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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Logically speaking, the name after the Emperor on the “Conferred G.o.d List” should be w.a.n.g Wei, however something went wrong. His luck was supposed to blend in with the luck of the dynasty, however, due to the fact that it had turned black after he broke through the 13th Layer of the Body Refining Realm, Heaven and Earth did not recognize or acknowledge such Qi Luck Dragon.

w.a.n.g Wei could feel that the state of his luck was actually quite beneficial to him later on his cultivation path, but there is a high chance that if he left it like that he might receive a c.r.a.ppy talent when he broke into the Supernatural Realm as Heaven and Earth did recognize his existence, or to be precise, his luck.

However, w.a.n.g Wei was not too worried by this as he already had a plan. He could feel that his Luck Dragon was special and he needed a specific way to control it.

Unfortunately, despite having studied the secret method given by the sect on how to properly control luck, he did not know how to control his own. As such, w.a.n.g Wei theorized that as long as he had enough knowledge about luck, he could find a solution to his problem.

Before then, he needed to use the scientific method of observing and recording how luck is controlled. As such, he needed a volunteer, a test subject.

And he had already found one: Dong Lifen.

The reason that he wanted her as his Empress was not just because of the need for her to provide his cause with legitimacy, or to use her prestige to calm down the people and increase the people’s belonging to the new dynasty.

No, all of these reasons were secondary. The main reason was that he needed her to be close to him so that he could observe and study her Qi Luck for his own benefit.

.. .

After the founding of the nation ceremony, w.a.n.g Wei returned to his throne room with all the officials there waiting.

He has been waiting for this day for many years. Although he could have founded a country two years ago, however, with the luck he had at that time, the country would have probably turned into a kingdom instead of a dynasty.

w.a.n.g Wei did not want to go through the process of updating from kingdom to dynasty, so he waited when the territory’s luck was enough for the founding nation to be directly elevated to dynasty.

w.a.n.g Wei then took out the Conferred G.o.d List and the Imperial Seal. The purpose of the list is to bless each official on it with the luck of the dynasty. The higher the rank, the more luck they will be blessed with.

Luck blessing has many advantages. It can increase the speed of cultivation. For example, w.a.n.g Wei–as the Emperor–is the highest official in the kingdom and he has a blessing of 9 times the cultivating speed of a normal person.

Then, the Empress Dong Lifen will have at least 8 times the cultivating speed. The different consort and concubines in the palace will have different levels of benefit bonus to their cultivation speed.

The same rules applied to other official positions such as Prime Minister or Chancellor.

Another benefit that luck provides is the increase in comprehension ability. Although it is not as exaggerated as several times the increase in cultivation speed, the increase is high enough to be easily noticeable–especially for the people of this world who have low talent.

As long as you have a high position in the dynasty, you can still cultivate to higher realms without having to be hindered by innate talent.

As for w.a.n.g Wei’s group, a high position made it easier for them to absorb the luck they needed for this trial.

After taking the list, w.a.n.g Wei began to officially seal different people in different positions.

He first sealed Dong Lifen as the Empress. Immediately afterward, she felt that the world around her was more clear. The blood qi inside her body seemed to move faster and more easily.

After Dong Lifen, w.a.n.g Wei began to seal his group into different positions. In order to properly govern his dynasty, w.a.n.g Wei combined many different political systems from his past life.

He divided all the officials into 9 grades, with grade 1 being the highest and grade 9 the lowest. Then, he created a cabinet that helped him share the burden of governing the world.

In the cabinet, only officials Grade 3 and above are allowed to enter. Also, there were three Grade 1 positions in the cabinet.

Yan Liling served as the Chancellor, in charge of the overall political situations of the entire dynasty. Furthermore, as an alchemist, she is also responsible for the logistics of the dynasty like taking care of the spiritual gardens, procuring new spiritual medicines and refining pills for the entire dynasty.

In fact, Yan Liling had an overwhelming amount of power in the Great Xia Dynasty. If it was any other ordinary kingdom or dynasty, the Emperor would never allow one person to wield so much power.

Unfortunately, for the four of them, this dynasty is nothing but a trial and no one really cares about such things as power and control.

Another Grade 1 position was the Grand Commandant, which was Li Jun’s official position. He was in charge of the entire dynasty’s military power: from recruitment, to funding, to military deployment. w.a.n.g Wei basically gave all the military power to Li Jun and decided to be lazy.

