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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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While w.a.n.g Wei was in retreat to create his Transcendent Dao Foundation, many of the other Heaven Chosen of this trial took notice when a new fortune dynasty was created.

Great Zhou Dynasty, Royal Palace.

Ji Song wore a yellow dragon robe with a crown on his head. His muscular body and hard face emanate a powerful and b.l.o.o.d.y aura.

He was sitting on a chair carved with dragons when he suddenly felt a change occurred in the Eastern Region. He connected to the luck of his dynasty and watched how the Great Xia Dynasty was founded with tremendous amounts of luck.

He clenched his teeth so hard that the dragon throne he sat on was deformed, and through gritted teeth, he said, “w.a.n.g Wei!!”

Immediately afterward, a terrible killing intent enveloped the entire meeting room. Many officials thought they had done something wrong and immediately knelt in the ground asking for forgiveness.

All of them except one: First Prince Ji Su. Or in this case, Prime Minister Ji Su.

After seeing his younger brother’s reaction, he guessed what happened and said out loud:

“Your majesty, calm down.”

His voice contained a little bit of his spiritual power and Ji Song immediately came back to his senses, thus removing his killing intent. However, this was just on the surface.

Deep in his eyes, the killing intent was so intense that it wanted to devour not just his enemy, but himself as well.

Ji Su also noticed this and he frowned. He could tell that his brother’ situation right now was not ideal. If he continues like this, he most likely will develop Heart Demon towards w.a.n.g Wei.

After seeing his younger brother calm down, Ji Su then said, “Are you calm now?”

Ji Song just nodded.

“Then we can prepare for our next expodition: the Great Wu Dynasty.”

“Why not attack the Great Xia Dynasty? They have just become a dynasty and are still weak. It is the perfect time to attack and destroy them!” responded Ji Song with boundless blood l.u.s.t in his eyes.

“Song’er,’ responded Ji Su in an informal manner. “This is not the time to make decisions based on your personal vendetta.”

“The Great Xia Dynasty is located all the way east from the three central dynasties. Do you know how many kingdoms and dynasties are between us and them?”

“How long do you think it will take to reach there with our armies? Can you guarantee that the other dynasties will not take advantage of us marching eastward to sneak attacks in the back? You need to set your priority straight and remember the main reason that we came here.”

“As for Sacred Son w.a.n.g Wei, you will have your opportunity for revenge. Now, focus on our attack against the Great Wu Dynasty.”

After hearing his brother’s words, Ji Song took a deep breath to relax and nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, all the ministers on the floor secretly sighed in relief.

Although his majesty is often both brave and wise militaristically and politically, sometimes, he can become rash and stubborn to an abnormal level–especially when it comes to things related to the former Eastern Rain Kingdom.

During those times, it is up to the Prime Minister to talk some reason to his majesty, otherwise, no one can stop him from acting the way he wants.

After seeing his brother regain his bearing, Ji Su secretly sighed in relief. In fact, he lied to his brother. Or to be exact, he did not tell him the whole truth.

The reason that he did not want his brother to attack the Great Xia Dynasty was due to the fact he feared that his brother might lose again. As such, he wanted his brother to conquer the easier Great Wu Dynasty.

With the vast territory of both dynasties, he can absorb enough luck for him to reach purple-gold. After that, even if his brother lost against Sacred Son w.a.n.g Wei, he will not fail this trial.

Although it would be ideal if his brother could absorb luck after conquering the entire world, thus resulting in his Qi Luck reaching peak Purple-Gold. However, he is just fine with just his luck breaking through purple-gold from peak purple.

With the foundation of their Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty, they can still help his brother further increase his luck by sacrificing a certain price.

.. .

Great Shu Dynasty, a Taoist Temple.

Many ministers of the dynasty were reporting to a young handsome man named Feng Heng, who was wearing a Taoist robe with a yin-yang symbol all over it.

“National Teacher, over the past decade, more than 300 hundred temples have been created all over our territory.”

“We have also taught the people on how to read and recite scriptures, and to go to the temples and seek enlightenment.”

“However, the people seemed determined to pray and offer incense despite the law we pa.s.sed down.”

After hearing this, Feng Heng frowned and started thinking deeply. The sect has strict regulation for not accepting incense and faith. Anyone who breaks this rule will be severely disciplined. Then, he suddenly remember that his teacher told him that it was alright, he said:

“As long as they do not interfere with the operation of the temples, just leave them be.”

After that, a brief meeting about the situation of the dynasty took place before all the ministers left the temple.

Immediately afterwards, Feng Heng noticed something in the east and used the luck of the Great Shu Dynasty to observe.

“Great Xia Dynasty,” he muttered with a pensive look on his face.

Meanwhile, after leaving, some of the higher officials started talking to themselves.

“Ever since National Teacher Feng Heng arrived, our workload has decreased dramatically. As long as we do the bare minimum and ensure the safety and livelihood of the common people, everything else is fine.”

“You are totally right. Not just us have changed, even his majesty has greatly changed. He is no longer so ruthless, brutal and cold.”

“Hey, during those times, I woke up not knowing whether I would return home to see my family again.”

“I remember that Xia Zhan was whipped to death for objecting to his majesty for wanting to increase his harem by another 10,000 concubines.”

“Shh, do not talk about his majesty behind his back like this.”

“You do not need to worry. His majesty has entered seclusion in order to fully become a taoist monk. He has not attended an official meeting for more than 5 years now.”

“Hopefully, things remained this way forever.”

After that person said this, all the other officials laughed out loud, then secretly looked around them to see if anyone was watching them before hurrying to go home.

