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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Great Wu Territory, in a military barrack, Ji Song was conducting a meeting in the military camp. After hearing the rumor regarding the secret realm, he decided to head there immediately as this was his chance to get his revenge.

Of course, he would not get his way this easily.

“You cannot.”

“Why not?” replied Ji Song looking at his brother with a look of anger in his face. He was tired of his big brother preventing him from enacting his revenge. Although most of the time he listened to his brother, his patient also had his limits.

“Because it is too dangerous,” replied Ji Su who took notice of his little brother’s impatience.

“With the opening of this Secret Realm, all of the partic.i.p.ants of this trial will most likely go there in person. When I arrived, I can challenge w.a.n.g Wei directly in a duel and defeat him for the shame he made me suffer in the Spirit Road and avenge Great-Uncle Ji Xiang.”

Ji Su looked at his brother speechless, then started to ma.s.sage his eyebrow. “You do know that the Secret Realm is in the territory of the Great Xia right?”

“So what?”

“So, if anyone dares to show up so blatantly, w.a.n.g Wei can order all the army of the Great Xia to besiege such a person in order to eliminate them.”

Ji Song frowned after hearing this, then he said, “You are overthinking things. I have met w.a.n.g Wei personally and I can see that he has the pride of a Heaven Chosen. He would gladly accept my challenge.”

Ji Song did not say that just for the sake of saying it. He could tell what kind of person w.a.n.g Wei was during their battle in the Spirit Road. At that time, w.a.n.g Wei was weak as an ordinary mortal, yet he dared fight him–who had the strength of Body Refining Realm–one on one.

Such a person will not use insidious methods unless necessary–unlike those weasels of the Great Wu Dynasty.

“You may be right,” said Ji Su. “But, what about Li Jun? His job as w.a.n.g Wei’s general is to remove obstacles for him. If he knew that you were there and he could use the lives of countless Great Xia people in exchange for yours, do you think he would hesitate?”

“Even if w.a.n.g Wei ordered him not to, in that situation, he will probably not hesitate to ignore the order.”

Ji Su sighed after saying this, then he continued: “I have studied Li Jun’s character for many years and came to the conclusion that he will not hesitate to sacrifice his life to pave the way for w.a.n.g Wei, let alone disobey his order.”

Ji Song frowned after hearing this, then looked at another person in the meeting room. This person was called Zhao Peng, and he was the son of Prime Minister Zhao Yan.

He was trained as Ji Song’s General for the future Heaven Will Battle. Although Ji Song did not think that this Zhao Peng would die for him–as their bond was not that deep–he still believed that he would do anything possible to remove his enemies.

After thinking about this, he sighed and said, “So, are we just leaving the Secret Realm to the people of the Great Xia?”

“Of course not,” replied Ji Su. “We first need to band together with the other Heaven Chosen in order to exert pressure on the Great Xia people to allow each country a certain amount of entry. Then, we will send an elite team of soldiers to fight for the rewards inside the Secret Realm.”

Ji Song then nodded in agreement with his brother. In fact, Ji Su was quite suspicious of this Secret Realm.

For one thing, the rate at which this news circulated throughout the world was too fast. Second, the whole situation seemed eerily similar to what happened to his little brother.

Suddenly, news of something irresistible spread, then, many people jumped to find only to discover that it was a trap. This is exactly what happened to their Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty during the Spirit Road Trial.

Thinking about this, Ji Su’ suspicion further grew and he was sure of his deduction. However, he did not say anything to his little brother in order not to remind him of what happened in the past.

As for the other Heaven Chosen, he did not plan to say anything. Not to mention whether they would believe him, it was not in his interest to warn them. On the contrary, Ji Su had the idea to further add to this plan.

A few days later, in the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty, Sun Wen received a letter from Prime Minister Ji Su of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

In this letter, Ji Su promised him a temporary cease-fire in exchange for them to temporarily band together to exert pressure on the Great Xia Dynasty to allow people entry to the Secret Realm.

What’s more, in the letter, Ji Su promised him that he would provide a few more entry spots from the Great Zhou as long as he promised to team up with him once their people entered the Secret Realm.

Sun Wen became very excited after hearing this news. He had heard of the Secret Realm and wanted an opportunity to enter, however, he was worried about the Great Zhou Dynasty, but now, he did not have to.

Of course, one person was not that happy about this, and that was Sun Jiaolong. He felt that things were not that simple, unfortunately, his big brother once again refused to hear his warning. So, after sighing again, he did not say anything.