Of course, this was due to the trust he had in Li Jun and the fact that a large military did not play a big role to cultivators like him in this world. With his strength, he could single handedly destroy an army of more than a million soldiers.

After his position was established in the Conferred G.o.d List, Li Jun did feel the increase in cultivation speed, although just slightly.

In fact, this made sense. The 8 times increase in cultivation speed is based on the average people of this world. To a talented person like Li Jun, this has little to no effect on him.

Not to mention that his cultivation was soon reaching the peak that this world allowed. So, the effect was not significant to him or w.a.n.g Wei and Yan Liling.

However, Li Jun did benefit from the increase in his comprehension ability. He smiled happily as he could use less time to understand the [Heaven Fighting Scripture].

The last grade 1 position was called by w.a.n.g Wei as the Grand Censorate and was given to w.a.n.g Ju.

Just like the name implied, this was a position in charge of secretly monitoring both the officials of the dynasty and people from foreign dynasties. This position can be called the “eye of the emperor”.

Of all the three grade 1 positions, this was the one that w.a.n.g Wei placed the most heavy emphasis on. He used w.a.n.g Ju’s spying ability to monitor all the corruption in his territory and eliminate them.

As w.a.n.g Wei’s purpose is to gather luck, he needed his territory to be free from corruption so that the people’s heart can be at peace, and thus stabilizing the luck of the dynasty.

Additionally, he needs to be informed of what is going on in different dynasties to prepare for future war. The fastest way to increase luck is to conquer more land and increase the territory of the dynasty.

After sealing the three of them for their position, w.a.n.g Wei spent a few hours sealing other people as well. The whole process took quite some time, then a meeting to report the situation of the dynasty occurred.

The Minister of Agriculture stepped to the front and kowtowed in the ground, “I have failed your majesty’s expectation. The grains that you asked me to cultivate have failed.”

w.a.n.g Wei frowned and said, “You can get up. Give me your report on the process.”

After hearing this, the minister stood up and handed a doc.u.ment and seed to someone on the side, who then handed it to w.a.n.g Wei.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei hated these tedious processes, but he also knew that it is something necessary to act with certain decorum in formal occasions.

Since he is the Emperor of a dynasty, it is considered ungentlemanly or impolite to directly receive something directly from his subject.

After receiving the paper, he started reading the paper.

After conquering the Eastern Rain Kingdom two years ago, w.a.n.g Wei started to focus heavily on two topics: one of which was agriculture.

In order to be able to feed the whole kingdom, he spread knowledge on how to properly cultivate the land.

Of course, he did not stop there. After giving the people enough time to adapt to these methods, w.a.n.g Wei began to use scientific methods to farm.

Of course w.a.n.g Wei did not have access to technology from his past life–even with his eidetic memory.

However, he was still a relatively powerful refiner and array master. As such, he created many puppets to replace manual labor in farms. He created formations to regulate temperature, humidity, and pH of plants.

He worked with Yan Liling to create pills that can replace chemical fertilizers.

In simple words, w.a.n.g Wei used the power of cultivation to revolutionize the daily lives of ordinary people. Of course, many cultivators complained, but w.a.n.g Wei used both force and rewards to encourage these people to do the job he wanted them to do.

As for the failure that the Minister of Agriculture spoke of, it was because w.a.n.g Wei asked his department to use the concept of hybridization to cultivate specific grains that can grow rapidly solely based on the amount of spiritual qi in the environment.

The specific crop would be able to absorb spiritual qi from Heaven and Earth to accelerate the rate that it grows and mature.

If the process had succeeded, w.a.n.g Wei would set up a Spirit Gathering Array, then plant these seeds and watch as they grow exponentially rapidly, thus increasing the amount of food for the entire dynasty.

If he succeeded, he would have accomplished something incredible. Imagine an entire dynasty, no, an entire world free from hunger and starvation due to abundant food and nourishment.

This would be quite extraordinary!

After reading the paper and a.n.a.lyzing the failed product, w.a.n.g Wei sighed for a while before starting to think to himself.

‘It seemed that the Laws of Science do not really apply to the cultivation world, or at least, not 100%. And maybe, I am way over my head.’

‘I should think that it would not be easy to make such a heaven defying thing. What I tried to do was essentially turning something rotten into something magical. Maybe, only a Great Emperor who cultivates the Dao of Good Fortune could create such a magical seed that can change the course of an entire civilization.’

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