.. .

Great Wu Dynasty, Imperial Palace.

Sun Wen was sitting on his dragon throne with a look of pride and arrogance, like everything and everyone was under his control.

Sun Wen, with a majestic voice, asked, “What was the result?”

One official stepped up and answered, “The n.o.bles have accepted your majesty’s bargaining. They will each choose a beautiful daughter from their main branch and send them to the palace.”

“However…They demanded that his majesty sign a Soul Contract before they could fulfill their end of the deal.”

Sun Wen frowned after hearing this, then waved his hand. Immediately afterward, someone handed the contract to him.

After taking more than one hour reviewing every inch of the contract, he smiled happily and signed it with his blood.

After that, the court meeting was over and all the officials left the room, leaving only one person: Third Prince Su Jiaolong–who is currently known as the Legion Commander of the Great Wu Dynasty.

“Big brother, why do you have to play with these n.o.bles like this?” asked Sun Jiaolong. “We have already determined that the previous monarch killed all the Supernatural Realm cultivators of the n.o.ble family. We could have just killed all of them.”

“My little brother, you do not understand the intricacies of politics. Look with just a few minor promises, the n.o.bles of the dynasty have handed over to me all the military and political power in their hands,” replied Sun Wen with a cunning look in his face.

“What’s more, I did all of this without shedding a single drop of blood or wasting any resources for military deployment. This is a great achievement.”

“But big brother, aren’t you worried that the n.o.bles will betray you in the future?”

“Of course not. I have already sent people to secretly infiltrate these n.o.ble families and spy on them. Additionally, as long as the political power of the dynasty enters my hand, it will only be a matter of time before I have total and absolute control over the entire dynasty.”

Looking at the prideful look on his big brother’s face, Sun Jiaolong secretly shook his head. From experience, he knew how these n.o.bles thought. Without placing the fear of Heaven on them, they will do absolutely anything for power.

The so-called ‘handing of power’ is probably nothing but doing so in public, while secretly controlling the dynasty under his big brother’s nose.

Even if his big brother replaced all the high levels of the dynasty, how does he know the people he replaced them with are actually loyal to him?

In the past 10 years or more, instead of cultivating loyal subordinates for himself, his big brother has just been promising people with benefits from their worlds in order to rally people to support him.

In fact, this method should be fine, but, knowing his big brother, Sun Jiaolong realized that there is a high chance that these are just empty promises.

And, couldn’t these old foxes of this world–that spent their entire life in the court–tell what kind of person his big brother was?

It seemed to Sun Jiaolong that his big brother had gravely underestimated the wisdom of the people of this world. Just because they are weak does not mean that they are not intelligent.

After sighing for a while, Sun Jiaolong then asked, “Then, big brother, are you ready to fight the Heaven Chosen of the other factions? Now that the Great Xia Dynasty has been established, all the major players should be ready to fight on the big stage?”

After hearing his little brother’s words, Sun Wen looked at him with weird eyes, then shook his head.

“Little brother, this is the reason that I say you are not tactically minded. Why should I fight with them personally?”

“Big brother, what do you mean?”

“Before coming to this trial, I have secretly contacted the Death Order Palace and formed an alliance with them,” responded Sun Wen with a devilish smile on his face.

However, Sun Jiaolong on the other end, was frowning after hearing this. As such, he asked. “Doesn’t that violate the unwritten rule of not secretly each other’s Heaven Chosen?”

“If the person doing the belong to the younger generation, then, of course it does not violate the unwritten rule,” replied Sun Wen with a smirk look on his face.

After this, Sun Jiaolong sighed and left the courtroom heading back to his own Manor.

Afterward, Sun Jiaolong sat cross-legged and started pondering the situation of the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty.

As a matter of fact, their dynasty is currently in dire straits.

Their imperial dynasty has cultivated four Great Emperors, but one of the biggest hidden secrets of the dynasty is the fact that only the founding emperor of their dynasty was actually a True Great Emperor.

All the other three were in fact Pseudo-Emperors. Which means that despite having acquired the Heaven Will, their Dao Hearts were not strong enough to bear it.

As such, these Pseudo-Emperors are even weaker than the weakest of True Emperors. As a matter of fact, even the Emperor Scripture that they created is in fact incomplete.

So, technically speaking, the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty only has one Emperor Scripture.

Sun Jiaolong knew that the reason for this situation is due to the fact their dynasty places too much emphasis on using schemes and plots.

In any situation, the first instinct of their people is to use schemes to kill their enemies. And if that does not work, then they will fight. And if the enemy proved to be more powerful than them, then they would run away or strategically retreat.

Many of the people of the dynasty noticed this problem and ought to change; they believed that in the future, the people of the dynasty should behave more bravely and upfront, just like the Martial Great Emperor, the first emperor of their dynasty.

However, the majority of people disagreed. They argued based on the fact that their own way has produced more than 3 Great Emperors. Additionally, according to these people, a Pseudo-Emperor is still an Emperor.

Due to different ideologies, two different factions have thus formed inside the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty, constantly fighting and competing with each other.

After thinking about these things, Sun Jiaolong sighed and took out a sword from his s.p.a.ce ring.

The sword looked dull and rusted, like it would be broken or fall apart the next moment.

On the sword, the character for “Human” was inscribed vividly on it. After looking at the character, a fierce light flashed across Sun Jiaolong’s eyes as he had just made a very important decision.

“I’m sorry, but, this is all for the future of the Great Wu Dynasty.” muttered Sun Jiaolong under his breath.

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