As a matter of fact, Sun Wen was not the only person who received the invitation to place pressure on the Great Xia Dynasty. Whether it was Feng Lijuan, Huang Min, and even the people of the Savior Coalition, they all received the invitation.

Savior Coalition Headquarters, a meeting was taking place. This meeting was composed of countless previous kings or monarchs that have lost their dynasty to the Heaven Chosen of the Myriad Emperor World.

The rulers managed to escape after the fall of their kingdoms, but they eventually came together to form a power of their own.

The leader of the Savior Coalition was actually a very young man that seemed to be of similar age with w.a.n.g Wei and the others.

“Coalition Leader, you cannot partic.i.p.ate in the Secret Realm personally.”

“Yes, it is too dangerous. If those Extraterrestrial Demons gang up on you, you will not survive.”

“The Coalition cannot survive without your leaders.h.i.+p.”

“Coalition Leader, think about the people. Without you, they will be brutally ruled by these Extraterrestrial Demons.”

At the center of the meeting sat a handsome teenager that had a proud and domineering look on his face. His name was Long Aotian, and if w.a.n.g Wei was here, he would immediately recognize this person as the cultivator he met that used the strange Earth Escape spell in the Divine Sea Realm when he first arrived in this world.

Long Aotian’s life was basically a protagonist template. He was born with poor talents in a weak family. However, one day while bathing in a lake, he met a dying cultivator in the Transcending Mortality Realm that washed away his body for him and increased his talent, then handed over to him his inheritance.

After that, Long Aotian’s life was smooth sailing. His cultivation rose quickly, he got plenty of rare opportunities, and he made all the people who look down on him pay.

In fact, Long Aotian has noticed that his luck has increased dramatically the past ten years. Although he knew that he was lucky, however, compared to the past ten years, the amount of opportunities he encountered are simply too much to count.

At this point in his life, Long Aotian knows that as long as he enters a mountain or forest area, he will encounter one or two fortunate encounters. Whether it is to discover rare herbs, precious ores, or powerful inheritance, for him, it was only a matter of strolling in the forest or jumping off a cliff.

Long Aotian thought his life was going to continue to be as boring as it was until he managed to save a beautiful girl that was being chased. After that, he learned that she was the princess of a fallen kingdom that was destroyed by a bunch of invading Extraterrestrial Demons from the Endless Void.

After hearing this, in order to woo the beautiful princess, Long Aotian promised to avenge her and her kingdom. He also promised her to kick these Extraterrestrial Demons out of their world and build back her kingdom.

Then, Long Aotian started his path of conquest. With the support of the Princess’ royal family and all the resources he got from all his adventures, he built an army and fought against the Extraterrestrial Demons. He rallied all the royal and n.o.ble families that had lost everything together to form the Savior Coalition–essentially crowning himself Emperor.

Unfortunately for Long Aotian, he suffered his first major defeat in life after fighting with his rival enemy, Huang Min.

In that first battle, Long Aotian did not even last a few attacks and was almost killed. It was then that Long Aotian realized the terrors of the Extraterrestrial Demons. The strength that he was so proud of was actually nothing but a joke to those foreigners from the Higher Realm.

Fortunately for him, he has always been lucky. So, no matter how much time he lost to Huang Min, he still managed to escape. And after each escape, he grew stronger and more powerful.

Because of his recent growth, Long Aotian has become arrogant as he believed that the only reason that these Extraterrestrial Demons are more powerful than him is due to their family background.

As long as he is given enough time, he believes that he will soon surpa.s.s all of them, then uses his strength to suppress all of them, then exiled them from his world.

Then, he can take this rare opportunity to conquer the whole world like the ancient emperors. With the Qi Luck of the entire world, it won’t take long before he cultivates the Transcending Mortality Realm, pa.s.s the Heavenly Tribulation to go to the Higher Realm.

As a matter of fact, Long Aotian has even greater ambitions: that is to become Great Emperor. He believed that after entering the Higher Realm, with his talent and luck, he can slowly rise to the top of the cultivation path and one day proclaimed himself Emperor.

All of his plans can start with this Secret Realm. Long Aotian believes that with his luck, there is no one better than him to inherit the secret of longevity. Additionally, even if something goes wrong, he believes that nothing will happen to him.

So, when he received this invitation letter from the Great Zhou people, he decided to enter the Secret Realm personally–despite the disagreement of his subordinates.

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