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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Outside of the PaG.o.da, many disciples watched the second trial with shock. To them, this was pure masochism.

Each disciples had to suffer such tragic torture. The majority just gave up after a few layers.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei had a clear purpose when designing this layer of the trial. Cultivators–in order to to step into higher realms–have to go through Heavenly Tribulations. Starting from the Supernatural Realm, cultivators have to go through Heavenly Tribulation every time they cross a major realm.

One of the reasons that many cultivators failed to pa.s.s these Heavenly Tribulations have to do with the fact that they could not bear the pain of lighting or heavenly fire when pa.s.sing their Tribulation. As such, they gave up and ended up dead.

Additionally, The Path of Body Refining requires one to bear a tremendous amount of pain. If you do not have a high pain threshold, then you will not have a great achievement in this path.

w.a.n.g Wei has made great and far reaching plans for his future cultivation. If these plans go well, he will have to bear a great deal of Heavenly Tribulation–probably even before stepping into the Supernatural realm. Furthermore, he will also go in the Path of Bodyrefining.

As such, w.a.n.g Wei designed the Third PaG.o.da Trial in order to physically and mentally prepare him for the future.

Back in the PaG.o.da, w.a.n.g Wei just entered the Tenth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Chamber of Ox.

In this layer, w.a.n.g Wei was abused by all kinds of animals. Some of them use their horns to impale him, some use a horde to trample on him until he turns into meat sauce on the ground. Some animal slowly ate his skin, then crawled inside his body to munch on his internal organs like some kind of expansive deluxe meal. Some tiny animals slowly crawl into his brain from his ear, then proceed to munch on his brain. Some use poison to slowly destroy his immune system.

In the Eleventh Layer of h.e.l.l, the Chamber of Rock, w.a.n.g Wei had to hold a large rock on top of his head until his strength was exhausted. Then he would fall in a putrid water made of all the world’s filth. This water was literally made of any filth imaginable; the water was so dirty that a drop of it could corrupt a person’ soul.

In the Twelfth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Chamber of Mortar and Pestles, the devils force fed w.a.n.g Wei liquid lava. He had to experience the feeling of his tongue burning, then his esophagus melted. Afterward, his stomach and other organs were violently melted one by one.

In the Thirteenth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Pool of Blood, w.a.n.g Wei was stabbed in different parts of the body. These stabs were not fatal, but deep enough to allow his blood to flow out of his body. Then w.a.n.g Wei watched his life slowly fade away from him as more blood flew out of his body. This torture might not have been the most painful, but it was the most horrible. He had to watch his life slowly fading, yet, he laid in the pool of blood helplessly, and in despair.

After this layer, w.a.n.g Wei vowed to never feel this despair and helplessness again. His desire to prove the Dao and Proclaim himself Emperor was further increased. He must transcend Life and Death.

In the Fourteenth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Town of Suicide, w.a.n.g Wei was constantly lashed with a whip. However, this was not a simple whip, but one that directly affected the soul. The soul is an illusory yet real thing in the world of cultivators. The soul is a hundred times more fragile and sensitive than the physical body. As such, the pain to the soul can magnify a hundred to a thousand times of the body.

In the Fifteenth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Chamber of Dismemberment, w.a.n.g Wei experienced being hacked into pieces. Have you ever wondered what it feels like when your head is separated from your body? How about just your torso? Or how about all four of your limbs? How about watching it happening to none other than yourself?

Well, w.a.n.g Wei finally knew the answer to these questions.

At this point of the trial, w.a.n.g Wei had acquired a high threshold of pain. Recently, he learned a trick to reduce his pain. He managed to learn to control his body to the point of cutting his pain receptors in his body, thus reaching a state of not feeling any physical pain, However, this trick only applied to physical pain, not spiritual or soul related pain.

However, w.a.n.g Wei was not discouraged because of such minor inconvenience. As such, he took action to fix the problem. Instead of just experiencing pain, he started to ponder on the concept of pain. He hoped that he could be enlightened in the Dao of Pain so that he could awaken an Innate Talent related to pain in the Supernatural Realm.

One day, he would make his enemies experience hundred-fold or more the pain he had experienced in this trial.

In the Sixteenth Layer of h.e.l.l, Mountain of Flames, w.a.n.g Wei was sent inside a hollow mountain. Then, the mountain would be slowly filled with lava. The terrible thing about this layer was the fact that the lava did not directly burn and kill him. No, it slowly cooked him, then, the lava solidified and encased w.a.n.g Wei inside, thus killing him due to asphyxiation.

w.a.n.g Wei had to experience the pain of not having air to breath. His lungs screamed trying to inhale the tiniest amount of oxygen to sustain itself. Without enough oxygen, his heart stopped beating, then a chain reaction occurred inside his body that led to the failure of all his other organs.

Normally, after such an ordeal, a person will immediately die after a few minutes. But no. In this trial, w.a.n.g Wei stayed in this state for hours if not days. In that state, he could not even scream even if he wanted to.

In the Seventeenth Layer of h.e.l.l, the Yard of Stone Mill, w.a.n.g Wei was placed on a stone mill, then slowly grinded like a blender until he turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y, savory and slurry milkshake. All his skin, muscle, organs, and bones were grinded into slushy. This process repeated itself many times over.

In the Eighteen and Final Layer of h.e.l.l, the Chamber of Saw, w.a.n.g Wei was sawed in half in many different ways. Whether horizontally, vertically, or obliquely, in this layer, his final result was to be separated into two. In this layer, w.a.n.g Wei even experienced the pain of cutting his soul into two or more parts.

However, unlike when he first started, w.a.n.g Wei did not scream in agony. In fact, he did not scream at all. He gritted his teeth and bore the pain without making much noise.

After the last layer, w.a.n.g Wei and the other contestants were sent out of the PaG.o.da. In fact, the contestants had spent more than a month in the trial. Yet, the people outside stood watching in the Formation Screen without moving a single step. To these cultivators, a month was a very short period of time for them.

When w.a.n.g Wei and the contestants who finished the whole trial were sent out, they received praise and wors.h.i.+p from the other disciples–especially w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun. This time, all the Contemporary Sacred Son pa.s.sed the trial, but the reason that many people paid attention to w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun was due to their young age.

Many people of similar age from the different families in the sect were allowed to take the Trial, but only w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun managed to finish and pa.s.s it. So, they receive the most praise.

Somewhere in the void.

Many of the Sec Upper Level management were standing there and talking to each other.

The Great Elder of the Recruiting Hall said: “Sect Master, I think we need to use this PaG.o.da Trial as a test to recruit disciples from now on!”

“That’s a great idea. Not just recruiting disciples, but also as an a.s.sessment from when they are promoted from outer disciples to inner and core disciples. We should apply a strict standard for each promotion.”

“I don’t know about this. This PaG.o.da Trial is a magical weapon that further increases the foundation of our sect. Is it really a good thing to make it available for free just like this?”

“Then it can only be free for when recruiting new disciples. All the other disciples have to use sect points in order to be allowed to enter the PaG.o.da. The Contemporary Sacred Son can also enter for free,” responded Sect Master w.a.n.g Tian.

Afterward, all the elders agreed and started discussing the standard and point required by all the disciples to use the PaG.o.da.

With this new invention created by w.a.n.g Wei, the Dao Opening became more lively with an increasingly more powerful foundation. As such, the sect is slowly leading to a more powerful and brilliant direction.

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