwhile, after watching the people of Great Wu leaving, Zhang Qi seemed to have made his mind about something,

A few minutes before the Secret Realm opened, a bunch of people flying suddenly arrived. These people were the few Supernatural Realm cultivators in this world–including the three ancestors of the Zheng, Leng, and Chang Clan.

The majority of these people have lived in seclusion, away from the mundane affairs of the world, others have secretly joined to fight against the Heaven Chosens of the Myriad Emperor World, and some have surrender to them.

Among all of these flying cultivators, the most noticeable was one that was actually protecting a carriage being carried by a few demonic birds.

After the carriage landed, countless soldiers encircled the carriage, then a man wearing bright golden armor. The man had a handsome and youthful face, unfortunately, it was ruined by his smug and arrogant look.

This man was naturally Long Aotian. After exiting the carriage, he looked at the Supernatural Realm cultivator, who then waved his hand to manifest a golden throne.

The reason that he brought this Supernatural Realm was because he wanted to share the wealth in this Secret Realm with him. Long Aotian was the kind of person who treated his subordinate very well–especially given the fact that this Supernatural Realm cultivator was the reason that he survived many of his battles against Huang Min.

Long Aotian nodded before sitting on the throne, then all the elite soldiers of the Savior Coalition carried the throne while waiting for the arrival time. Meanwhile, Long Aotian had a disdain for all the other people around, an act which garnered the anger and ire of everyone around him.

However, no one dared to go against him as they knew whose territory they were in. Nevertheless, many people remembered Long Aotian’s face and secretly vowed to get their revenge once they entered the Secret Realm.

Meanwhile, not far from Snow Tiger Mountain, a person was rapidly approaching. Every step he took, he would travel for more than a few hundred meters.

The person was Feng Heng’s master, True Monarch s.h.i.+ Fuyu. After arriving near the entrance, no one actually noticed him, so he decided to secretly enter the Secret Realm before anyone.

With his level of cultivation, he can totally break the s.p.a.ce that the Secret Realm is located in. As long as he is careful not to alert the other True Monarch watching here from the Endless Void.

However, as soon as he was about to execute his plan, a warning came to him telling him that he will be discovered if he does such a thing, so he stopped.

s.h.i.+ Fuyu frowned as he knew that this warning was his intuition or sixth senses that activated. He first thought that maybe the True Monarchs had discovered him, but he soon refuted this idea.

The technique he used to hide himself is very special that would allow him to even hide in front of a Great Emperor, so they should not be able to notice him.

As a matter of fact, if it was not the fact that this was a Small Thousand World and the s.p.a.ce was actually quite fragile which could result in powerful fluctuation if he tried to forcefully open the Secret Realm , s.h.i.+ Fuyu did not have to worry ever about being discovered.

However, now, his intuition was warning him, so he decided to be cautious. Instead of barging in like he previously planned, he secretly attacked his primordial spirit to one of the people that were going to enter the Secret Realm.

When the time arrived, the Zheng Clan Ancestor took out a token, then activated it with her origin essence. Then, countless runes appeared in the air forming a door.

Without hesitation she allowed the three clans to enter first before entering herself. She was followed by the people of Great Xia, then, all the other people rushed through the door. Luckily, w.a.n.g Wei had antic.i.p.ated this and made sure that each faction decided between themselves the order between themselves.

Oddly enough, the Great Zhou people were the last ones to enter, however, Commander Zhang Qi did not go in.

Meanwhile, after all the factions entered the Secret Realm, they were immediately attacked by all the puppets.

Unfortunately, these puppets have finally met their match. Even with their self-reconstruction abilities, they were no match for all the soldiers partic.i.p.ating in the Secret Room. This was expected given the fact that all the people here were considered elites among elites.

However, midway through the battle, when most of the puppets were destroyed along with their cores, the partic.i.p.ants started fighting with each other. Everyone wanted all the treasures of the Secret Realm for themselves.

As such, a b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter started taking place. Of course, the Supernatural Realm cultivators had the advantage despite not having the ability to fly. However, the other soldiers also had formations that allowed them to fight powerful cultivators.

Midway through the intense slaughter, the Secret Realm started to tremble rapidly. The ground was shaky and most people found it difficult to stand up properly. Then, cracks started to appear.

There were cracks everywhere: in the ground, in the surrounding wall, eventually cracks appeared in the air itself, signifying that the s.p.a.ce inside this Secret Realm was unstable.

Many people suddenly understood that this might be a trap, however, it was already too late. The exit of the Secret Realm had long disappeared to the horrors of the people inside.

Despite this, they still rushed to the place the exit used to be. Of course, not everyone acted this way. Some people ignored the destruction of the s.p.a.ce around them and headed for the inner layer.

Among these people was of course Long Aotian. When he reached the inner layer, he saw countless people fighting with the puppets located there. He then took out a talisman from his s.p.a.ce ring that made him invisible.

He had gotten this talisman in one of his fortunate encounters and it saved his life on many occasions. So, he bypa.s.sed all the puppets and took all the pills, gold, jewelry, and origin stones inside.

Afterwards, he rushed to the altar to take the golden book, however, as soon as he touched the book, it turned into sand particles and disappeared.

Long Aotian’s face became ugly as he realized that he was played. This entire Secret Realm was probably a trap set up by one of these Extraterrestrial Demons.

After figuring out all of these things, he immediately left the inner area looking for an exit. Long Aotian did not want to die in a place like this. As a person destined to become a Great Emperor, how could he easily die at the hands of a trap?

Among all the people rus.h.i.+ng to find the exit, only one person was calm throughout the whole ordeal, and that was s.h.i.+ Fuyu.

He floated in the air while looking at all the terrified and desperate look of all the cultivators around him. He watched as one person that was pa.s.sing by him was swallowed by a s.p.a.ce crack, then was cut into millions of pieces by chaotic s.p.a.ce.

He watched as more and more s.p.a.ce cracks appeared around the Secret Realm. As a result more and more people were killed. He sighed, then waved his hand.

Amidst the chaotic s.p.a.ce, he opened a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage especially for him, then he entered it without hesitation.

Someone actually noticed the weird s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that appeared and rushed towards it. Unfortunately, the pa.s.sage closed instantly after s.h.i.+ Fuyu left, releasing a special s.p.a.ce energy in the process.

This s.p.a.ce energy was very little and tiny, then it scattered throughout the Secret Realm. As the s.p.a.ce energy traveled further towards the inner layer, it was reduced to the size of an atom.

Meanwhile, Long Aotian who had just rushed out of the inner layer suddenly felt a powerful earthquake, which made him fall to the ground. As such, he instinctively used his origin qi to protect his body from the fall.

At the exact moment that Long Aotian fell on the ground, he landed exactly on the atomic size s.p.a.ce energy. His origin qi then blended with the s.p.a.ce energy, activating it and instantly opening a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that swallowed him and transported him out of the Secret Realm.

Meanwhile, a few seconds after Long Aotian’s departure, the Secret Room exploded, essentially destroying everything and everyone inside.

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